7 data-driven insights on Taylor Swift’s British fan base
March 22nd, 2024, Kineree Shah

7 data-driven insights on Taylor Swift’s British fan base

Taylor Swift's music transcends borders, captivating hearts worldwide. But what sets her British fans apart? Here are eight facts about them:

  1. 24% of Brits hold Taylor Swift in high esteem

Taylor Swift enjoys a ‘strongly positive’ rating from 24% of British adults

2. 47% of men like Taylor Swift

Half of the singer’s fan base are women (53%), but men are not too far behind at 47%. The singer’s appeal is high among the younger crowd, with a third of Brits aged 25-39 rating her strongly positive (32%). However, she has a solid fan base even among those 60 and over (16%).

3. Three-fifth of the fan base are also fans of Adele and Ed Sheeran

Taylor's fans also hold high regard for other artists, with Adele (61%), Ed Sheeran (59%), Ariana Grande (56%), Coldplay (53%), and Cher (52%) receiving the most ‘strongly positive’ ratings among current pop music artists.

4. 40% of Taylor Swift fans like 80s music

Beyond pop, which remains the favorite for obvious reasons (57% fans vs. 41% general population), Taylor Swift fans have a strong affection for 90s (48%) and 80s music (40%). One in five like country music, the genre where Taylor started her career (22%).

5. 54% of Taylor Swift fans say music it's important for a music artist to have a vision

Having a vision or belief is important to half of the fan base and so are music videos to have a full experience (51% of fans vs. 34%).

6. 42% of Taylor Swift fans enjoy celebrity-endorsed ads

Taylor Swift fans in the UK show a greater receptiveness to advertising than the general population, with half influenced by ads in their purchasing decisions (55% fans vs. 32%). They are also twice likely to enjoy celebrity-endorsed ads (42% fans vs. 23%) and trust billboard advertisements (41% Swifties vs. 22%) than the average Brit.

7. 40% of Taylor Swift fans are willing to pay for Vinyl records

The willingness to pay for music in various forms is higher among Taylor Swift fans than the average British adults, with 40% purchasing vinyl records (vs. 35%), 42% buying downloads (vs. 34%), and 60% subscribing to music streaming services (vs. 42%).

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