Brand boycotters 2024
April 22nd, 2024, YouGov

Brand boycotters 2024

42% of respondents in Denmark and 47% in Sweden have already boycotted a brand.Download report

Both Danes and Swedes most often boycott two to three brands

When negative press or a major scandal hits a brand, it affects the relationship with consumers – in the short term or over a long period of time. Consumers can feel misled and betrayed by the brands they trust. Reactions can range from negative online reviews, outrage on social media, and even an outright boycott of the brand.

YouGov has surveyed Danes & Swedes in 2020 and again in 2023 - asking them what has led them to boycott a brand, how long the boycott lasted and, who they boycotted – especially important for brands – what caused them to return to the brand in question.