38% of Britons self-medicate – why do they choose to do it?
March 18th, 2024, Clifton Mark

38% of Britons self-medicate – why do they choose to do it?

Over a third of Britons take drugs, herbs or home remedies without consulting a doctor. In fact, in the past year, 38% of British consumers self-medicated for one reason or another. Women are slightly more likely than men to self-medicate (40% vs. 36%), and those with a household income under £10 000 are more likely to self-medicate than average (52% vs. 38%). Britons aged 55 and over are least likely to self-medicate of all generations at 34%.

Why take treatments without the advice of a professional? Previous experience with a medicine appears to be the top reason. Among those who have self-medicated in the past year, 44% say they did it because the medicine has worked for them in the past.

About a third say that they decided on a course of treatment after doing online research (36%). A third also say simply that it was more convenient than seeing a doctor (33%). One in five Britons (20%) took drugs, herbs or home remedies because family or friends recommended them.

A smaller proportion had to resort to self-medication either because professional treatment didn’t work for them (8%) or because they did not have access to health services (7%). A few say they didn’t have money for a doctor’s visit (4%) or that they do not trust medical professionals (4%).

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