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49 markets worldwide

global & local audience insights

27 million+ panel members

sharing details of their lives

2 million+ datapoints

for granular targeting capabilities

Always on intelligence, to find and understand the audience that matters most to you

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Age 35-45
Lives in Mexico City
Pet Owner
A Fan of Stranger Things
Been to Paris 6 time over the last year
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simple image of a person
Age 25-35
Moved to Krakow
Owns an electric car
Pop & Alternate Music Lover
Subscribed to 13 business podcasts
Senior Marketer
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BBC iPlayer

I always buy the same types of food and tend not to experiment much.

Netflix is my Saturday night ritual.

Find your perfect audience. Combine unique filters to build up an outline of your ideal audience, incorporating media consumption, psychographics, demographics and more.

Create a detailed portrait of them. Choose from millions of data variables, collected daily and updated weekly, including brand usage and perception, hobbies and interests, and media.

Target your audience with incredible precision. Pinpoint the channels and mediums they love, and talk to them when they most want to listen.

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A world of audience insights, at your fingertips

Intuitive analysis

Easy-to-use drag-and-drop dashboards and analysis modes including: group comparison, tables, graphs, and multitables

Connected data

Re-contact your target audience with further questions about their response, or run your own surveys and connect the research results

Flexible working

Create unique custom filters to extract the data that's most useful to you, and share datasets easily with your team

See what's important

Z-scores help you automatically highlight the important datapoints that distinguish particular groups from the general population

Weekly updates

Data sets are refreshed each month, for the freshest, most relevant data from YouGov's leading panel of over 27 million+ registered members

Make deep comparisons

Compare data in all markets over specific time frames, global variables, pre-coded datapoints (such as income) and more

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Pete Grant, Planning Director


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