Global Profiles: What do console gamers make of wearable technology?
February 9th, 2024, Christien Pheby

Global Profiles: What do console gamers make of wearable technology?

Gamers are a key audience for VR and mixed-reality headsets – with the new Apple Vision Pro enabling games natively through its Arcade and via game streaming. Some enterprising hackers have even got Palworld running on the headset.

But what do gamers (defined here as those who play on console or PC for more than an hour a week) actually think of wearable tech? YouGov Global Profiles can provide an overview  across 48 global markets.

Overall, 43% agree that they want to buy a wearable because it’s “the next big thing”. This rises to 49% in MENA, but falls to 38% when we look at APAC and to 31% in the Americas. At 29%, Europeans are most sceptical. 

There are some concerns around the price point of wearable technology. Over half of gamers (52%) think wearables are “too expensive”, rising to 59% in Amers, 58% in MENA, and 54% in Europe. Consumers in APAC are less likely to think these devices are too costly (51%). 

Finally, 47% of gamers across these markets have concerns around the ways that the data collected from wearables will be used. This falls to 41% in MENA and 46% in APAC, and is at 48% in Europe. Concern is highest in Amers, where it rises to 53%. 

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