Unlock online consumer behavior

Take customer profiling to another level. Get fully permissioned and verified data on what consumers really do online across each of their devices – from search queries to social media interactions, streaming behavior to shopping purchases.

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An unfiltered view of online actions

Unlock the intelligence you need to understand what your consumers actually do, across devices – from search queries to what they're streaming, recent purchases to online interactions on social media.

Access granular user data in the marketplace, with the option to drill down further and target your ideal consumer one-to-one: take a unique user and discover what they’re listening to, their latest tweet and even what they bought for breakfast.

Access your results in our easy-to-use data tools or commission our expert team to design a custom project.

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360° consumer intelligence

Understand the full picture, by integrating with YouGov’s living data.


Another level of audience intelligence

Zero-party data

Data collected is not self-reported but verified via a double opt-in consent – going above and beyond GDPR/CCPA requirements

Integrate with living data

YouGov Safe sits inside a merged dataset that you can access within an existing YouGov account

Global reach

Available in 8 key markets: US, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Spain and Italy

Solutions & Products

Explore our connected living data solutions