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The most complete consumer research system on the planet

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We provide the world’s smartest consumer research system, informing and inspiring sharp strategies, winning products and successful marketing.

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Our connected ecosystem of what the world thinks gives you a stream of accurate consumer data, analytics and research.

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We do it differently to others and always will, using technology and research data in ways no other research company can.

The best panel

We are the only company with a single-source, verified, and globally scaled panel of 15 million people.

Each day, our highly engaged panel in 50+ markets generates thousands of data points on consumer attitudes, opinions and behavior which are captured in one place.

The best data

As pioneers of online market research, we have the largest set of brands, categories and industries, and have been doing it longer than anyone else.  

Our streams of data are captured in the YouGov Cube, a unique connected data organism that holds over ten years of historic single-source data.

Our strong record for data accuracy was acknowledged in a Pew Research Center study concluding that YouGov “consistently outperforms competitors on accuracy”.

The best tools

Maximize the value of our connected data with our industry-leading, powerful analytics technology and deep research expertise.

We have proprietary technology specifically designed to connect research data and simplify the insight process. We leverage this technology to build an integrated suite of products, services and tools, serving YouGov data and intelligence for all stages of the marketing workflow.

The most complete consumer research system

To create the most complete consumer research system, it takes the best panel to source the best data— organized, structured and connected, and the best tools to analyze and report. Our connected data ecosystem is designed to help you glean real value from your data and research.