US Healthy Snackers Report 2024
March 5th, 2024, YouGov

US Healthy Snackers Report 2024

Healthy snackers are here to stay

Who are healthy snackers in the US? YouGov’s annual US healthy snackers report dives into the consumer habits of self-described ‘healthy snackers’. Leveraging YouGov Profiles data we examine the differing attitudes, habits, and preferences of healthy snackers in the US.

In this year’s report, we uncover what brands can do to catch the eye of healthy snackers as they purchase their snacks, which snack brands are the most popular and much more.

Download the report to learn:

  • How much do healthy snackers spend per month on their snacks?
  • Which age group has the highest percentage of healthy snackers?
  • How much does advertising impact purchasing decisions for healthy snackers?
  • Are healthy snackers willing to pay more for organic food?
  • Do healthy snackers still enjoy sweet treats?