Swiss Brand Observer

Powerful tracking of brands and competitors – give your company the edge it needs to succeed

With over 117,000 interviews per year, weekly data updates and an enormous variety of brands from various sectors with currently 225 brands, the Swiss Brand Observer sets new standards.

Brand perception and the impact of advertising campaigns

28 KPIs

The market monitoring tool, which is unique in Switzerland, offers you completely new opportunities to continuously monitor, control and develop your brand, your marketing and your strategy.
Analyse the performance of your brand in comparison to your goals, your competitors and the overall market, using 28 KPI-based brand metrics, such as brand awareness, advertising perception, willingness to recommend, consideration and sustainability image

Strategic management

See changes in brand perception immediately and respond to them to capitalise on opportunities. For a truly comprehensive picture of your target group with the largest consumer panel in Switzerland with over 115,000 people. The panel variables include gender, age, region, customer status, household income and media use.

Evaluations and analyses

Analyse the development of your brand over time, using a continuously growing collection of brand data.

Create the analysis you really need: choose between several chart types and time periods in the clearly organised online dashboard. And also the KPIs to be considered in each case, such as brand funnel, satisfaction and recommendation, brand image, brand positioning as well as advertising and PR perception.


Keeping a constant eye on brand performance


Respond to changes in perception as they happen thanks to the latest data.

Time course

Track your brand’s performance over time with more than a decade of historical brand data.


Track the status of your brand across multiple KPIs, brand funnels or specific target groups.

Brand positioning

Evaluate your competitive advantage by observing the performance of your competitors.

Advertising and sponsorship perception

Add your own questions to improve the perception of specific campaigns or initiatives.


Access your data in a single online platform with a single login.

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