Norway's strongest brands in 2023
February 26th, 2024, YouGov

Norway's strongest brands in 2023

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Vipps is still Norway's strongest brand in terms of overall image, while SAS is the most improved brand in 2023

In this year's ranking, the top 3 positions are unchanged from 2022. Vipps is still the strongest brand with a score of 52.1, followed by NRK TV with a score of 41 and with a score of 39. Kiwi retains in place.

Samsung ends up in 5th place, up two places from the year before. IKEA also moves up two places and ends up in 7th place on this year's list.

Visa is new to this year's top 10, while Freia had to say goodbye with a couple of decimals.

Difficult times in the airline industry in 2022 seem to have influenced the ranking of the most improved brands in 2023, and both Norwegian and SAS are on the list. SAS has improved its overall image the most and ends up as the year's “biggest climber” while Norwegian is in 4th place.

TV 2 Play and TV 2 both improved strongly and end up in the top 3, after a year with some negative publicity in 2022.

It is also worth noting that Samsung, in addition to ending up in a strong 5th place on the top list of this year's brands, is also on this year's list of most improved brands.

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