Is the Comic Relief Telethon still relevant today? Britons weigh in
March 13th, 2024, Janice Fernandes

Is the Comic Relief Telethon still relevant today? Britons weigh in

Red Nose Day, an annual fundraising event in the UK, brings together individuals, schools, businesses, and celebrities to raise money for charitable causes, with a focus on addressing poverty and social injustice. The iconic red nose serves as a symbol of unity and commitment to making a difference. Funds raised during this event support both local and international projects, spanning areas such as education, healthcare, and empowerment.

A recent YouGov survey sheds light on the cultural relevance of the trademark red nose, its popularity among Britons, and the broader impact of Red Nose Day.

There have been several types of red noses over the years. While various iterations have emerged, the 1988 version remains the most popular among Britons, garnering 10% of preferences, along with the nose from 1991, also at 10%.

Of course, the impact of Red Nose Day extends beyond its signature accessory. The event has produced numerous charity singles over the years, each with its own level of favouritism among respondents. From the 12 singles we listed, "(Is This the Way to) Amarillo" by Tony Christie & Peter Kay in 2005 takes the lead, with 26% of Brits picking it as their favourite charity single. Notable mentions include Cliff Richard and the Young Ones' "Living Doll" (1986) at 11%, Spice Girls' "Mama/Who Do You Think You Are" (1997) at 7%, and McFly's "All About You/You've Got a Friend" (2005) at 4%.

Interestingly, despite the involvement of specific talents in these charity singles, more than half of Brits (58%) claim that it does not significantly influence their feelings toward a charity.

At 65, Sir Lenny Henry announced he will be hosting the Comic Relief event for the last time this year, a decision almost two-fifths of Brits (37%) are aware of.

Data reveals that Sir Lenny Henry is widely recognised and strongly associated with Comic Relief. Approximately three in five Brits (61%) agree that they associate Sir Lenny Henry with the charity, with 29% strongly agreeing and 32% tending to agree.

Looking at the broader perspective, opinions on the relevance of The Comic Relief Telethon today vary. More than two in five (43%) believe that the telethon remains relevant and important. However, a significant share of nearly a quarter (24%) disagree that the telethon still holds relevance in 2024.

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Methodology: YouGov Surveys: Serviced provides quick survey results from nationally representative or targeted audiences in multiple markets. This study was conducted online on March 4-5, 2024, with a nationally representative sample of 2,047 adults in Great Britain (aged 18+ years), using a questionnaire designed by YouGov. Data figures have been weighted by age, gender, education, social grade and region to be representative of all adults. Learn more about YouGov Surveys: Serviced.

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