The UAE Media Morph: 2024 trend report
March 6th, 2024, Shivanshi Shah

The UAE Media Morph: 2024 trend report

How has media consumption recently shifted in the UAE?Download report

The media consumption habits of the UAE residents have shifted dramatically - in last couple of years. The evidence is clear as according to YouGov’s latest report ‘The 2024 Media Morph’, 44% of the UAE’s Gen Z say that ‘live TV’ is a thing of the past (vs 38% of the general population).

Drawing on YouGov Profiles, our 2024 media trends report offers a data-rich account of these changes, providing professionals at brands and agencies with new insights to inform their media mix, messaging and boost their marketing and PR strategies.

Download YouGov’s new report to learn:

  • UAE residents trust in news organizations
  • Top news sources across generations
  • Preference for online news content
  • Insights into their internet and social media activities
  • Top messaging apps used
  • Audio and video streaming behavior
  • Spotlight: Gen Z’s media attitudes & preferences