Product placement effectiveness 2024: YouGov x BENlabs report
April 24th, 2024, YouGov

Product placement effectiveness 2024: YouGov x BENlabs report

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As the demand for streaming video continues growing, opportunities for product placement have increased in tandem.

How has the increasing popularity of product placements across film and television impacted viewer perceptions and efficacy rates?

To understand the perfect product placement formula, YouGov partnered with BENlabs, an entertainment AI company specializing in human behavior, content intelligence, and brand integrations, for research that explores the advantages and considerations associated with both standout and standard approaches.

Product Placement Plotted 2024: The Standard vs. Standout Formula answers:

  • How many “standard” product placements equal a “standout” product placement?
  • Does US viewership data affirm or bust current perceptions of product placement?
  • What is the ROI of product placement, and how should brands approach this medium in 2024 and beyond?

For many marketers, the discussion has shifted away from whether product placement should be part of their marketing mix to how they can do it best. YouGov’s study provides insight on a key aspect of this discussion: the value of large, scripted placements in breakout hits vs. prominent placements across a variety of shows. The knowledge provided in this study should be considered essential when building out a data-driven approach to product placement.

Aaron Frank
Senior Vice President, Strategy, Research & Insights, BENlabs