One Day, The Big Bang Theory and Friends: The most-streamed TV in the UK, February 2024
March 24th, 2024, Clifton Mark

One Day, The Big Bang Theory and Friends: The most-streamed TV in the UK, February 2024

One Day, The Big Bang Theory and Friends are the most-streamed titles in the UK for February 2024. The chart below shows how many views and viewers each title had on the platform where it was most popular. The chart also shows the average number of views per viewer (Vs/Vr), which is an indicator of how much consumers are binging a particular title.

British romantic drama One Day premiered on February 8 and immediately captured Britons’ attention. With 80.6m views from 8.5m viewers, One Day is the most-streamed title in the UK for February. The show stars Ambika Mod and Leo Woodall as a couple who meet at a graduation ball and follows their 20-year relationship.

Positions two through five are all older American sitcoms, binged in large quantities by audiences of 1-2 million viewers. Amazon Prime Video’s Neighbours has risen to the number eight position, with 21.4m views. First airing in 1985, Neighbours is Australia’s longest-running drama.

Grand Prix reality show Drive to Survive released its sixth season on February 23, helping to make it the ninth most-streamed show in the UK.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit made its return to Netflix in February, immediately becoming the sixth most-streamed show in the UK. With 24.3 million views from 1.1m viewers, the long-running procedural is clearly a bingeable favourite.

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