Consumer segmentation: The not-so-united states of sustainability
February 16th, 2024, YouGov

Consumer segmentation: The not-so-united states of sustainability

How do environmental attitudes impact brands?Download report

Americans feel varying levels of responsibility for adopting sustainable behaviors. In this study, we segment consumers into five distinct groups:

  • Planet Protectors - Engaged environmentalists, happy to pay more for products that are good for the environment, interested in issues related to sustainability
  • Price Point Green - Caring about the environment and making an effort to protect it, but price remains the key factor in their purchase decisions
  • Green When Keen - Recognize that climate change is a problem, agree we should do more to protect the environment, but sustainability is not entrenched in their lifestyle
  • On The Green Fence - Unconcerned and disengaged; uninterested in sustainability issues
  • Green Rejecters - Negative views on environmental sustainability, skeptical about climate change, prioritizing economic and political issues over the environment

Who makes up each of these segments, and what expectations do they have from brands?

YouGov’s new sustainability report provides an overview of the current sustainability behaviors, before diving into the distinct attitudes and beliefs of each sustainable (or not) consumer segment.

Download the report to learn:

  • What efforts are Americans currently taking to protect the environment?
  • How many Americans fit into each of the five sustainable consumer segments?
  • Where do different types of sustainable consumers prefer to shop?
  • What channels and tactics should advertisers leverage to reach each type of sustainable consumer?