Global: Half of consumers have no idea what an NFT isQuels sont les principaux obstacles à la digitalisation du secteur bancaire ?Die Digitalisierung der Finanzbranche – Dienstleister müssen Vertrauen aufbauenYouGov Automotive and Mobility Rankings 2022 MalaysiaYouGov Automotive and Mobility Rankings 2022 ChinaYouGov Automotive and Mobility Rankings 2022 JapanYouGov Automotive and Mobility Rankings 2022 ThailandYouGov Automotive and Mobility Rankings 2022 IndonesiaYouGov Automotive and Mobility Rankings 2022 KSAYouGov Automotive and Mobility Rankings 2022 IndiaQuelles banques sont les plus recommandées en début d’année 2022 ? Le placement de produit : une stratégie payante pour les marques ? March KSA Advertiser of the Month: VimtoGlobal: What influences consumers to shift FMCG brand loyalties?Indonesia leads the globe in adoption of cryptocurrencies, with further growth expected Indonesia: Ramadan donation trends in 2022 Thais' Attitude to Songkran's Holiday 2022Adoption of cryptocurrency set to rise among young Singapore residents, YouGov study Malaysia: Ramadan donation trends in 2022Malaysia: Ramadan advertising awareness in 2022 Indonesia: Ramadan advertising awareness in 2022Les nouveautés de la marque Barilla sont-elles un pari gagnant ?The future of financial servicesA peek into the potential of the Spotify-FC Barcelona partnershipBritons don’t tend to support the death penalty… until you name the worst crimesHong Kong Media Outlook 2022Two-thirds of UAE adults are interested in cryptocurrency, with young adults showing most interestIndia leads the globe in future intent to use ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ servicesMitä kestävyys merkitsee sijoitustemme kannalta?Hva betyr bærekraft for investeringene våre?Hvad betyder bæredygtighed for vores investeringer?Vad betyder hållbarhet för våra investeringar?Democrats and Republicans agree that exercising free speech means having to deal with disagreementGlobal: How many consumers are fine with monthly software subscriptions?American movie-goers without rewards memberships: Who are they and how do brands speak to them? Sports betting in Canada: Close to 1 in 5 Ontario residents are interestedFormula E fans in the UK: Young and receptive to sports sponsorshipsCryptomonnaies et NFT : qu’en pensent les Français ? PlayStation noch immer Nr. 1, doch die Konkurrenz kratzt am ThronNet support for Ukraine joining EU in key European nationsUAE residents are more likely to meet family & friends and donate to charities this RamadanSix in ten Singapore residents say the pandemic has adversely impacted mental healthUK: The growing interest in crypto among esports fansGB: How strategy gamers differ from other gamersDoes amount of time spent on social media affect mental health?American attitudes towards major auto brandsEuropeans say Britain not pulling its weight on Ukraine refugees, and so do BritonsHow spending habits have changed in the UK since before the pandemicEU-Eintritt der Ukraine? Knapp weniger als jeder zweite Deutsche ist dafürAre women watching calories in their drinks?UK Automotive and Mobility Rankings 2022Most feel positively about the easing of Covid-19 curbs in S'pore, but one in three are concernedMalaysia: Ramadan shopping trends in 2022Biggest Brand Movers in the US (March 2022)Americans want to return to normal, but many still avoid some pre-pandemic activitiesLes Européens sont-ils favorables à l'adhésion de l'Ukraine à l'UE ?UK: Apple brand the Buzziest it's been in yearsYouGov Automotive & Mobility Rankings 2022 Indonesia: Ramadan shopping trends in 2022La confiance envers les services financiers en 2022Global: Telecoms consumers more likely than not to accept value of AI like voice recognitionLes Européens hésitent à demander des augmentations de salaire malgré l'inflationWhat Americans think about brands and the Russia-Ukraine conflictWhat accessories will American gamers buy in the next six months? L’impact de la médiatisation sur la notoriété des sportives françaisesMindesthaltedauer und Prämie für E-Autos als Chance für deutsche AutobauerKundentreue bei Kreditinstituten: Welche Bank ist Sieger?Urban Indians are worried about the impact of Russia- Ukraine crisis on their personal livesPublic opinion of P&O Ferries plummets following redundancy scandalJeder Fünfte in Deutschland hat sich schon einmal rassistisch diskriminiert gefühltUK – Biggest Brand Movers – March 2022Singaporeans would like to sleep for at least seven hours but only a quarter have that routineUS: Charting the rise of indie video gamesUS and UK: Which events do gamblers think give them the best chances of winning?Profil des Français qui considèrent la marque Crédit AgricoleLes femmes se sentent-elles en sécurité en France ? Almost half of Thai people who are aware of cryptocurrencies own them too Marijuana merchandise: Are Thai consumers keen to buy cannabis products?Energieversorgung wichtigstes Thema für die Deutschen, noch vor Umweltschutz OTAN : la perception des Européens a-t-elle évolué depuis l'invasion de l'Ukraine ?What is motivating companies to ditch Russia, according to Britons? What impact has the Russian invasion of Ukraine had on European attitudes to NATO?A global look at the power of Ferrari’s Formula One teamMehrheit der Deutschen kennt Mindesthaltedauer beim Kauf von E-Autos nicht Does the whisky industry need to woo a new generation of drinkers?Can online shopping benefit from celebrity endorsements?Echtes Diversitäts-Marketing lohnt sich, Social Washing nichtTwo-thirds of the public say brands should take a stance on UkrainePast and future of media consumption in the UAEPast and future of media consumption in IndiaHigh-end OEM handset purchases: Problems for networks and paydirt for manufacturers?APAC Biggest Brand Movers – February 2022Sonntagsfrage im März 2022: SPD legt in Zeiten der Ukraine-Krise wieder leicht zuTravel intention among Singapore residents sees slight improvements, compared to last yearPolls from the past: Waging WarWerbelieblinge: Weihnachten bestimmt Storytelling - IKEA an der SpitzeBiggest Mover im März 2022: Outlook von MicrosoftUS - February Advertisers of the Month: NBC, Peacock & Samsung GalaxyConsumer confidence falls as household finance measures take a historic nosediveSamsung is Advertiser of the Month in both Australia and SingaporeUS Automotive Advertiser of the Month: ToyotaUK Automotive Advertiser of the Month: KiaHow AFC Bournemouth maximized sponsorship value with YouGov’s audience intelligenceClub profile: Measuring the worldwide popularity of Manchester UnitedHow Southampton FC used YouGov Profiles to grow sponsorship and commercial revenuesFebruary UK Advertisers of the Month: Creme Eggs, BBC Three and AirbnbHow do Americans research car insurance policies?Advertiser of the Month im März: kinder PinguíUnderstanding the lure of black-market gambling in the UKGlobal – What’s the market size for NFTs?How Channel 4 used YouGov BrandIndex to prove Ad Awareness increase for new-to-TV grocery brandGlobal supply chain: In which sectors are consumers noting shortages?What do Britons think of companies that offer NFTs?MoneySavingExpert an increasingly valuable resource for Britons amid cost-of-living crisisQuelles marques gagneraient à capitaliser sur les métavers en France ?Le positionnement des Français face à la délinquance juvénile How do women across the globe find new music?Wordle up – What makes consumers love puzzle games?Global - Level of stigma around mental illnessesFebruary UAE Advertiser of the Month: TalabatWhat destinations do women in APAC want to visit for their next holiday?Football Biggest Movers – FévrierLes pubs du mois de févrierThe ten most-improved US travel brands Streaming music is popular among Indonesian women but not all are willing to pay for the serviceGlobal: Are consumers still being affected by the global supply chain crisis? Hver tredje har shoppet via sociale medier i NordenHver tredje har handlet via sosiale medier i NordenVar tredje person har handlat via sociala medier i NordenPohjoismaissa joka kolmas on tehnyt ostoksia sosiaalisten medioiden kauttaNew Study on Social Shopping in the NordicsHow do urban Indian women listen to music?Digital transformation of KSA’s financial sectorNeue Studie zu Diversität im MarketingQuelles égéries pour les marques de parfums Homme ?Mehrheit der Deutschen würzt nicht nur mit Pfeffer und Salz US: The top ten CPG brands among Gen Z Droits des femmes : les Français se sentent-ils impliqués ?Der Kranich fliegt wieder – Lufthansa auf Post-Corona-Erfolgskurs Zwei von drei Deutschen für weitere Sanktionen gegen russische Interessen in Deutschland Bali remains most favoured holiday destination for Indonesians Seven in ten women in Singapore think gender inequality still persists in the workplaceTop travel brands and destinations in 2022: APAC YouGov Framework: Urban India’s attitudes to investing The UK’s top travel brands—and Brits’ favourite destinations in 2022Global: What types of brands do consumers most like to follow online? Trust in how companies use personal data down across several sectorsRegularly exercising Brits likely to feel healthier… mentallyBrits, Americans find wearables useful, but privacy concerns remainA majority of KSA residents are aware of cryptocurrencies, but only a few invest in themProfil des Français qui considèrent les marques du groupe Accor What recruiters need to know about esports fansGreat Britain/US: How consumers exercise outside the gymUK Financial Services Advertiser of the Month: SantanderUS Financial Services Advertiser of the Month: Cash AppUS/GB: Which industries would the public be proudest to work in?US Automotive Advertiser of the Month: HyundaiThais' Perception on CryptocurrencyUS/GB: Which products are people willing to buy now - and pay for later?Profil des Français qui possèdent un livret AGlobal: Which sectors benefit most from product placement?Animal welfare group RSPCA leads YouGov’s first Charity Rankings in AustraliaNew HFSS laws may be postponed—how do people feel about the ad ban on HFSS foods?Which media behaviors will stick and which will grow in the US, according to the Global Media ReportLe regard des Français sur l’Agriculture La confiance envers les médias en FranceYouGov Australia 2022 Charity RankingsKuemmerling – dank Dschungelcamp wieder viel beachtetSecteur cosmétiques : profil du consommateur avide de naturalitéSonntagsfrage im Februar 2022: Union kann Vorsprung vor SPD ausbauenNational airline Garuda Indonesia heads YouGov’s Travel & Tourism Rankings in IndonesiaUnderstanding of NFTs has doubled in the past yearBuzzing insurance brands among American and British gamersUK: What are people looking for from a gym membership?US: People are returning to the gym — what do consumers value most?Knapp drei von vier Deutschen befürchten Auswirkungen auf Deutschland durch einen russischen AngriffUK – Biggest Brand Movers – February 2022Valgmåling februar 2022Profile Peek: Online shopping with Augmented RealityUK Automotive Advertiser of the Month: DaciaGlobal: Is food nutrient labelling a waste of space? Swedbank är årets stjärnvarumärkeLufthansa unter Deutschen am beliebtesten – das Travel Ranking 2022 von YouGovRund drei von fünf Deutschen befürworten politischen Boykott von OlympiaInstagram or Snapchat: which platform should brands use for their social strategy?The top travel brands and destinations among Americans in 2022The most successful advertisers of Super Bowl LVIGST hike: F&B, clothing and apparel businesses most likely to see cutback in consumer spendingIs a better deal a good enough incentive for consumers to switch carriers? Dans quelles entreprises les Français souhaiteraient travailler ? Emirates tops YouGov’s Travel and Tourism Rankings 2022 in the UAEYouGov’s Biggest Brand Movers in the US (February 2022)Biggest Movers im Februar 2022: Fertige Kuchen von Bahlsen sind Ranking-SiegerFootball Biggest Movers - JanvierYoung consumers are likely to drive streaming growth in IndiaYoung adults likely to drive paid subscriptions for audio & video services in the UAEYouGov Travel & Tourism Rankings 2022Young consumers to drive streaming in Singapore, with two in five claiming to increase consumptionYouGov Travel & Tourism Rankings 2022 JapanYouGov Travel & Tourism Rankings 2022 IndonesiaYouGov Travel & Tourism Rankings 2022 China69% des Français ont déjà laissé un avis client sur internetNeue Gewohnheiten beim Medienkonsum – aber welche bleiben nach der Pandemie?Les Français et les sneakersYoung adults are affected the most by UAE's new work week policy Google plans to discontinue Currents, its users expected to migrate to SpacesShopee tops YouGov’s Best Buzz Rankings in Indonesia for the third year running HKTV Mall tops YouGov’s Best Buzz Rankings in Hong Kong for the third year runningYouTube tops YouGov’s Best Buzz Rankings in Thailand for the third year running Shopee tops YouGov’s Best Buzz Rankings 2021 in SingaporeALDI erneut Preis-LeistungssiegerQuel est le budget moyen des Français pour la Saint-Valentin ?Google tops YouGov’s Best Buzz Rankings 2021 in EgyptSaudia tops YouGov’s Best Buzz Rankings 2021 in KSAEmirates tops YouGov’s Best Buzz Rankings in the UAE yet againYouTube tops YouGov’s Best Buzz Rankings 2021 in IndiaOCBC phishing scam: Have “goodwill payouts” been enough to restore bank’s brand?Consumer confidence slips as Britons’ household finance concerns increaseYouGov Best Buzz Rankings 2021 SingaporeWhat do Americans spend money on now compared to before the pandemic?YouGov Best APAC Buzz Rankings 2021YouGov Best Buzz Rankings 2021: EgyptYouGov  Best Buzz Rankings 2021: KSA YouGov Best Buzz Rankings 2021: India YouGov Best Buzz Rankings 2021: UAEDet globale medielandskapet 2022Det globale medielandskab 2022Det globala medielandskapet 2022Maailmanlaajuinen mediamaisema 2022Hong Kong Advertiser of the Month: Dettol YouGov Best Buzz Rankings 2021 ChinaYouGov Best Buzz Rankings 2021 South KoreaYouGov Best Buzz Rankings 2021 New ZealandYouGov Best Buzz Rankings 2021 ThailandYouGov Best Buzz Rankings 2021 JapanYouGov Best Buzz Rankings 2021 MalaysiaYouGov Best Buzz Rankings 2021 PhilippinesYouGov Best Buzz Rankings 2021 AustraliaYouGov Best Buzz Rankings 2021 Hong KongYouGov Best Buzz Rankings 2021 IndonesiaYouGov Global Media Report 2022: Which media behaviors will stick around and which will grow?GenZ verändert Kaffeetrends How consumers feel amid rising mobile provider costsProfil des utilisateurs d'applications / sites de rencontreIs APAC’s travel outlook for 2022 still gloomy?Cost of living crisis: four in ten Britons expect their finances to get worse in next 12 monthsProfile Peek: Red Meat Eaters in AmericaAdvertiser of the Month im Februar: MyHammerLes pubs du mois de janvierKecke Werbekampagne für vegane Fruchtgummis wird für Katjes zum ErfolgYou’re doing Italian food all wrong, say ItaliansProfile Peek: Sustainable Shoppers in AmericaNeue Studie zum Kaffee-Konsum in EuropaFaut-il boycotter les compétitions sportives internationales ?What impact has Brexit had on the EU? YouGov asks 10 European nationsYou’re doing Italian food all wrong, say ItaliansNur knapp ein Drittel der Deutschen sieht Joe Biden als starken PräsidentenTravel Advertiser of the Month: Jet2holidays (UK)Do Americans understand the metaverse – and do they care?US & UK Advertiser of the month: WW (Weight Watchers)One in ten Brits are interested in the NFLA profile peek into vegans in the US and BritainGlobal: To what extent do online reviews affect purchase decisions across various sectors?Adeptes de Streaming vs. Fans de TVLes chaînes télévisées et services vidéo préférés des MillennialsThe smartphone features that drive Brits’ purchase choicesGlobal: Most consumers don’t think mobile data speeds have improved in the past five years January KSA Advertiser of the Month: PumaGlobal: Trust in financial advertisingGlobal: Who's forgetting to floss?Global: Where consumers are most likely to read their healthcare providers' reviewsGlobal: Are people intending to spend more money on cars this year? Global: Where do consumers prefer Buy Now Pay Later plans?Global: Do consumers trust car ads?Global: Fitness and diet trackingWhich 3D shopping experiences are consumers most interested in?US/GB: Who’s to blame when a self-driving car crashes?The return of travel in 2022: What travel brands can look forward to this yearGlobal: Most consumers consider themselves loyal to your brand after just four purchases Global: As consumers reject unknown numbers, is telemarketing dead? Global: Most popular gaming devicesU-21-Fußball-Nationalmannschaft 2021 in Deutschland am positivsten im GesprächThe Summer Olympics tops YouGov’s 2022 Sports Buzz Rankings in UAEIndian Premier League tops YouGov’s 2022 Sports Buzz Rankings in India yet againThe Summer Olympics tops YouGov’s 2022 Sports Buzz Rankings in AustraliaWho requested free, at-home COVID tests from the government? Not many unvaccinated AmericansThe global popularity of Call of Duty, in one chartGlobal: Which sectors make the most trustworthy ads? Ligue 1 & Sponsoring : Quel rapport entretiennent les fans avec les marques sponsors ?Aufgepasst, Netflix! Die Konkurrenz schläft nicht EuroTrack: Russian invasion of Ukraine seen as likely, but few want their country to defend themGlobal: How much are consumers intending to spend on travel products and services in the new year?YouGov Framework – Fitness consumers in the USIndonesia: Biggest Brand Movers – December 2021Singapore: Biggest Brand Movers – December 2021Digital Banking Report Wave 2 in AustraliaSonntagsfrage Januar 2022: Union erstmalig seit Ende Juli wieder leicht vor SPDHalf of urban Indians follow the budget, and many more agree it impacts their personal financesDespite rising Covid cases, majority of Singaporeans likely to proceed with CNY celebrationsQui sont les consommateurs de Gin ?Global: How much do consumers trust food and alcohol advertising? Kundenloyalität in 2022: Dunlop-Kundentreue am meisten gestiegenHow are Americans betting on the Super Bowl and what’s changed from last year?Rapport international sur la consommation médias en 2022 Should TV, movies, and books reference the pandemic, or ignore it?Perceptions on Betting in Australia SportWhat do Apple users think about virtual reality?Celebrities go crypto – but are they winning the public over, or putting them off?UK and US: Is Lego the perfect children’s gift?What impact has the OCBC phishing scam had on the bank’s brand?Faut-il rendre le casque obligatoire pour tous les cyclistes ?US Biggest Brand Movers – January 2022Global: What factors are deciding travelers’ choice of destination today? Der Wert von Loyalitätsprogrammen – der Kunde als MultiplikatorYouGov Framework – Fashion Retail in the USProfil des Français qui ont l'intention de faire un achat immobilier au cours des 12 prohains moisAPAC Biggest Brand Movers - December 2021How many users could the Microsoft/Activision deal bring to Xbox Game Pass?John Madden’s impact on the video game world US YouGov Framework: Attitudes to brand purpose Globale Umfrage: Ist Reisewerbung glaubwürdig?Le marché du café en Europe en 2021 Zoopla benefits from post-pandemic property boomIs there more to Elon Musk’s crypto obsession than meets the eye?Consumer confidence on a slight New Year downswing amid Omicron uncertaintyWho is the Greatest Ever Male Tennis Player (G.O.A.T)?Le podcast : un format audio qui plaît au grand publicLG is releasing a gaming laptop. Data shows why it’s the right timeAs Omicron surges in the US, comfort in seeing live sports wanesHow the University of Manchester examined long-term voting trends with YouGov Custom ResearchPour quels secteurs les Français cherchent-ils des avis consommateurs ?Helping alcohol brands raise the bar with YouGov’s consumer insights webinarUniversal Design – ein Design-Konzept für alle 15 Jahre iPhone – wie die Marke Apple ins Jahr 2022 startetAirport security: Despite the inconvenience, most Americans say it's effectiveGauging interest in playing Take-Two titles on mobileUK – Biggest Brand Movers – January 2022India: Biggest Brand Movers of 2021Biggest Movers im Januar – Schokolade, Kaffee und Alkohol waren in der Weihnachtszeit hoch im KursLe Social Shopping en FranceAustralia Advertiser of the Month (December): Johnnie WalkerSingapore Advertiser of the Month: Gardens by the BayDoes Boris Johnson still have the support of Conservative party members?Advertiser of the Month im Januar: LindtPratiques culinaires : quelles différences de perception dans le monde ?Should sportspeople have to be vaccinated against coronavirus in order to compete?Power and reach of gaming influencers in the UAEAdvertiser of the Month (KSA) – Emirates UK Finance Advertiser of the Month: SagaUK Auto AOTM - Mercedes-BenzLes pubs du mois de décembreHalf of the Republicans who saw a threat to democracy on Jan. 6, 2021 have changed their mindsProfil des Français qui ont l'intention d'acheter une voiture dans les 12 prochains moisWhat are car buyers looking for? Which FPS launches are making the most noise among British gamers?The reach of gaming influencers globallyTitle spotlight: MinecraftGlobal: Will smoking run out of puff?YouGov Finance Framework: Ethical investorsGlobal: Consumer perceptions on product durability across different industriesUS: Is Gen Z more inclined towards genetically modified food? Here’s what Americans and Brits say about paying more for 5GGlobal: Will consumers wait for new cars?What type of mobile data connection do Americans and Brits have? Global: Is cryptocurrency a young person's game?What do cricket fans make of BT Sport’s Ashes deal?YouGov Profile Peek – Deutsche League of Legends FansGlobal: Which industries are best suited for sports sponsorship?Younger gens in Britain, US likelier to believe that meatless diets are healthierGlobal: How many people conduct their own treatment research?Global: How much are consumers intending to spend on clothes and beauty products in the new year?Global: How much are consumers intending to spend on streaming subscriptions and telecom services?December US Advertiser of the Month: Amazon Global: In which business category are consumers more prepared to be assisted by robot salespeople? UK - Understanding coffee drinking among Gen Z More than a third of urban Indians oppose the upcoming Cryptocurrency BillHow are global consumers finding new music?US: What do Americans consider when purchasing event tickets?Global: More consumers want events to be diverse and inclusiveUS: Super Smash Bros. is the most popular fighting gameJanuary movie releases: Which title is most likely to draw a crowd to the theater?US and UK: Tech brands of the yearHow popular are the Detroit Red Wings around the world?Consumer sentiments towards AI and Automation in SingaporeAre UAE residents affirmative on adopting AI?La popularité du quick commerce en FranceBuzzing car brands among American and British gamersOne in four Britons have never heard of the government’s flagship ‘levelling up’ strategy“Heilige Nachtschicht“ - Aldis berührende Weihnachtskampagne wird zum ErfolgUS: Understanding travel spending this holiday seasonUS Auto Advertiser of the Month: GMCProfile Peek: League of Legends Esport Fans in AmericaQuel bilan pour les super et hypermarchés en 2021 ?How many people have been hit by the global supply chain crisis in Europe and the US?How UK consumers are responding to Omicron concernsUS Finance Ad of the Month: Crypto.comFast vier von fünf Befragten fürchten langfristige Auswirkungen der Pandemie auf die GesellschaftGlobal: How much do consumers trust travel advertising? Consumer confidence sees a slight Christmas bounceDas Fest der SchokoladeInfographic : End of year holiday plans of UAE residents Quel Buzz pour les marques de petit et gros électroménager ?Sonntagsfrage: SPD kann Vorsprung vor Union ausbauenUnderstand corporate goals to align market objectives with structural changesHow Legal & General achieved rapid insight by targeting with YouGov SurveysKaufgründe für E-Fahrzeuge - Umweltschutz ist ausschlaggebend Tutkimus: Verojenmaksu tärkein osa-alue yritysten yhteiskuntavastuussaHeading into 2022, health and wellness companies among the most improved brandsLa consommation de sucre en France en 2021How The Business of Fashion achieved multi-market insights with YouGov SurveysThe most-followed Winter Olympic sports, by men and womenDoctor, vet, esports star, influencer: Dream jobs among US teens British movie-goers without rewards memberships: Who are they and how do brands speak to them?Key health & pharma insights 2021Key banking insights 2021Les services en ligne qui progressent le plus en 2021Automotive: Trends and insights round-up for 2021Le marché du café en France en 2021Made in Germany: Deutsche Produkte haben weltweit den besten Ruf The Obamas remain the world’s most admired man and womanRatan Tata and Lata Mangeshkar are India’s most admired man and woman in 2021: YouGov StudyClassement mondial : les personnalités les plus admirées en 2021Valgmåling december 2021Världens mest beundrade personer 2021Maailman ihailluimmat henkilöt vuonna 2021Verdens mest beundrede mennesker i 2021Verdens mest beundrede mennesker i 2021Tech and telco: Trends and insights round-up for 2021Leisure and Entertainment: Trends and insights round-up for 2021Sports: Trends and insights round-up for 2021Gaming and esports: Trends and insights round-up for 2021Global: Do consumers plan to save more next year? Künstliche Intelligenz – die deutschen Verbraucher bleiben skeptischTravel and Tourism: Trends and insights round-up for 2021The growing trend of plant-based meat products in ThailandUS: What’s motivating people to travel this holiday season?YouGov Framework – Retail Loyalty Program Subscribers in the United StatesRetail and FMCG/CPG: Trends and insights round-up for 2021 Media, Content and Agencies: Trends and insights round-up for 2021Women more likely than men to hold favourable views of BT’s “Walk Me Home” serviceNintendo ist Biggest Mover im Dezember 2021 – Das Top-10-Ranking vor WeihnachtenEnergie nucléaire : qu’en pensent les Français ?Advertiser of the Month im Dezember: MediaMarktZukunft des E-Commerce: Neue Studie zu Social Shopping UK – Biggest Brand Movers – December 2021 L’investissement responsable en FranceUS advertiser of the month (November): PillsburyLes pubs du mois de novembreNoël : 44% des Français optent pour un sapin artificielInnovation in der E-Mobilität: Deutschlands Autobauer müssen aufholenWhat does it take to become one of Britain’s best brands?Mapped: Key consumer financial trends in Australia Atomenergie? Rund die Hälfte der Deutschen ist für diese grundsätzlich offenKnapp die Hälfte der Deutschen ist grundsätzlich offen für Atomenergie The growing power of social media influencers in IndiaConsumer Festive Insights in Great BritainUAE residents don't mind automation in their homes but prefer humans for medical consultation UK Advertiser of the Month: John Lewis Singapore Advertiser of the Month: Singapore Airlines Le marché du vrac en France en 2021Global: More people tend to enjoy ads at the cinema Jaguar enjoyed plenty of product placement at COP26. But did it work?Les Français et le sport d'hiverConsumer and brand intelligence at the speed of a rapidly-moving worldYouGov Framework: Eco-investing in Britain Global: Internet activities of gamblers Die Supporter von „Weihnachten im Schuhkarton“ – häufiger weiblich und verheiratetOmicron delays more Americans’ expectations for an end to the COVID-19 pandemicDie beliebteste Werbung der Deutschen – Humorvolle Spots von Haribo erneut vorn Should COVID-19 measures be scrapped in March 2022?Singaporeans don't mind automation in their homes but prefer humans for medical consultation The Omicron variant: Democrats, but not Republicans, are concerned about new COVID-19 strainGlobal: Tech shortagesAdvertiser of the Month (UAE) – Global Village Artificial intelligence: Global research reveals relationship between knowledge and sentimentFour in five Britons disapprove of the government’s handling of asylum seekers crossing the ChannelZwei von fünf Verbrauchern weltweit sind besorgt wegen künstlicher IntelligenzYouGov Framework: Mobile network switchers in Great Britain Urban Indians prefer automation in their homes but want humans for medical consultation & educationHver tredje dansker er skeptisk over for kunstig intelligensVar tredje svensk är skeptisk till artificiell intelligensSquid Game leads all other non-English originals from Netflix, according to YouGov StreamSocial Shopping wird unter den Deutschen immer beliebterHalf of Britons now think it's easy to find a job, up from just 11% in MarchLes Français et la livraison à domicileWhich travel benefits US consumers like the most?Global: How do consumers listen to music? What do American consumers like to do in winter? Intel’s sports sponsorships are paying offGambling habits of high-earning BritsMovie-going Brits are shelling out more cash at concession standsHow the #BrokenRecord Campaign challenged the music streaming market with YouGov Surveys: ServicedIs 5G improving our digital experience? Here’s what Americans and Brits think about it Mehr als jeder vierte Deutsche hat diese Woche Black-Friday-Aktionen genutztGlobal: How satisfied are consumers with different facets of their internet service? 62 Prozent der Verbraucher wollen nachhaltiges Banking Sonntagsfrage: SPD mit 25 Prozent stärkste KraftGaming’s biggest Buzz movers in the UK for November 2021US: EV intentBrits and body image