Unveiling gamers' choice – What matters most in console brand selection?How do consumers prefer logging in to gambling apps?Consumer spending trends on tech products across 17 marketsProductos proteicos: consumo y marcas en EspañaHotel Chocolat reports sales uptick - Are Brits thinking chocolates for gifts ahead of the holidays?Do consumers expect to spend more money on investments and financial products in the coming months?Many consumers want brands to be up front about their AI use - Insights from 17 marketsNeed to fly greener: Most consumers say airlines aren’t doing enough to reduce environmental impactHong Kong’s Most Talked-About Brands (September 2023)Australia’s Advertisers of the Month (September 2023)Less than a third of consumers say health services are doing enough to lessen environmental impactWorld Food Day: What are Singapore’s major dietary preferences – and most favourite cuisines?Is the car buying experience more of a solo or joint venture? And do men still dominate the process?World Food Day: What are Australia’s major dietary preferences – and most favourite cuisines?Do traditional travel features still steer vacation choices?Heading out - Do consumers expect to spend more on out-of-home entertainment in the near future?Green wheels: Most consumers say auto industry isn’t doing enough to minimize environmental impactLoading up for groceries - over two in five consumers expect to spend more on groceriesA quarter of consumers feel AI will improve personal finance managementSonntagsfrage Oktober 2023 / Europawahl 2024 – gut jeder Zweite interessiert sich für die EU45% of Britons with mortgages planning to cut back on food in the next six monthsMéxico: ¿Qué nivel de optimismo tienen los jóvenes?México: ¿Cuáles son los deportes más populares en el país?Brasil: Veja como os brasileiros dizem que cuidam da saúdeRapport international : le marché des jeux d'argent en 2023Saudi Arabia’s top advertisers for September: Who dominated the charts?Logging in to social network apps - Which unlocking methods do consumers prefer?Brasil: O humor em relação à economia está melhorando?Latam: Grêmio e Tigres lideram Buzz em setembro de 2023Latam: Tigres y Grêmio lideran Buzz en septiembre de 2023Sustainability in Fashion Series - Part 3: Buy Now Pay LaterSustainability in Fashion Series- Part 1: Market StatusSustainability in Fashion Series- Part 2: Market Potential for BrandsDeutsche PodheadsEsselunga e La Pesca: la pubblicità è piaciuta, ma il buzz si divideKfz-Versicherung wechseln?Did Ryder Cup 2023 make a Buzz in the UK?Kleinanzeigen ist Biggest Buzz Mover von YouGov im OktoberTikTok power users in Singapore and ThailandMéxico: 4 de cada 10 quisiera no trabajar todos los díasBuilding a home together: Married Brits do more DIY (especially the men)Flavour driving switch to vapes, say British consumersSoccer bigger than football in US?! Most in-demand TV and film for September 16-30, 2023UK: Most in-demand TV and film for September 16-30, 2023Ballin' on a budget: Little luxuries that Americans treat themselves to while on a budgetCanada Advertisers of the Month for September: Noom, Apple and WW (WeightWatchers)Global Gambling Report 2023Streaming e pubblicità: per tre italiani su quattro non è un tabùWinni’s, Household Brand Mover di Settembre 2023Prime Video will break for commercials - What do subscribers in Britain make of ad interruptions?Brasil: Como os donos de carros elétricos usam os veículos?Rapport international sur la mode écoresponsable - partie 2México: Sin fábrica a la vista, ¿Tesla sigue siendo popular?Rugby World Cup 2023 – Tracking buzz and public sentiment across key marketsIl fenomeno "Barbenheimer"Faceoff: Unmasking the differences between NHL fans in the US and CanadaUS Ad of the Month: Which brands made it to the top in August 2023?UK Ad of the Month: Which brands made it to the top in August 2023?Gaming Buzz – Sep 2023: CoD makes upticks in the US; Pokémon shines in BritainMéxico: ¿Qué cervezas y licores dieron El Grito este 2023?Bring back Twitter, say eight in ten X usersWill AI further personalize online shopping? Nearly two in five consumers believe soAdvertiser of the Month im Oktober: KleinanzeigenNearly two in five consumers say AI will improve TV and film recommendationsOver half of consumers in our poll have either never heard of the metaverse or don’t know what it isSaudi residents are taking eco-friendly actions, with buying local produce being the top practiceLatam: Consumo de mídia na região por paísLatam: Cómo es el consumo de medios, país por paísiPhone 15 hits play – How the new gaming push could deliver more growth in the USHow do high income Brits choose their network provider?How influential are celebrities in swaying consumers’ alcohol purchase decisions?Are consumers globally likely to spend more on automobiles over the next six months?Are consumers likely to increase their healthcare spending in the next six months?Most consumers are unlikely to splurge on travel in the coming six monthsH&M, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Assassin’s Creed top Biggest Brand Movers in September 2023 (US)How are viewers adapting as the Hollywood strikes hit pause on all new content?Are brands handling product recalls right? US consumer sentiments revealedOnce Britons have filled up their cars, what do they do at petrol stations?From awareness to downloads – Decoding the sports app behavior of American fansNavigating the shift – Mobile phone expenditure of Britons from 2019-2023The decline of bank branch visitsConsumer confidence increases as UK homeowners grow more pessimisticDo Britons recognise which brands do - and don't - have apostrophes in their names?Brasil: De que forma os brasileiros apostam?Who’s listening to The Joe Rogan Experience? Men, mostlyMost Britons think it’s unfair for clothing retailers to charge a fee for online returnsNext raises its profit forecast again – but why is the brand beating expectations?44% of Britons think weight loss drugs should be available on the NHSHow interested are Britons in going to space, taking a submarine, or scaling Mount Everest?The love algorithm – a close look at conversion metrics of top dating apps in the USSwipe, shop, and repeatAPAC Biggest Brand Movers Report - August 2023Does brand loyalty stand the test of product recalls? Britons weigh inWhat do US consumers do at gas stations other than refuel their cars?How do product recalls impact brands in health and personal care industries?How product recalls impact US consumers’ loyalty towards pharma and personal care brandsInside the gaming arena – How PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo fare in player engagementBrasil: A geração Z está interessada nos Jogos Olímpicos?UK: Most in-demand TV and film for September 1-15, 2023US: Most in-demand TV and film for September 1-15, 2023What DIY projects do Americans have planned and where will they shop for supplies?Does “background TV” rule British streaming? The UK’s most-streamed TV, August 2023America’s most-streamed TV, August 2023: Suits, The Lincoln Lawyer and PainkillerThe Brits paying now, and later but always on their phonesLuxury Shopping in Hong Kong and SingaporeBrasil: Dia das Crianças, quais marcas são mais populares?Just how economically important do Britons think the car manufacturing industry is?Why Wilko’s found home on The RangeInternational Podcast day: Profiling Britain’s regular podcast listenersKlare Mehrheit der Wahlbevölkerung hält „die Linke“ für eine schwache ParteiMuted enthusiasm for Rugby World Cup 2023 – but why?Brand loyalty tested – A glimpse into Britons' reactions to toy recallsRyder Cup 2023 – Anticipation and engagement high among AmericansChildren’s toys – Are Americans likely to buy products from the same brand following a recall?Resilience or reluctance? How Americans react to electronics and phone recallsAPAC Biggest Brand Movers – August 2023Urban Indians listen to podcasts while doing household chores, commuting, and working outOnline shopping in Thailand: which payment methods are most popular?Music is the top podcast genre among Australians, more popular among men than womenSHEIN may soon sell clothes from Forever 21: but how likely are customers to buy?México: Supermercados más populares por tipo de consumidorFleischeslust hemmt nachhaltige ErnährungsumstellungToiletten, Restaurants und Tabakwaren ziehen Kunden zu AutobahnraststättenNachhaltige Mode - Hohe Preise bleiben das größte HindernisBuying clothes, shoes - Do consumers watch product reviews before their purchase?Do consumers watch social media reviews for financial products or services?How do consumers verify conflicting information about health and pharma products?At concerts, sports events or the cinema - When are consumers most likely to whip their phones out?Latam: Em qual rede social os usuários preferem fazer compras?Latam: ¿En qué red social preferirían comprar los usuarios?Data insights – How Taylor Swift’s appearance scored for Travis Kelce's merch salesYouGov estrena en España la metodología MRPAPAC Festive Surveys Calendar 2023Brasil: Cuidados com o meio-ambiente e reputação da marcaMéxico: Samsung es la marca de electrónicos más fuerteFrom ad-free to ad-fee – Does Prime Video's new model resonate with subscribers?Cresce l’interesse per lo sport femminile in tutto il mondoMotivations behind vegan choices in AustraliaTwo-thirds in Greater Jakarta have experienced respiratory infections due to air pollutionCinema going has increased among urban Indians over the past yearSmartphone Shoppers en EspañaRapport international sur la mode écoresponsable - partie 1UK biggest brand movers (September 2023): Barclaycard leads the listCreciente interés por el deporte femenino en todo el mundoThe Saudi gamer chroniclesVisualizing Dhanteras 2023Assessing interest in cryptocurrency gambling in the USLatam: O setor de turismo deve usar mais patrocínios?Latam: ¿Están los viajeros más abiertos al patrocinio?Betting habits of young NFL fansUn quarto dei consumatori globali non si sente a proprio agio con l'online bankingLife Insurance Awareness Month – how Americans navigate their coverage choicesCollistar, Personal Care Brand Mover di Agosto 2023Going green or just greenwashing – do most Australians trust fashion brands’ sustainability claims?How much does sustainability figure in Australians’ fashion choices?The Boom in Social Commerce in APACWhich Australians have bought into sustainable fashion – and why others are leaving it on the shelfAustralia’s Most Talked-About Brands (August 2023)Hong Kong’s Advertisers of the Month (August 2023)Sustainability in Fashion SeriesWeniger Wahlberechtigte der Meinung, die Zusammenarbeit anderer Parteien mit AfD sei auszuschließenGlobal: Os consumidores querem empresas responsáveis?Global: ¿Los consumidores quieren compañías responsables?Qantas CEO exits early after lawsuits hit airline – How has the flag carrier’s brand been impacted?Una cuarta parte de los consumidores mundiales no se sienten cómodos con la banca electrónicaAssessing interest in cryptocurrency gambling in the UKBrasil: Qual a opinião sobre o casamento homoafetivo?México: ¿Quién es el mayor rival de la Selección Mexicana?Wilko is still a strong brandPenny – “Wahre Preise“ und große ReaktionenYouGov @DMEXCO 2023 live erleben!Powerball fever – rise in word-of-mouth and engagement ahead of grand drawThe Starfield effect – Bethesda makes significant Buzz gainsLatam: Qual destino local é o mais popular do mundo?Latam: ¿Qué destino local es el más popular en el mundo?Latam: As melhores estratégias de publicidade por paísLatam: Las mejores estrategias publicitarias por paísTankstellenlage ist ausschlaggebend für VerbraucherShopping Aisle Rivals: Moms vs. DadsPotenzielle Apple-Sparbuch-Nutzer – ältere Männer mit FinanzinteresseMéxico: Uno de cada cinco oye podcasts 5+ horas a la semanaBrasil: A denúncia do sindicato afetou a imagem da JBS?Latam: McDonald's, a marca de fast food mais popularLatam: McDonald’s, la marca de comida rápida más popularAs NFL Football returns, long-time sponsor Bud Light sees a much-needed reboundKein Einwegplastik mehr – Verbraucher wollen ein plastikfreieres DeutschlandYoung Singaporeans more likely to say they are ready for an ethnic minority Prime MinisterBrasil: 20,4% ouvem podcasts mais de 5 horas por semanaTraveling the digital path: Online travel portals and the American consumer's journeyWhat healthcare services are Americans willing to accept from an artificial intelligence?What healthcare services are Britons willing to accept from an artificial intelligence?Has the demand for purchasing vehicles from offline vs. online channels changed since 2022?Barbie zweite Mal in Folge Biggest Buzz Mover von YouGovThe growing interest in women’s sport across the worldWho plays board games and what distinguishes them from video game players?Football’s Biggest Buzz Movers in August 2023México: Datos curiosos sobre los mexicanos y la escuelaTaste the world: Measuring travelers’ preferences for food and drink festivalsDo consumers watch social media product reviews for home appliances?Dining, dating, and digital intrusions – how smartphones shape consumer interactionsUnlocking preferences in banking apps – biometric security leadsDo consumers flock to social media for product reviews of gadgets?What do consumers factor in when opting for digital payment methods?Will AI have a positive or negative impact in generating news content? Consumers weigh inJeder fünfte Deutsche war schon einmal auf der Wiesn 2022 vs 2023: Is consumer interest in online pharmacies fading away?Global: How upbeat are consumers about alternative fuels?Are consumers keen on checking product reviews for cars on social media?Do consumers prefer buying video games offline?Flying out, checking in - Are consumers big on checking product reviews for airlines and hotels?Urban Indians look forward to Diwali but are cautious about non-essential spendingSonntagsfrage September 2023: Einwanderung bleibt wichtigstes ThemaBrasil: O Potencial dos Esportes Brasileiros Além do FutebolIs telemarketing dead?Between gameplays: How often do gamers reach for their phones?Better or worse: Impact of AI in creating content for advertising and marketingFrom food to fashion: What consumers love in social media reviewsDo consumers prefer visiting physical establishments for banking and insurance services?How inflation influences sustainable sports gear purchasesThe next era of rail travel has arrived in the US—how do people view state-owned Amtrak?Global: Do consumers watch product reviews for toys on social media?Next Fan Up: Inside the next generation of NFL fansPlastikfrei(er) lebenLatam: A região onde o banco online é mais usadoLatam: La región en donde más se usa la banca en líneaAdvertiser of the Month im September: BarbieMéxico: El país donde más consumidores aman la músicaMost Britons oppose banks and building societies closing customer accounts for reputational reasons2023 Festive insights unwrapped: Ad tactics, eco-consciousness, and shopping dynamicsBuy Now, Pay Later, Credit Never?Quem são (e como agem) os turistas brasileiros?How likely are consumers in developing markets in APAC to use premium haircare products?México: De los países que más defiende al sector apuestasParents grade back-to-school retailers in 2023: Walmart and Target win in ad reach and considerationThe path to prestige: Tracking conversion rates among German luxury car brands in the UK2022 vs. 2023: Where do global consumers stand on offline grocery shopping?2022 vs 2023: Do consumers prefer buying clothes, books offline more today than they did a year ago?AI in the spotlight: Unveiling public perceptions and predictionsMéxico: Consumo de videojuegos se empareja con el de TVUS: Most in-demand TV and film for August 1-15, 2023UK: Love Island is the most in-demand TV show for August 1-15, 2023At least 40% of global consumers would drop eco-friendly beauty, healthcare items amid tight budgetsTurbulence or tranquility: Consumer insights on AI's contributions to travel arrangementsHow the Dylan Mulvaney controversy hit Bud Light’s brandAre banks forcing a "cashless society" - or accepting the inevitable?GTA takes Buzz crown in the US, while EA Sports FC sparkles in Britain in AugustA fifth of gamers still prefer purchasing video games offlineAmérica Latina: As pessoas querem IA na área da saúde?Latam: ¿Aceptan las personas el uso de IA en salud?Are Britons willing to use Buy Now, Pay Later for medical services?Do football fans actually like shirt sponsors?Waitrose launches its first meal deal – but can it attract consumers on a budget?Tournament of the tech titans: Over half of Britons think Elon Musk isn’t serious about Zuck fightThree in ten Britons would cancel a 40°C holidayJuly 2023: Housing costs rise, house prices fall, and consumer confidence declinesFive ways to leverage zero-party behavioral dataUS consumers are divided about giving car brands another chance after recall. What’s stopping them?Capturing videos to dodging objects – understanding the behavior of American concertgoersPhone-powered purchases – How Americans shop for electronics onlineHow product recalls impact Britons’ loyalty towards tech and telecom brandsConnected or consumed? American’s self-view on phone useTop appliance brands among eco-conscious AmericansGB: Do auto brands stand a chance after a car has been recalled? Consumers are dividedBritons attitudes toward plant-based diets during fake meat's earnings slumpCoca-Cola launches a digital art collection, but what is the NFT landscape in the US?Singaporeans prioritise integrity as the most important attribute of a PresidentBrasil: Um dos mais fiéis ao comércio eletrônico no mundoBest Buy, Metro by T-Mobile and Powerball top Biggest Brand Movers in August 2023 (US)Premier Inn sees rise in Ad Awareness amid late summer marketing activitiesExploring attitudes of concertgoers among BritonsSwipe right for shoppingAre global consumers likely to move away from sustainable apparel due to tighter household budgets?Beyond window shopping: A study of conversion rates in US mall retailDoes a product’s warranty plan play a role in consumers’ purchase decisions globally?Is the demand to purchase travel services offline still as low as in 2022?Brasil: Consumo de mídias sociais e o futuro do ThreadsExamining interest in the FIBA Basketball World Cup globallyUS Green Gamers Report 2023Who are the online Danish Gen Z?Who are the online Swedish Gen Z?Celebrity owned beauty brands trump endorsements by celebritiesDeutsche beim Thema Cannabis-Legalisierung unentschieden Examining Premier League betting appetite in six key marketsAmerica’s most-streamed TV, July 2023: Suits, The Witcher and Tom Clancy’s Jack RyanThe UK’s most-streamed TV, July 2023: Young Sheldon, Big Bang Theory and The OfficeUS Advertisers of the Month for July: Amazon, Amazon Prime and PowerballGlobal: Senhas, as mais comuns para proteção digitalGlobal: Contraseñas, las preferidas para protección de datosIs it appropriate to visit a destination struck by a recent disaster? Most Americans say no.Where do sports need to invest in and focus on heading into the future?F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2023: what’s drawing race goers, which drivers & artistes are most popular?US World Cup Report: evaluating soccer's growing demandCanada: What do sports fans expect from sports organizations?YouGov Global Sports Rankings 2023: The world's buzziest sports events - ranked2023 Sports Report: The Global Sports Media LandscapeGlobal: 31,2% observaram aumentos em medicamentos receitadosGlobal: 31.2% ha visto alzas en medicinas de prescripciónAktuelle Werbelieblinge: Vorhang auf – der Werbesommer ist weiblichThe Podheads: US Audience Profile & Brand Rankings 2023US: In Winn-Dixie takeover, Aldi aims to level playing field with biggest rival in the SoutheastUK biggest brand movers (August 2023): Costa Coffee claims top spotUK Ad of the Month: Which brands made it to the top in July 2023?US: Celsius partners with Major League Soccer - Which beverages do soccer fans usually drink?Global: Quais compradores preferem produtos nacionais?Global: ¿Quiénes prefieren comprar productos nacionales?Sponsor spotlight: Assessing brand engagement in the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023US: Public opinions on women’s leadership progressKlimawandel nur von wenigen Deutschen als ausschließlich menschengemacht verstandenCharting Thailand’s mobile commerce landscape: mobile shopping apps use & top m-commerce purchasesMcDonald’s rethinks ESG mention on website - What influences customers’ purchase decisions?Potenzielle Apple-Sparbuch-NutzerIndia's Biggest Brand Movers: Mid-year analysisFIFA Women’s World Cup 2023: Brands soar as Lionesses roarSubway aims for a resurgence as decades of popularity fadeFIFA-WM der Frauen – Von Frauen gespielt, von Männern geschautHow to measure ad recall liftEngelbert Strauss ist Sieger im Kundenempfehlungs-Ranking von YouGovSustainability in Fashion Series - Part 1: Market StatusMore than seven in ten weekly gamers in Saudi say they use smartphones to play video gamesModelo and Coors Light surge ahead of Bud Light and Budweiser in Q2 2023Thailand’s Most Talked-About Brands (July 2023)Singapore’s Advertisers of the Month (July 2023)APAC Biggest Brand Movers – July 2023FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023: Played by women, watched more by menP&O Ferries’ brand health is positive again – but still far from where it once wasAre Britons and Americans likely to use social media for complaints with automotive brands?Crunching the numbers: Analysing the conversion funnel of top snack food brands in the UKUS: The sweet smell of sales - A conversion rate analysis of leading deodorant brandsThe future of affluent travel will balance luxury, well-being and exclusivity45% of global consumers likely to toss out eco-friendly groceries amid tight budgetsGlobal: Do consumers toss out their eco-friendly car buying preferences amid budget constraints?Global: As households face tighter budgets, will the market for sustainable cell phones stand up?Are gamers more excited about the metaverse in 2023 than they were the previous year?Global: What factors do consumers research before purchasing prescription medication?Do consumers trust insurance and financial services providers with their personal data?Global: What kinds of products are the public most likely to complain about on social media?From peak to plunge: Moderna's Buzz score drops 40 points since 2021 highAldi, Doritos, Patrón, Nike, and Target are some of hip-hop lovers’ most favorable brandsA quarter of global consumers have watched Avatar 2 in cinemasUS: Most in-demand TV and film for July 16-31, 2023UK: Most in-demand TV and film for July 16-31, 2023Britons don’t want Elon Musk’s “everything app”As BT’s Philip Jansen departs, what has the CEO’s tenure done for the brand?Lidl makes sustainable tea bags – but are its customers sustainably-minded?Global: The activities where people are most distracted by their smartphonesQuarter of global consumers are uncomfortable using online bankingGamers and social media reviews of products – how do things stack up?Half of global consumers likely to cut back on eco-friendly electronics amid inflationThe enviable brand loyalty of iPhone ownersBrasil: Adidas é o Anunciante do Mês em julho de 2023Diverse media landscape: How the world consumes newsA third of Britons would continue purchasing products if their use-by dates were removedFIFA Women’s World Cup 2023: Examining betting appetite in BritainGiven identical models at identical prices, auto-buyers would still choose hybrids2022 vs. 2023: Do global consumers trust tech companies with their personal data?Faster Horses rebrands as YouGovMéxico: Buchanan’s es el Anunciante del Mes en julio de 2023Ethics, Environment, Engaging society: Does purpose-driven & cause-based marketing matter in APAC?UKI: The sustainability in fashion report seriesLatam: Internacional e Chivas lideram Buzz em julho de 2023Disney’s ESPN ventures into betting world: 14% of ESPN viewers place monthly sports betsLatam: Chivas e Internacional lideran Buzz en julio de 2023FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023: What does USWNT’s exit mean for betting interest in the US?YouGov @DMEXCO 2023 live erleben!Globally, are consumers worried about robots taking over jobs?Brasil: O que dar de presente no Dia dos Pais?México: 36.1% prefiere cerveza (y vino) a destiladosVote for YouGov to speak at SXSW 2024Global Sports 2022: Uncovering the Socially Responsible Sports FanHow Gen Z’s money mindset differs from that of millennialsFive ways data can help inform your next marketing campaignSingapore beats Japan in world passport rankings – with more passport power comes more travel plans?StarHub’s brand head steps down after eight months: How has the telco’s brand health fared recently?As Birkenstock prepares for IPO, what’s driving its brand health and who is buying its shoes?Global: The top tech features consumers are looking for in their new carAdvertiser of the Month im August: BarbieSonntagsfrage August: 44 Prozent der Deutschen lehnen Regierungsbeteiligung der AfD voll und ganz abCracking the code of how India investsLatam: Neutralidade de carbono, desejada pelos consumidores?Latam: ¿Cuánto preocupa la neutralidad de carbono?Call of Duty ist der Biggest Videogames Buzz Mover im AugustUmweltbewusste Gamer: Action-Games und nachhaltige ElektronikLatam: O Threads conquistará os usuários do Twitter?Latam: ¿Threads conquistará a los usuarios de Twitter?The Sims, Minecraft dominate Gaming Buzz Movers charts in July 2023Has Nationwide’s £100 giveaway made an impact on the public?How viewing limits and a lack of X-citement have affected Twitter’s brand perceptionsUnhappy but unmoving: dissatisfied British consumers won’t always change brandsExploring the role of a brand's social media platforms in consumer complaintsWho are the Brits who use LinkedIn?Do global healthcare workers think they can be replaced by AI?From availability to affordability: Understanding global prescription medication barriersGlobal: i consumatori si fidano delle banche nella gestione dei loro dati personali?Global retail workers' perception of AI's influence on their jobsConsumption of unlicensed content on the up among AmericansGB: Is content piracy on the up?US: The CW Network to air live football, basketball games - Which sports do viewers watch on TV?Bridging the gap: How Mattel’s Ex-COO can help revolutionize GapMéxico: ¿Cómo le fue a Amazon en su Prime Day?Britons are more positive about the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 than the men’s tournament in QatarThree-quarters of Britons support The Guardian’s ban on gambling advertisingPlummeting confidence in house prices drags down consumer confidenceHow to test marketing messaging & ad creative with your audienceDid Amazon’s 2023 Prime Day promotion pay off?Can customer loyalty programs help brands in APAC grow their pool of loyal patrons?High stakes conversion – the marketing playbook of leading lottery brands in the USA deep dive into the marketing funnels of prominent US credit card issuersUnravelling the TV preferences of Americans who enjoy museums and art galleriesFavourite actors, TV shows, and influencers of UK’s museum admirersMost popular live music genres among concert goers in the United StatesWhich types of music gigs do Britons enjoy going to?Brasil: Como o anúncio da VW feito com IA afetou a empresa?US: Measuring purchase conversions of 3 popular hotel chains among sustainable travelersHas “Mission Defeat Bowser” made Super Mario fans hungrier for Oreo?UK: Which high street retailers are the best at converting awareness into customers?How do British motorists prefer to pay for their fuel refills and why?A third of Americans would stop purchasing products if their use-by dates were removedThe Sustainability in Fashion Report SeriesAmericans support plastic reduction but eco-friendly practices waneBritons doing less to care for the environment compared to 2019Where do Britons learn about drugs and medical treatments?Family doctors vs. YouTube: Where do Americans learn about drugs and medical treatments?Can Americans be bothered to get a better deal? It dependsThe UK’s most-streamed TV, June 2023: Big Bang Theory, Black Mirror and The OfficeAmerica’s most-streamed TV, June 2023: Manifest, Never Have I Ever and Black MirrorUK: Most in-demand TV and film for July 1-15, 2023US: Most in-demand TV and film for July 1-15 2023GB: Poundland cuts prices on big brand items - How do shoppers intend to cope with rising costs?Where Britons think you should – and should not – be allowed to take a dogUS: Gucci’s CEO to step down - Are consumers big on splurging on luxury items?Singapore’s Most Talked-About Brands (Jun 2023)Thailand’s Advertisers of the Month (Jun 2023)A third of Singapore residents are already on Threads or intend to join the app soonNetflix subscribers in India are unwilling to pay an extra fee to share password with othersUS: United Airlines posts record earnings due to travel boom - How has the airline done since 2022?US: Tubi appoints new CEO - How has the streamer fared in recent years?How to measure in-game brand activationsHertha BSC ist aktueller Biggest Fußball Buzz Mover in DeutschlandAPAC Biggest Brand Movers – June 2023APAC Biggest Brand Movers Report - June 2023Which telco do Indonesian consumers think provides the best mobile network coverage in their area?India's Biggest Brand Movers: June 2023Der Biggest Buzz Mover im Juli: NiveaUS: Amazon, Best Western and Frito-Lay top Biggest Brand Movers for July 2023Americans' payment preferences for gas: Credit cards lead the wayBrasil: Apenas 43,5% são fiéis à sua marca de celular atualMéxico: La cama es el lugar favorito para revisar el celularUK: The summer spectacle of Barbie vs. OppenheimerUS: Brooks Running to refurbish and resell its footwear - Are shoppers big on secondhand items?Latam: Os gostos dos turistas mudam com as ondas de calor?Latam: ¿Cambian los gustos turísticos con las olas de calor?Box office battle: Barbie vs. Oppenheimer (US)Greene King Pubs rule the roost in the July edition of UK’s Biggest Brand MoversHow Hamptons tracked 20% brand awareness increase following rebrand campaigns using YouGovAround half of Twitter users intend to join Threads, but the GenZ show some aversionUAE’s TikTok Power Users ReportMéxico: Seis de cada 10 se quejan con las marcas en redes socialesA profile of USWNT fans and how they compare to fans of the USMNTUS: Peet’s Coffee names creative, media agencies - Has awareness of the brand grown in recent years?GB: Hostelworld reports record half-year revenues - Are hostel-stays popular among holidaying Brits?US: Farmers Insurance pulls out of Florida - What type of insurance policies do Floridians own?How are consumers shopping smartly in Australia and IndonesiaBrasil: 55% estão abertos à medicina alternativaUS and GB: Opera launches AI chatbot ‘Aria’ - How do its users feel about AI and chatbots?US: PepsiCo partners with EA Sports for football gaming platform - Are its audiences big on gaming?Embracing diversity and inclusion: Unveiling employees' attitudes in the American workplaceCanada Finance Advertisers of the Month for June: CIBC, BMO and MastercardUS Advertisers of the Month for June: Liberty Mutual, Chase and Jack Daniel’sBrasil: Shopee é o Anunciante do Mês em junho de 2023Global depression diagnosesWhich global consumers prefer to buy products from their own countries?Retail therapy and travel: Exploring insights into shopping touristsPerceptions of AI from around the manufacturing and transportation industriesShopping smarter – How global consumers use price comparison websitesResale value matters: Uncovering the financial perspective of future car choicesBeyond the ride: The importance of car warranties and maintenance plansDEI in the workplace: Unveiling employees' attitudes in Great BritainWhich European teams are creating a Buzz in the off-season – June 2023UK Ad of the Month: Which brands made it to the top in June 2023?Do global consumers trust banks to handle their personal data?Global – How price comparison websites influence mobile phone purchasesExploring AI potential and readiness in the IT and telecoms sector – global perspectiveThree in five global consumers find tickets and entry fees to attractions too expensiveGreat Britain: How confident are ad-land professionals in their job security this year?US: Robinhood announces third round of layoffs - How do Americans view the company?Understanding global attitudes towards generative AIBetween meetings – A third of people globally use their phones while workingUK: Most in-demand TV and film for June 16-30, 2023US: Most in-demand TV and film for June 16-30, 2023Do Brits care about the quality of the fuel they put in their cars?Quality matters: Americans' perspectives on fueling choices and trusted sourcesHow are British travellers adapting travel plans amid fears of airport strikes and prolonged queues?How consumers perceive the influence of AI on their jobs in hospitalityMéxico: Solo TV es más popular que redes para informarseA global look into smartphone bankingHas the Coutts debanking Farage-o had an impact?Esports followers are a great audience for advertisers – here’s whyChatbots: Shaping the future of personal bankingLatam: Flamengo e Tigres lideraram o Buzz em junho de 2023Latam: Tigres y Flamengo lideran Buzz en junio de 2023