Rankings: Coca-Cola in APAC's sparkling soft drinks scene
February 28th, 2024, Kevin Rustika

Rankings: Coca-Cola in APAC's sparkling soft drinks scene

Coca-Cola ranks top in Hong Kong and Thailand, curious about other markets and brands owned by Coca-Cola?

Our latest rankings report unlocks secrets of the sparkling soft drinks (SSD) market across six key markets - Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. Discover the brand rankings, and where Coca-Cola and its brands bubble to the top in this dynamic landscape.

Beyond the ranking:

While the ranking offers valuable information, it's just one piece of the puzzle. Understanding the "why" behind the numbers is crucial. Speak to our researchers now to conduct your research with us.

  • Brand perception: Discover how consumers perceive Coca-Cola, including its brand image, association with quality, and emotional connection.
  • Regional nuances: Gain insights into how consumer preferences and brand perceptions vary across different APAC countries and regions.
  • Market trends: Stay ahead by understanding the emerging trends and shifts shaping the sparkling soft drink market in APAC.