Latam: Pachuca y Vasco da Gama lideran Buzz en marzo 2023Fünf Vorteile panelgestützter Online-UmfragenBusiness survey: Can AI tools like ChatGPT outperform humans? APAC Biggest Brand Movers – March 2023Audi ist Automarke des Jahres in Deutschland Brasil: Metade das pessoas quer comprar um carro até 2023GB: Six months into Sephora’s second stint in the market, are Britons noticing the brand?US: Popeyes assigns creative duties to a new agency - What are its diners’ views on advertising?US: American Eagle ventures into the resale space - Are customers keen on second-hand shopping?Den Frühling erkennt man an Baumarkt-WerbungUS: Etsy searches for a new creative agency - How do its customers feel about advertising?TikTok’s CEO wowed Singapore with his US House performance – has he also boosted the brand’s image?US and GB: LG's new global brand identity targets Gen Z - How many young adults are LG's customers?Brasil: Como são os consumidores da Geração Z?US: The 5 most popular travel themes of 2023The dos and don'ts of airplane etiquette: The behaviours Britons find unacceptableHow affluents are shaping the future of travelDrunkenness is the most unacceptable airplane behaviour among urban Indians UAE & KSA residents plan their Eid gift shopping a week or lesser before the festivalSmartphones und Konsolen beliebt bei deutschen GamernREWE setzt auf eigene Apps bei Treuepunkten und hybridem EinkaufenGrand National – Who’s betting and an insight into some bettor attitudesNetflix tops UK’s Biggest Brand Movers for April 2023US Biggest Brand MoversUS: Hooters’ new creative agency to engage Gen Z - What draws younger audiences to dine out?Ubisoft's AI-driven dialogue tool elevates brand imageMéxico: ¿Qué canales consulta la gente antes de comprar?What do Thai people plan to do to celebrate long holidays during SongKran festival 2023?Hong Kong’s Most Talked-About Brands (Mar 2023)Indonesia’s Advertisers of the Month (Mar 2023): GrabBike revs up with promotional campaigns‘Hello Hong Kong’ campaign: Hit or Miss with travellers from Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia?The dos and don'ts of airplane etiquette: The behaviors Americans find unacceptableUS: Ralph Lauren launches crypto, web3 initiatives - Are consumers ready for these technologies?US: Whole Foods could restart kitchens to make prepared meals - Do shoppers favor prepared foods?US: Best Buy’s new electronics recycling program - Are its customers big on recycling appliances?UAE's Most Talked about Brands: March 2023Thai residents are eager to celebrate Songkran this year, but worry about Covid19 persists Latam: ¿La región está comprometida con las energías verdes?Latam: A região está comprometida com as energias verdes?How Fox Sports proves Ad Effectiveness for FIFA World CupGlobal Car Brand Rankings 2023Manchester City, Juventus top football Buzz Movers chart for March 2023Etude internationale sur la seconde mainGB: Škoda appoints FCB for global creative duties - How did the brand do under the previous agency?US Advertisers of the Month: Which brands made it to the top in March 2023?UK Ad of the Month: Which brands made it to the top in March 2023?US and GB: Adobe rolls out its own AI-powered tools - How do its users feel about AI?Australian Sports Teams Benchmark ReportGB: Revolut adds Comic Relief to its charities list - How likely are consumers to donate?Anticipating the future of finance in APACBrasil: Tipos de viajantes e para onde querem ir em 2023Global: Consumer appetite for pre-owned tech products and gaming consolesHow do gamers research games before purchasing them?Travel Credit: Will consumers take on debt to satisfy their wanderlust in the coming year?The Great British Shrink Off: Examining the awareness and impact of shrinkflation on BritonsThe dos and don'ts of airplane etiquette: The behaviors travelers find unacceptableWhat car troubles are EV owners experiencing in Britain?What mHealth apps are Americans using?Which mHealth apps are Britons using?Profile Peek: Saudi’s CinephilesDo global consumers anticipate hikes in the cost of gym memberships?Festival fever - exploring consumer preferences for in-person events globallyExploring global consumer interest in second-hand exercise and sports equipmentDecoding global consumer priorities in smartphone purchasing decisionsGlobal: I consumatori percepiscono il peso dell'aumento dei prezzi delle auto?Luxury travelers are seeking exclusivity and to escape the crowdsGroceries, wellness products and eating out: Where consumers expect costs to increase the most in 2023Chase has gone from strength to strength – but can JPMorgan’s neobank take on the competition?US: Shell acquires an EV charging firm - Did Shell draw EV owners’ attention with the acquisition?Tech and sustainability: A detailed audience perspectiveFrom reviews to experts – how global consumers research before buying a phoneAdvertiser of the Month im April: eBayAre chatbots useful to global consumers when shopping for financial products?Navigating the global landscape of second-hand phones and its demandSonntagsfrage im April: Die Union weitet ihren Vorsprung ausGlobal: Where (in the world) are people listening to podcasts?Canada finance Advertisers of the Month in March 2023: Desjardins, BMO and TD-Canada TrustHow do global consumers research cars before buying one?Medical debt: Which global markets will borrow most in the coming year?UEFA Champions League, John Wick 4 and The Last of Us: The most in-demand TV & Film titles in Great Britain for March 16-31, 2023John Wick 4, The Last of Us and RRR: Most in-demand TV & Film in America for March 16-31, 2023Les marques qui progressent le plus au mois de marsGlobal: 67% de las personas planea salir de viaje en 2023Global: 67% das pessoas planejam fazer uma viagem em 2023YouGov Car Brand Rankings 2023Tasso di approvazione del governo flette a marzo tra costo della vita e immigrazioneLa culture américaine a-t-elle trop d’influence dans le monde ?US: Shell acquires an EV charging firm - Did Shell draw EV owners’ attention with the acquisition?US: Abercrombie & Fitch unveils celebrity-designed line: Do people trust celebrity recommendations?US and GB: Bloomberg tailors AI for the finance industry - What do finance professionals make of AI?Saudi Arabia’s March Advertiser of the Month: Which brands made it to the top?APAC gamers lead the globe on most time spent gaming per week: YouGov México: 48% planea comprar alimentos “de lujo” en 2023México: Gillette es el Anunciante del Mes en marzo de 2023Where are Chinese travellers thinking about visiting right now?The impact of pursuing CSR goals on sports and brand perception in BritainGlobal: Are chatbots useful when shopping online for electronic products?Indulge in Luxury: Guide to Travel Plans of Affluent Australians and SingaporeansUS: Holland America Line will embark on longer journeys - How keen are cruise passengers this year?Brasil: Servem as alianças entre o fast-food e o gaming?Brasil: Elseve foi o Anunciante do mês de março de 2023A América Latina está pronta para a telemedicina? Brasil na liderançaFrustração com streaming ainda não chegou aos consumidores brasileiros45% dos consumidores brasileiros pagariam mais por um plano móvel com 5GLes pubs du mois de marsConsumer view – Dynamic pricing more acceptable if money goes to artist and cuts out re-sellersFormula 1 – An always-on global sports eventUS: Molson Coors launches first bourbon brand - How many of its customers drink bourbon?US: Apple's new buy now, pay later service - How popular is this payment type among its customers?US: YouTube TV hikes prices - What makes people opt for streaming services and unsubscribe from them?When less is not more: Investigating US consumer awareness of shrinkflationUS: ‘The Last of Us’ show boosts awareness of its game’s developer company, Naughty DogRamadan 2023: Part 3 – Mudik insights on popular travel dates, transport modes, booking trendsRamadan 2023: Part 2 – THR purchase categories & shopping trendsGB: Tesco equips 600 outlets with EV charging bays - Which grocers do potential EV-buyers prefer?Who are Hong Kong's Smart Investors?México: El metaverso seduce a los fans del fútbolWhat do Americans expect from a premium hotel room? Depends on whether you ask a man or a womanAs John Lewis looks for a new ad agency, can the brand expand its appeal?US – Inside the mindset of March Madness fans: Who they are, how they gamble and moreWhich advertisers made a splash at the 2022 Indian Premier League?Aliments sains et produits de bien-être – les consommateurs se préparent à une forte inflationConsumer Duty: Nearly half of Britons say banks aren't doing enough to prevent harmMost Hotstar consumers are likely to continue their subscription in the absence of IPL & HBO showsMéxico: el 53% deberá recortar gastos para no endeudarseUS: American Eagle and, e.l.f. launch Gen Z-focused line – Which channels drive Gen Z purchases?Animal Crossing in the US, Fortnite in Britain generate the most Buzz in March 2023Online-Werbung erreicht auch “Briefkasten-Werbemuffel”Global Gaming & Esports whitepaper 2023: Reaching Gamers - everywhereTikTok and MLS partnership: Fans already well-disposed towards media brandDICK'S Sporting Goods brand image boosts after NCAA dealUK: A fifth of consumers want to use their smartphones for over half a decadeSeven in ten Americans want to use their phones for at least two yearsGlobal: Are consumers expecting costs of hotels and airline travel to increase or decrease in the next 12 months?Higher earners more likely to be considering second-hand purchasesLuxury bags, wallets or cases – where is demand the highestUS: FCB’s new diversity role - What do US ad and media professionals make of DE&I in the workplace?Britain: Gamers overwhelmingly want bug-free video games, even if it means they have to wait longerAmericans more likely to trust a robo-adviser than human financial adviceHow to regain consumer trust after a data breachAI in healthcare – American consumers reveal willingness to use but privacy concerns remainGlobal: Health foods and wellness products – are consumers preparing for price increases?Ramadan 2023: Part 1 – Consumer spending trends across online & offline channelsAre global consumers still fearful of a new COVID-19 strain emerging?US: Allbirds unveils a zero carbon shoe: How much do customers care about their carbon footprint?Lights, camera, research: Examining how consumers prepare for a trip to the moviesWhat kind of advertisements work best with prospective gym-goers in Great Britain?Customer service chatbots and buying beauty products online: Are consumers convinced?All grown up: 4 key characteristics of TikTok’s over-25 audienceGlobal: In which categories is consumer demand for luxury goods the highest?US: Which ad channels are best for reaching EV considerers in 2023?UK: Advertising to consumers considering an electric vehicleFive factors motivating Brits to travel in 2023With the FCA’s Consumer Duty principle looming, do the public trust banks? Are Britons buying own-brands or known brands?How are American teens using the internet? Do Americans think their savings are safe in US banks?Consumer confidence rises as nearly every measure sees improvementBrasil: Azul, linha mais querida na véspera da Semana SantaGlobal: How many consumers would consider purchasing a second-hand car?India's Biggest Brand Movers: February 2023Brasil: Fãs do surfe ganham poder como consumidoresUS: iPad, U.S. Bank and feature in Biggest Brand Movers March 2023Serving Pickleball – understanding demographics and key behavioursFrom Adele to Selena Gomez – most popular music artists in the USA look at Britain’s most positively rated music artistsUS: Clinique launches a virtual lab in the metaverse - Are its customers big on this virtual space?US and GB: Starbucks has a new chief executive - How has its brand health been in recent years?GB: Boohoo ran a pop-up shop in London for two days – What motivates its customers to purchase?Discover Indonesians’ attitude towards RamadanUS: Patagonia Provisions acquires Moonshot – How many of its customers favor eco-conscious brands?US: Major League Baseball, team up - How popular is the platform among audiences?What amenities do Britons expect in a hotel room? And why do men and women disagree on their importance?Football, Zombies and anti-Raj RRR-evolutionaries: UK’s most in-demand TV & Film for March 6-March 19, 2023The Last of Us, Daisy Jones and Soccer?! The most in-demand TV & Film in America for March 6-19, 2023Etude internationale sur l'industrie du Gaming : comprendre et s’adresser efficacement aux joueursMéxico: A la mitad de los fans deportivos le gusta apostarBrasil: Cada vez menos pessoas têm tempo para cozinharAre consumers feeling the pinch of inflation when it comes to buying furniture?Chatbots may be able to help you buy a TV – but do consumers want their help with clothes?GB: Iceland partners with Just Eat – What do its customers think of delivery services?Latam: FIFA y Fórmula 1 lideran Global Sports ranking 2023Mais brasileiros consideram passar férias nas Maldivas e Nova Iorque no período natalinoQue consumidores na América Latina querem experiências com RA/RV?Latam: Copa e Fórmula 1 no Global Sports ranking 2023APAC Biggest Brand Movers – February 2023Britons prioritize economic news into purchase decisions. Banking wobbles unlikely to helpSadia é o Anunciante do Mês no Brasil em dezembro de 2022Brasil: O BBB23 tem sido útil para todos os seus patrocinadores?Brasil: Maldivas e Grécia, destinos para a Semana SantaMéxico: BBVA pierde terreno entre los consumidores jóvenesPublic attitudes towards sustainability: a YouGov Public showcaseAnimal welfare group RSPCA tops YouGov’s Charity Rankings in Australia for the second year running  Buzz for CS:GO at a 52-week high amid new release rumorsUK’s most-streamed TV, February 2023: Clarkson’s Farm, Friends, and The OfficeAmerica’s most-streamed TV, February 2023: You, New Amsterdam and Outer BanksExploring EV buyers in IndonesiaLes hôtels doivent-ils se soucier des commentaires sur les réseaux sociaux ?Vaisselle réutilisable : quels effets sur les marques de restauration rapide ?Women and Gambling – What are the opportunities?Five advantages of panel-powered online surveysTen top tips for creating a thought-leadership survey that generates media coverageUAE's Biggest Brand Movers: February 2023KSA's Biggest Brand Movers: February 2023Where do sports need to invest in and focus on heading into the future?UK’s Top 10 FMCG Brand Improvers 2023: Beverage and personal care brandsThe threat of seeing a show canceled is enough to discourage two in five Americans from starting to watchUS: Albertsons expands its plant-based range - Are shoppers big on going the plant-based way?US: Chick-fil-A makes changes to loyalty program - What draws its customers to loyalty schemes?The World Baseball Classic is twice as popular in Japan as in the USTwo-fifths of British cricket fans likely to watch the Women’s Premier LeagueBrasil: Como os fãs de esporte estão apostando no país?US: Apple goes classical with new genre-specific app - Are listeners big on classical music?US: GM could equip its cars with ChatGPT-run chatbots - What do its customers feel about using AI?GB: Peroni Capri’s launch campaign announced – What do Peroni drinkers feel about advertising?Understanding affluent travel behaviors and aspirationsOne year on, has P&O Ferries recovered from the mass redundancy scandal?GB: Nando’s had recently launched a new national campaign - Did Britons notice it?Jüngere Verbraucher setzen auf nachhaltige LuxusreisenUS: Roku partners Best Buy to sell, leverage shopper data - What do Roku customers feel about ads?How intensely are APAC’s consumers feeling the impact of inflation on housing costs?How intensely are APAC’s consumers feeling the impact of inflation on energy bills?How intensely are APAC’s consumers feeling the impact of inflation on health & pharmaceutical items?How intensely are APAC’s consumers feeling the impact of inflation on grocery prices?US: General Motors’ global CMO steps down - How has the carmaker performed in recent years?México: Chatbots aún no se ganan la confianza del públicoHow Smitten Communications and JustAnswer generated 40+ press mentions with YouGov SurveysGB: Asahi adds new beer variant to Peroni range - What alcoholic beverages do Britons like?Climbing the paywall – What makes consumers pay for content? And what puts them off?US Top 10 CPG Brand Improvers 2023: Personal care and beverage brandsFrosta ist YouGovs Biggest Mover im März 2023Nearly a quarter of UAE residents intend to travel with a wider group of people in the next 12 monthNearly two in five affluent consumers in India plan to take group holidays in the next 12 months​More than a quarter of Singapore affluents plan to take longer vacations in the next 12 monthsThree in ten affluent consumers in Australia plan to spend more on travel in the next 12 months México: ¿Qué piensan los consumidores de Tesla?Workation – Urlaub und Arbeit verbinden – jeder zehnte Deutsche hat dies schon einmal erlebtUK Ad of the Month: Which brands made it to the top in February 2023?US Advertisers of the Month: Which brands made it to the top?Singapore's Advertisers of the Month (Feb 2023): Samsung flies high with latest flagship phonesAustralia’s Most Talked-About Brands: February 2023Latam: América e Corinthians lideram Buzz em fevereiroLatam: América y Corinthians lideran Buzz en febrero de 2023Pret retires its blended drinks – but did the move meaningfully affect its brand health?Understanding the Indian Alco-Bev consumerCould F1 put Saudi Arabia tourism on the fast lane?GB: Starbucks to open 100 new UK outlets - How has the brand fared in recent years?Porsche, Range Rover are among UK’s Biggest Brand Movers in MarchGB: Boots’ loyalty programme undergoes major changes - Will it match shoppers’ preferences?Brasil: Como e por que os brasileiros fazem dietaGB: Lidl partners with WWF to cut environmental impact - What do Britons think of such initiatives?Everton, Real Madrid among the YouGov’s Biggest Football Buzz movers in February 2023What’s Britain watching? Most in-demand TV & Film for February 20-March 5, 2023 What’s America watching? Most in-demand TV & Film for February 20-March 5, 2023 AutoZone: Can bad headlines burnish brands?Global: Consumers’ economic predictions for 2023 Global: Are adult-specific ads ok where children might see them? The Disability Employment Gap: Britain still has a long way to goGlobal: How much do social media reviews matter for airlines and airports? México: Pepsi fue el Anunciante del mes en febrero 2023Global: What do consumers use their phones for?Canada Advertisers of the Month in February, 2023: Pepsi, Netflix and Burger King GB: PepsiCo’s Walkers trials paper-based packaging - What do Britons think of recyclable packaging?US and GB: Snapchat’s AI-powered chat bot for paid subscribers - What do users feel about AI? Global: “Non!” French consumers least likely to see a role for chatbots in takeout food Global: The most popular shows—and new series—of 2022GB: Marc Jacobs’ Gen Z label, Heaven, opens London store – How many Gen Z buy clothes offline?Perceptions of rising cost of living in the UAE persist into 2023UK: Two-fifths of viewers will wait for a show to end its run before starting to watchWhich are the most considered food and beverage brands in the UK?People twice as likely to have found love through friends/family compared with dating apps Global: 24% say they’re financially comfortable, while 30% struggling to afford essential costsNot going out, not staying in: Are in- and out-of-home entertainment sources getting more expensive?US: Campbell’s says people want speedy in-home meals - What concerns Americans when planning meals?The great divide – exploring the gender gap in sports viewershipGB: What do people eat pre/post work out and is it defined by the type of activity they do?US: What are the pre/post work out meals people are eating and is it defined by the type of activity they follow?GB: WHSmith looks to fill gap left by Paperchase’s collapse - How is WHSmith doing?Union Berlin ist aktueller Biggest Fußball Buzz Mover in DeutschlandUS: Wieden+Kennedy wins Ancestry’s creative account - How aware are Americans of the brand?Sonntagsfrage / Deutsche am ehesten für Sondervermögen-Einsatz zur Haushaltsaufstockung México: Estrategia de subsidio a combustibles rinde frutosHyundai smashing records with latest ad campaignUK: Which delivery companies have the best brand perception?UAE February Advertiser of the Month: Which brands made it to the top?Arbeit und Urlaub verbinden - potenzieller Traum für jeden vierten DeutschenUS: Puma chooses animal-free leather for KING cleats - Do customers care about cruelty-free products?Global – Women more price conscious about groceries; Men about electronicsKnapp zwei von fünf Deutschen nutzen Account Sharing bei ihren Streaming-AbosGlobal consumer price sensitivity – key takeaways for financial service providersWhere do women in Australia need the most and least help with their finances? YouGov Australia 2023 Charity RankingsDo consumers think customer service chatbots are useful when purchasing groceries online?Does the perception of rising cost of living linger in the Nordics region?Are North Americans still noticing the rising cost of living?A Gifting Guide for Eid 2023Are Hong Kongers ready to go maskless – or comfortable visiting places now that masks are optional?Zum Weltfrauentag: 73 Prozent der Frauen in Deutschland sehen hierzulande keine Gleichberechtigung Marketing opportunities spotlight: FordGlobal travel & tourism whitepaper 2023: Luxury travel post-pandemicCinco fatos sobre as formas de consumo das mulheres latinas5 pautas de comportamiento de consumo de las latinasSuzuki, Automotive Brand Mover di Febbraio 2023PayPal überzeugt auf ganzer Linie, aber für Jüngere trendet Mobile PaymentL’industrie du tourisme haut de gamme post pandémieAmbiente de preços altos no transporte tradicional pode posicionar os veículos elétricos no BrasilComo são os brasileiros que compram produtos de segunda mão (e quais lojas eles preferem)?Copa do Mundo. É também a hora de a América Latina apostar?¿Qué necesitan las series gamer para triunfar en México?AliExpress é o “Anunciante do Mês” de fevereiro no BrasilEs hora de la Copa del Mundo, ¿también es hora de apostar en América Latina?Les marques qui progressent le plus au mois de février47% des Français essaient de réduire leur consommation de viandeRugby union fans twice as likely to support tackle height reduction than notUS: Unilever’s testing warmer freezers to reduce emissions - What do people think of such efforts?GB: ASOS, Capital One partner to launch a credit card – How do ASOS’ shoppers make payments?Consumer Electronics in APAC 2023GB: Fashion retailer TOAST launches pre-loved project - Are Britons fond of second-hand shopping?US: ESPN working to double up as a sports streaming hub - Where are customers streaming sports now?US and GB: Ferrari races into esports space with gaming company deal - Are fans big on gaming?US: El Pollo Loco’s new AOR aims to attract younger diners – How old are its current ones?Em 2022, o Brasil preferiu Nestlé, Coca-Cola e O BoticárioGB: Sainsbury’s vacuum-packs beef mince range - What do people think of eco-friendly measures?Advertiser of the Month im März: Flaschenpost Desafíos y oportunidades de la telemedicina en LatinoaméricaLala, Coca-Cola y Colgate, las favoritas de México en 2022Man City charged with breaking Premier League rules - did it affect the club's brand?US: JetBlue’s latest push for ‘green’ travel - What do flyers have to say about sustainability?The Norwegian Consumer Council explored national attitudes to digitization with YouGov SurveysDas aktuelle YouGov Charity Ranking 2023 wird angeführt von „Ärzte ohne Grenzen“US: Victoria’s Secret pilots new loyalty scheme - What do shoppers make of such programs?Dänemark ist Reiseziel Nr. 1 unter den DeutschenUS: YouTube Music to offer podcasts soon - Where are listeners currently consuming podcasts?US and GB: Spotify tests NFT-gated playlist - What do listeners think of NFTs and cryptocurrency?India ranks one of the lowest when it comes to women not needing help with money managementUS hotel rankings 2022Indie gamers seek a more intimate connection with video gamesListening to the online chatter about relationships Global: Should hotels concern themselves with social media reviews?American attitudes towards work-life balance Les pubs du mois de févrierThird of single Britons say the cost-of-living crisis has made them less likely to dateHow 21st-Century Sanitation Coalition used survey data to elevate thought leadershipUK: Who is the GOAT men’s footballer?US: Features premium smartphone buyers prioritize when picking a new deviceWhich airlines left Americans most satisfied in 2022?Which issues do Brits and Americans think are acceptable in a brand’s communication?Reaching eco-conscious consumers in the US – behavior, habits, and trendsAI in healthcare – what are Britons most concerned about?Which are the most considered beverage and personal care brands in the US?45% dos consumidores trocariam a marca do celularEl 45% de los latinoamericanos cambiaría su marca de celularBritish perceptions of rising cost of living persist in 2023US: The future of remote work blends business and playUK remote workers interested in mixing work and play when it comes to travelYouGov Surveys: On-demand consumer intelligenceFeatures UK’s premium smartphone buyers prioritise when picking a new deviceWhich sports attract the biggest betting spends in Britain?Briton’s perception towards robo-advisors and AI – concerns, trust, and moreUnderstanding Gen Z's financial habits and investment trends in the USGlobal: Do influencer-promoted streaming services grab consumer attention?Global: Are consumers price-conscious about cosmetics and beauty products?IWD 2023: Do women in APAC think life has gotten better & will get better for the next generation?Thailand: do households expect finances to improve or worsen in 2023?Indonesia: do households expect finances to improve or worsen in 2023?Hong Kong: do households expect finances to improve or worsen in 2023?Les consommateurs se méfient-ils des promesses écologiques des marques ?Singapore: do households expect finances to improve or worsen in 2023?Australia: do households expect finances to improve or worsen in 2023?Indian Cricket Fandom Report 2023Profile Peek: Saudi Theme Park EnthusiastsSnickers, Dove y Kit Kat ganan San Valentín en MéxicoCómo se relacionan los mexicanos con los juguetes eróticosOportunidades para las experiencias con AR/VR en LatamTwo-thirds of Man United fans oppose an Elon Musk takeoverUS: United Airlines creates a green fuel fund - What do flyers think of green energy?GB: Dreams partners with Shelter to help the homeless - Which causes are shoppers donating to?US: With Gucci’s latest sustainability push, here’s what its customers think of eco-conscious brandsDas aktuelle Sport Buzz Ranking von YouGov: 2022 war ein starkes Jahr für Frauen-FußballCada vez más mexicanos disfrutan deportes a través del streamingSalud física y financiera: metas para los mexicanos en 2023México: 21% comprará auto en 2023, ¿qué modelo prefieren?A imagem do Flamengo despenca após a Copa do Mundo de ClubesAPAC Biggest Brand Movers – January 2023The Commonwealth Games tops YouGov’s Global Sport Rankings 2023 in AustraliaBrasil: torcedores do futebol se voltam para o metaversoUS: Biggest Brand Movers February 2023US: Blumhouse Productions enters the gaming space - How big is the Horror games market in the US?Das FMCG-Ranking 2023: Coca-Cola, Iglo und Nivea liegen in Deutschland vornAcquisto di prodotti cosmetici in ItaliaUS: Red Lobster introduces frozen food range - Will customers warm up to the new launch?US: Barnes & Noble launches membership scheme - What motivates people to sign up for such programs?GB: Lidl to add to its plant-based range - But are customers keen on making changes to their meals?FIFA World Cup tops YouGov’s Global Sport Rankings 2023 in Saudi ArabiaFIFA World Cup tops YouGov’s Global Sport Rankings 2023 in UAEFIFA World Cup overthrows IPL to top YouGov’s Global Sport Rankings 2023 in IndiaYouGov Global FMCG/CPG Rankings 2023Apenas 6% das mulheres na Latam trabalham na tecnologiaSolo el 6% de las mujeres en Latam trabaja en el sector techUS: Puma launches new NFT collection – What are its customers’ views on the metaverse?US: Surging costs push retailers to hike prices - How do Americans plan to manage household expenses?GB: Cadbury launches non-HFSS range – Are people concerned about fat, salt, sugar levels in food?Almarai and Dettol rated most-considered FMCG brands in Saudi ArabiaAlmarai and Dettol top YouGov’s FMCG Rankings 2023 in UAECadbury, Colgate and Coca-Cola rated most-considered FMCG brands in AustraliaMaggi and Dettol rated most-considered FMCG brands in SingaporeHär är de favoritvaror som flest svenskar överväger att lägga i varukorgen México: Quién lidera la carrera por los vehículos eléctricosCosmétiques et produits de beauté Alimentos, lo que más ha subido de precio para los mexicanosIndia's Biggest Brand Movers: January 2023UAE's Biggest Brand Movers: January 2023KSA's Biggest Brand Movers: January 2023UK – Biggest Brand Movers – February 2023US: DraftKings raises it outlook for 2023 – How has the sports betting company done over the past year?US: Michaels launches branded credit card - But how do current customers make their payments?US: Roku beats own revenue estimates for Q4 - How did the brand perform in previous quarters?US: H&M explores venture to sort, sell used fabric - What do Americans think of such initiatives?GB: How do Britons plan to deal with price hikes amidst the cost-of-living crisis?How to measure brand healthGB: Ferrero Rocher launches ice cream range - How fond are current customers of the frozen dessert?US: Has Airbnb been successful in attracting and retaining customers?AMC announces new location-based pricing program: Do consumers think this is a good idea?Global: Where are consumers most price conscious about clothes and shoes?GB: Currys expands online store for pre-owned items - What do people think of second-hand shopping?Cobra Kai Season 5: Which product placements worked best?What countries do Western Europeans and Americans consider to be similar to their own?US: Zoom announces layoffs – Has it seen more, or less customers in the last few years?Das sind YouGovs Biggest Mover im Februar 2023Expansão do McDonald 's: como é sua reputação no Brasil?How East Anglian Air Ambulance drove engagement and obtained 100% attention with YouGov FreeWall®Thailand’s Advertisers of the Month (Jan 2023): Oreo woos young snackers with Blackpink collabUnderstanding the profiles of Singaporeans who are concerned with 5G and Data PrivacySingapore’s Most Talked-About Brands: January 2023After Pathaan, which film will continue Bollywood’s good luck at the box office?dm ist erstmalig seit 2020 wieder Preis-LeistungssiegerMost Australians sceptical about current housing market: six in ten say it is a bad time to buy 52% de mexicanos pierden ingresos, más que la media globalGB: Telecom providers to hike rates - How much are Britons currently paying their mobile operators?O patrocínio da Mercado Livre no BBB23 ainda não deu frutosConsumer confidence rises as the public get more optimistic about household finances YouGov FMCG rankings 2023 Deutsche wünschen sich mehr Freizeit und mehr GeldFootball fans: No, Haaland hasn’t made Man City worseUS: Delta Air Lines hikes employee pay by 5% - What do the airline’s Reputation scores look like?GB: Sainsbury's reviews its creative account - How did the retailer do under the incumbent agency?Retail : 5 profils de consommateurs à découvrir dès maintenantChina’s new normal: Seizing the next wave of GBA consumer opportunitiesA closer look at India's SVOD subscribersBotanas: cuáles prefieren los gamers mexicanosCaffeine in high street coffee: Mocha do about nothing?Valentinstag – Für die Liebe oder für den Kommerz?Is Scotland similar to Scandinavian nations?What distinguishes online-first shoppers from the average consumer in APAC?US: Chick-fil-A debuts cauliflower sandwich - Will customers bite into this plant-based offering?How are Singaporeans planning to spend Valentine’s in 2023?The state of evidence-based decision making in Australia and SingaporeSantander crece entre compradores impulsivos e inversoresGlobal consumers watch price of streaming subscriptions as living costs rise GB: US-based Merit Beauty to enter UK with a D2C website - Do Britons buy beauty products online?US and GB: adidas’ global marketing head exits - How has the brand performed in recent years?US: e.l.f. 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