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The biggest, most representative, connected proprietary panel.

Data you can trust. The credible, robust nature of our connected consumer insights resulted in The Pew Research Center concluding that YouGov “consistently outperformed" other online competitor samples for accuracy.

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27 million+

verified registered panel members, highly engaged for re-contact capabilities

55 markets

forming one of the world's largest research networks, collecting thousands of data points, daily

Unbeatable accuracy

YouGov “consistently outperformed" competitor sample on accuracy - The Pew Research Center
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Our panel members

27 million people trust us with their data. This means:

  • Their opinions and ideas
  • Their thoughts and beliefs
  • Their attitudes and activities

This trust is essential to our continued success in delivering accurate, actionable consumer insights globally, enabling us to represent the entirety of public opinion – all ages, backgrounds, and beliefs.

We have the highest recontact rates, meaning we can further build on your research by re-contacting respondents.

A highly engaged panel results in faster completion of surveys and more accurate data, resulting in cost savings for our clients.

If you'd like to learn more about data quality, take a look at our white paper here.

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Panel engagement and data quality

We have a team dedicated to panel engagement and data quality, who work continuously to manage our panel:

  • Double opt-in by requiring all panelists to opt-in and activate their account via email; we run IP and pattern checks and verify all emails.
  • Avoid panelist fatigue with whole-panel and project-specific lock-outs.
  • Respect frequency preferences and monitor email and response rates.
  • Don’t ask twice rule where we store answers to previous questions, reducing the need to re-ask questions in every survey.
  • Actively remove speeders, straight liners and habitual non-responders.

Want to know more about how we actively manage our panel and combat fraud? Reach out to talk to us.

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Representative, inclusive and accessible

Our market-leading panel means we can create pioneering solutions to help the world’s most recognised brands, media owners, and agencies to explore, plan, activate and track better marketing activities. The YouGov panel is:

Representative: It’s essential our panel accurately represents the markets in which we operate. Engaging and retaining underrepresented groups is a significant and ongoing area of focus. We invest in new technologies and innovative recruitment partnerships.

Inclusive: Our researchers follow clear guidelines to ensure content and presentation is neutral and inclusive, balancing research needs with member experience. We constantly take feedback from members to improve the experience for everyone.

Accessible: We are committed to the practice of accessibility by default. Our surveys are optimised for mobile devices to meet all relevant standards and enhance usability for our panel members.


What our members say

We’re committed to an excellent member experience - so that everyone’s voice can be heard. It’s a key part of our Environmental, Social, and Governance strategy and it’s why our TrustPilot score of 4.6 is one of the highest in the Market Research industry. Below are some reviews from our panel members.

by Samson

"Amazing company, amazing rewards, amazing questions. YouGov is far better and more user friendly than other survey sites."

by Dawn

"Very interesting surveys. Makes you feel as if your opinions are taken seriously."

by Paula

"Absolutely love YouGov. I use all my gift cards for Christmas. Thank you YouGov."


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