One in five people hold a negative view of those working in finance, reveals a 17-market survey
April 12th, 2024, Kineree Shah

One in five people hold a negative view of those working in finance, reveals a 17-market survey

In a new survey conducted across 17 markets, consumers were asked about their perspectives on various industries, including the financial services sector. On average, two in five people view finance careers positively (41%), while 36% remain neutral, and one-fifth express negative views (18%).

Diving into regional perceptions, India leads with seven in 10 people having a positive outlook on finance jobs (71%). Close behind, the UAE and Indonesia show strong positive sentiments (65% and 64% respectively). Mexico, while slightly more reserved, still exhibits a majority positive view at 58%.

However, as we shift towards other markets, enthusiasm declines. In Singapore and Canada, 44% express positive views. Australia (43%) and Poland (41%) hover around the same range. In the US, a third of Americans view finance jobs positively (32%), compared to 17% with a negative outlook.

Europe demonstrates an even more cautious stance towards finance careers. Markets like Spain (30%), France (30%), and Germany (31%) stands out with three in 10 people having a negative outlook towards finance jobs – the most across 17 markets surveyed. Close behind is Britain where 28% view careers in finance in a negative light.

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