Gamer attitudes towards the FIFA World Cup 2022Digital-Unternehmen statt Werkbank: Wo Menschen unter 30 arbeiten wollen US: Carmakers are upping EV prices: Does this match what car buyers would be willing to pay? Coupe du monde au Qatar – qu’en pensent les Européens et les Américains ?Hong Kong’s Most Talked-About Brands: October 2022FIFA-WM in Katar – Sportveranstaltungen in undemokratischen Ländern eher nicht befürwortetWhich is better: Fresh or frozen food? We reveal the consumer view Global: Are social media influencers worth the money for the air travel and hotel industries?Global: Do consumers find digital out-of-home ads more memorable than TV ads? UK’s October Advertisers of the Month: Which brands made it to the top? The global evolution of car buyingGlobal: Mondiali di calcio in Qatar, la percezione degli europei e americaniDo video game influencers provide value for money for marketers?Deutsche sind risikoscheu an der BörseDo consumers take notice of influencer-promoted gambling endorsements?Advertiser of the Month im November: Mon ChériCOP27– Do consumers think that financial services are doing enough to reduce their carbon footprint?Sonntagsfrage November 2022 / Unzufriedenheit mit der Regierung bleibt hochGlobal: Consumers still prefer to buy groceries in-person rather than online GB: Morrisons launches new loyalty programme – Will it click with regulars and festive shoppers?Do influencer-promoted phone ads work on consumers? Here’s what they sayOne in five globally use social media for flirting and dating. Who are they and how to target them?Les marques qui progressent le plus au mois d'octobreConsumer confidence at its lowest point since the early days of the COVID-19 pandemicIndia's Biggest Brand Movers (Q2 vs Q3 2022)One in five global consumers are in credit card debtFIFA World Cup 2022: Who are Britain’s football bettors?FIFA World Cup has a grip on higher income consumers around the world – beating the OlympicsWhat types of sponsorship do World Cup fans notice?How popular is online shopping in APAC – across different markets and product categories?Brand attitudes among fans of FIFA World Cup in SwedenDiscovering the Double Digit Sales Shoppers in Indonesia and ThailandUS: Streaming services now on YouTube: Which services do YouTube’s audiences use regularly? Grande distribution : Préférence des Français en période d’inflationPremium-Autos beliebt in DeutschlandLes pubs du mois d’octobreAdidas & Kanye: Verbraucher honorieren harten CutCan EV chargers influence a customer’s decision to shop with a retailer?Global cooking sauce markets and sustainabilityWerbelieblinge: Haribo verteidigt Spitzenposition / Beliebteste Spots greifen aktuelle Themen aufHow important are buy now, pay later solutions to holiday shoppers this year?How has the Kanye West fallout affected Adidas’ brand health?YouGov Best Brand Rankings 2022  UAE October Advertiser of the Month: Which brands made it to the top? hits it out of the park with T20 World Cup fansThe importance of sustainability in travel brand developmentUS: Maybelline launches new virtual experience: What do its customers think about virtual reality? Urban Indians are most likely to notice endorsements of mobile phones and clothes on social mediaGlobal: Preferenze di acquisto di farmaci e prodotti per la salute e bellezzaFIFA World Cup 2022: Who are Britain’s football bettors? hits it out of the park with T20 World Cup fansGB: Asda launches vegan range ahead of Christmas: Which supermarket do vegans favour most? Discovering Loyalty in Telco in APACYounger Australians more likely to say the pandemic is ‘pretty much over’APAC Biggest Brand Movers – September 2022Who are the UK’s buzziest car brands?US/GB: What duty-free products are consumers purchasing? Which GB auto insurers offer the best value for money? Which US auto insurers offer the best value for money? Canada Advertisers of the Month in October: Door Dash, Uber Eats and Canadian TireUS Advertisers of the Month in October: Humana, Hershey’s, MucinexWhat types of sponsorship do World Cup fans notice?Premier League fans oppose all-star games and relegation playoffsDouglas – eine Traditionsmarke im UmbruchWhich US health insurers offer the best value for money?US: Burberry announces Minecraft crossover – Are the label’s current customers big on gaming? Just one in eight Australians think Halloween is celebrated because it is a proper special occasion What are Black Friday shoppers in S'pore looking to purchase? Personal care, electronics and apparelIs Halloween a ‘proper’ special occasion, or is it too commercialised?Who are America’s favorite bipartisan fast food and alcohol brands?GB: Apple challenger Nothing to open a retail outlet: do Britons tend to shop online or offline?Comment les consommateurs préfèrent-ils acheter leurs produits de beauté et leurs médicaments ?Deutschlands Marken des Jahres 2022 – PayPal ist erstmalig VerbraucherlieblingWie heycar mit YouGov BrandIndex nationale Markenbekanntheit erreichteLes consommateurs réguliers de compléments alimentaires naturelsUS and GB: Tesla launches new home charger - does EV charging put off potential car buyers? What’s driving car buying in 2022?Global: How are purchase behaviors changing in response to supply shortages?How Crossmedia achieved a 60% increase in brand awareness for heycar with YouGov Deutsche Verbraucher kaufen Autos weiterhin lieber offlineEco-investing in the NordicsInternationell undersökning: Så köper vi bil Internasjonal undersøkelse: Slik kjøper vi bil Kansainvälinen tutkimus: Näin ostamme autoja International undersøgelse: Sådan køber vi bil Get to know the fans of FIFA World Cup 2022Watch more ads for a lower streaming bill – do global consumers agree?US/GB: Consumers are getting their news from social – but the majority don’t trust it completelyHow did Apple's ‘Far Out’ event impact the brand in the American market?Global – Are e-bikes the future of urban mobility?Nearly half of UAE car buyers do not trust online car retailersIs the rising cost of living the only reason why global users are canceling streaming subscriptions?How many global consumers are happy with the digital experience provided by health services?Global: Are airlines and hotels able to uphold their reputations for sustainability efforts?US: Is inflation stressing out holiday shoppers ahead of the season of giving?Global: Do consumers prefer to shop clothes and books in-person?Marriott tops YouGov’s hotel and lodging brand rankings in the USWhat do people actually want to do in the metaverse?Global: Do people prefer to buy health/beauty products and medicines in-person or online?Vendita auto: il futuro degli acquistiGB: Primark to launch new click-and-collect trial – How do its customers typically shop? GB: Waitrose’s members-only free hot drinks offer is back – Which shoppers would be interested? Apple’s ‘Far Out’ event – How did it impact the brand in the UK market?GB: Lidl is looking to fill over 1,000 new roles: Does it impact how Lidl is seen as an employer? US and GB: Netflix announces specifics of its ad-tier: Will it match audiences’ expectations? Australians most likely globally to consider online car retailers for next vehicle purchaseWhat sports are US gamblers betting on this quarter?Tracing the demographics of e-bike owners in the USUK – Biggest Brand Movers – October 2022US: Lululemon launches home workout-focused platform – How exactly do Americans workout? Quel rapport entretiennent les parents d'enfants de -18ans avec le sport ?Quarter of Britons forced to cut back on meat in the past year - and a fifth cut back on fruit & vegFour in five homeowners to cut spending if mortgage payments increase in the next year Segmentation des voyageursSeven in ten urban Indians claim their frequency of going to the cinema has decreasedUS: Biggest Brand Movers October 2022Ricola auf Erfolgskurs – das Rebranding tut der Marke gut NFT investing in Hong Kong: which platforms are most trusted & what factors do investors consider?NFT investing in Hong Kong: what factors drive and deter various investors?YouGov - Grocery resultsTrends in the global cooking sauce market FIFA World Cup 2022: YouGov consumer intelligenceGB: Sephora is set to return to the UK: Where do Britons buy make-up products from?Has brand perception of the US soccer team sponsors grown among FIFA World Cup fans?Sonntagsfrage im Oktober + Unzufriedenheit mit Regierung in Inflationszeiten trotz EntlastungspaketHow is the cost-of-living crisis affecting charities in the UK? 52% of the world’s adults are trying to lose weight. Who are they? Homeowner pessimism drags UK consumer confidence down furtherUS: Uniqlo's sister brand, GU, enters US - Will the retailer’s offerings appeal to Americans?Biggest Movers im Oktober 2022: Ricola an der Spitze, drei Modeunternehmen auf Rang 2Has brand perception of the US soccer team sponsors grown among FIFA World Cup fans?FIFA World Cup 2022 – Some England sponsors are already scoring goalsNew cost of living tracker reveals extent of crisis in Western EuropeGroße Unzufriedenheit mit Lebenshaltungskosten-Krisenmanagement europäischer Regierungen Canada September Advertisers of the Month: Dell, HP, SkypeSeptember US Advertisers of the MonthLes marques qui progressent le plus au mois de septembreNearly three in ten urban Indians are likely to change their cell phone brandGrowth of gaming and esports in KSA La digitalisation du parcours d’achat automobileBaromètre YouGov | L’impact de la hausse des prix en EuropeFIFA World Cup 2022: Some England sponsors are already scoring goalsKeep releasing games for last-gen, say gamersDeutsche bevorzugen nach wie vor AutohäuserAdvertiser of the Month im Oktober: eBay KleinanzeigenA fifth of UAE residents plan to change their cell phone brandUS and GB: Budweiser launches its FIFA campaign – Did enough consumers take notice? Wem spendenwillige Deutsche vertrauen EuroTrack: la portata dell’aumento dell’inflazione in Europa OccidentaleGenerational trends in Thailand’s social media use: how Gen Z differs from other age groupsFIFA World Cup: Where is interest strongest globally – and how does it compare to the Olympics?Was NBA 2K23 a slam dunk with gamers?Deutsche und Brasilianer vergleichen am häufigsten BenzinpreiseGlobal: Do people think stigmas around mental health are declining?Three in ten S’pore adults say stigmas around mental illnesses are decliningGlobal: What features do consumers rate as important when looking for smart wearables US: Jack in the Box to hire a Twitch streamer – Which fast food joint do gamers favor? FIFA World Cup: Where is interest strongest around the globeFIFA World Cup 2022: YouGov consumer intelligenceUK: Inflation to hit Christmas shoppingLes pubs du mois de septembreLes clients recommandent-ils toujours les marques dont ils sont satisfaits ?Global: Is the digital experience offered by grocery retailers satisfying consumers?Global: Are consumers aware of car subscription services and their features?Banks offer a better digital experience than streaming services and tech companies, say consumersGlobal: Buying a car from a physical shop or online – what do consumers prefer? Was könnte Wechselwillige bei ihrer Handy-Marke halten?Global: Online retailers’ reputation for sustainability is fallingUS: Rihanna to perform at the Super Bowl 2023 – Did the news impact her Fenty Beauty brand?Global: Travel advertising that is most likely to catch the attention of leisure travelers How brand conscious are consumers in Southeast Asia?Global: How important is data security among health app users? Global – Consumer perceptions of online gamblingGlobal: Digital experience in cinema – Are consumers happy?How are consumers defining and thinking about the metaverse?Global: Are consumers satisfied with the digital experience offered by car brands?Global: Are hospitals doing enough to be sustainable?Global: Insurance has moved online – but how many still want an IRL interaction?Consumer analysis – Do phone carriers provide a good digital customer experience?Global – 15% of consumers likely to change their cell phone brand2021 vs 2022 – Are banks doing enough to reduce their carbon footprint?FIFA World Cup: Half of Britain’s sports bettors likely to bet on the eventSaudi Arabia’s September Advertisers of the Month: Which brands made it to the top?Hong Kong & Singapore’s Advertisers of the Month: Sep 2022How Southampton FC used YouGov Profiles to grow sponsorship and commercial revenuesMcDonald’s hikes prices – and sees consumer perceptions improve Holidaymakers affected by Folkestone travel chaos amid Eurotunnel blame gameUS: Spotify will now host paid audiobooks – Is there enough demand for this format in the market? GB: Matalan appoints ex-New Look boss Nigel Oddy as its CEO – How did New Look fare under Oddy? A sneak peek into YouGov's new sustainability studyEnergy bills rise, inflation bites – and Brits flock to MoneySavingExpert Two-thirds of Americans support ensuring future peaceful transfers of presidential powerHow do people in the U.S. take their coffee?Internationell undersökning: Därför behåller vi vår mobilInternational undersøgelse: Derfor beholder vi vores mobilMakeMyTrip is the most considered travel brand & Goa the most considered place by budget tops YouGov’s travel brand rankings in S’pore Agoda tops YouGov’s travel brand rankings in Thailand UAE FIFA World Cup fans expect Brazil to win the 2022 World Cup, KSA fans feel Saudi Arabia will winUS: LG launches an NFT platform on its smart TVs – Are people keen on NFTs? So hören die Deutschen Musik: Radio ist noch beliebter als Streaming APAC Biggest Brand Movers – August 2022How do rising costs impact the Danes and Swedes?YouGov travel & destination rankings 2022 : Through the eyes of Indian Budget TravelersQui sont les clients Lipton Ice Tea et comment s'adresser à eux ?UK Automotive Advertiser of the Month: Which brand made it to the top?Six in ten S’pore adults think the S’pore Grand Prix has had a positive impact on the countryUK: Benchmarking social media engagement among people looking to buy soft drinksWho are the top brands among wellness and sustainability focused travelers?US-GB: Are young people comparing themselves to fitness influencers?Wo verantwortungsbewusst Reisende ihren Urlaub buchenUS Travel Advertiser of the Month (September): Which brand made it to the top?Do Americans think EVs are important in curbing climate change? US and Britain – Which tools do gym-goers use to track their fitness or diet activities?GB – When it comes to network operators, young people prioritise value over network qualityHow likely are Americans to switch their phone carrier in the next 12 months?New opportunities for airports that travellers would appreciate right nowUK – Biggest Brand Movers – September 2022US and Britain – What do esports fans think about cryptocurrency?US and Britain – What factors are most likely to drive – and deter - 5G upgrades this year?FIFA World Cup: Half of Britain’s sports bettors likely to bet on the eventLa fidélité des consommateurs dans le secteur des télécomsYouGov telco report 2022: Discovering loyalty in telco – a global perspectiveGB/US: Are consumers subscribing to loyalty programs?Fitness tracking and smart wearables: understanding the health tech market in APACUS: As Patagonia pivots to combat climate crisis, how has the ownership change been received? US/GB: Where are car buyers most likely to conduct their research? Did BBC News’ coverage of the Queen’s death resonate with a grieving public?Rund jeder fünfte Deutsche tradet Responsible travellers in S’pore most want to travel to Japan: YouGov report Responsible travellers in Indonesia most want to travel to Japan: YouGov reportResponsible travellers in Thailand most want to travel to Japan: YouGov reportWill there be fewer gifts this year? How inflation will affect the 2022 US holiday shopping season.Sixt auf der ÜberholspurUS: Biggest Brand Movers September 2022US/Britain: Which factors do consumers consider when purchasing domestic appliances?Global: Which payment methods are travellers most likely to use on their next overseas trip?Is social media fatigue setting in among British and American users?Overall consumer confidence is negative for the first time since May 2020Sonntagsfrage im September / Thema Energieversorgung wird noch wichtigerUS: Twitter integrates podcasts on its platform – But are its users big on podcast listening? Most think brand tributes to the Queen are motivated more by PR than a sincere desire to pay tributeLes secteurs et les marques les mieux évalués en matière de RSE ont-ils changé en 2022 ?Half of Americans enjoy true crime, and more agree it helps solve cold casesGlobal: Which channel is most effective for brand and product discovery?Public backs the Premier League’s decision to postpone football following the Queen’s deathTikTok-Nutzer - junge, technikaffine Frauen Uncovering Black Friday Shoppers in Australia and SingaporeDas Image-Problem der GlücksspielbrancheOcado Retail announces new CEO – How did the grocer perform under the role’s previous occupant?US: New Volvo campaign features YouTube creator - Will this help widen the brand’s target audience? Les marques qui progressent le plus au mois d'aoûtDecoding behaviour of the Indian festive shopperBiggest Mover im September 2022: Lebensmittel und Küchengeräte dominierenGlobal: Ford cuts jobs amid a restructure to focus on EVs – But are people keen on going electric? 42% mener ikke online pengespil burde være lovligtSvenskarna är skeptiska till onlinespel Almost six in ten S’pore adults think online gambling should not be allowed, fourth highest globallySocial Media – für Deutsche und Engländer mehr als nur Nachrichten und UnterhaltungRear seatbelts to be mandatory in India – what does the public feel about car safety features? Young adults in UAE are most likely to associate crypto with money transfersAmerikaner konsumieren häufiger als Deutsche Gewalt-VideospieleLe marché du vrac en Europe en 2022Global: Where are consumers least risk-averse when it comes to the stock market?Serena Williams – global popularity and legacyGlobal popularity of the NFLThe path to purchase for seasonal events in APACUS/GB: Consumers may prefer their news online, but for magazines it’s a different matterGlobal: How likely are car buyers to engage with social media advertisements? Global – Live entertainment – Are consumers looking to cut back?Physical store vs online – Where do consumers prefer to buy video games?Global: What consumers think about when they think about crypto Global: Half of consumers say the cinema is too costlyMeasuring the global market for traditional medicineGlobal: Consumer confidence in automakers’ eco efforts is waningAdvertiser of the Month im September: SpeeToo Good To Go punktet bei WeiterempfehlungHong Kong’s Advertisers of the Month: August 2022Australia’s Advertisers of the Month: August 2022Indonesia’s Advertisers of the Month: August 2022US and UK – Buzz movers among video game franchises in AugustDo celebrity endorsements and moral messaging matter when engaging consumers in Singapore?Global: Holidaying in-country or abroad, what do consumers prefer?Do travel articles in magazines and newspapers still influence where people are going on holiday?Sharing subscription credentials: Global habitsCanada’s August Advertisers of the Month: Which brands made it to the top? Global: The what and when of global gifting habitsGlobal – AI - Where do consumers think it’s helpful and where do they use it the most?Global – Which factors play the least important role when buying phones?La perception des jeux d’argent en 2022 Global: The least important factors for consumers when buying medicines and beauty products Saudia tops YouGov’s Recommend Rankings 2022 in Saudi ArabiaEmirates tops YouGov’s Recommend Rankings 2022, iPhone and adidas come in second and thirdDiwali is urban Indians’ favourite shopping occasion, followed by big online sales & weddingsNetflix’s ad-supported tier could cost $7 - $9 a month – Do people mind ads at lower service prices?Les pubs du mois d’aoûtUS/GB: What factors do consumers consider when purchasing tires?How Extreme E has been working with YouGov Sport to garner information about their audienceWho are America’s most recommended brands?Global: On which devices are consumers using voice commands?Saudi Arabia’s August Advertisers of the Month: Which brands made it to the top?Global: How important is safety for consumers when it comes to buying a car?Self-researching treatments or consulting a doctor – what do global consumers prefer doing first?Médicaments de marque vs. génériques E-Autos fast gleichauf mit Verbrennern bei der Wahl des NeuwagensUS: What role do social media recommendations play in grocery shopping?Are Americans concerned about minors being exposed to e-cigarette advertising?GB: Ryanair to do away with its 10 euro fares – How popular was the carrier among flyers last year? Global: Consumers are planning to cut back on streaming subscriptions in face of inflation Hohe finanzielle Unsicherheit in Japan und DeutschlandZwei Drittel der SPD-Wähler würden Ausschluss Gerhard Schröders aus der eigenen Partei befürwortenNetflix tops YouGov’s Recommend Rankings 2022 in Hong Kong for second year running Singapore Airlines tops YouGov’s Recommend Rankings 2022E-commerce platforms Tokopedia and Shopee lead YouGov’s Recommend Rankings 2022 in Indonesia Adidas tops YouGov’s Recommend Rankings 2022 in Thailand YouGov Recommend Rankings 2022 BrazilYouGov Recommend Rankings 2022 Canada YouGov Recommend Rankings 2022 US US: Walmart+ partners Paramount+ in streaming deal: How has last year been for both services? India’s EV landscape is abuzz with launch announcements: But are Indians interested in EVs? Amazon Prime Video tops YouGov’s Recommend Rankings 2022 in IndiaYouGov Recommend Rankings 2022 Saudi ArabiaIE: Top 10 Recommend Rankings 2022Anamma är Sveriges mest rekommenderade varumärkeYouGov Recommend Rankings 2022 Nordics UK: Top 10 Recommend Rankings 2022YouGov Recommend Rankings 2022 DeutschlandHer er Danmarks mest anbefalede mærkerYouGov Recommend Rankings 2022 PolandMitä brändejä sinä suosittelisit ystävillesi? Her er merkevarene vi vil anbefaleYouGov Recommend Rankings 2022 - VietnamGlobal: Are food brands doing enough to minimize their environmental impact?YouGov Recommend Rankings 2022 - AustraliaYouGov Recommend Rankings 2022 - ThailandYouGov Recommend Rankings 2022 - TaiwanYouGov Recommend Rankings 2022 - ChinaYouGov Recommend Rankings 2022 - South KoreaYouGov Recommend Rankings 2022 - SingaporeYouGov Recommend Rankings 2022 - PhilippinesYouGov Recommend Rankings 2022 - New ZealandYouGov Recommend Rankings 2022 - MalaysiaYouGov Recommend Rankings 2022 - JapanYouGov Recommend Rankings 2022 - IndonesiaYouGov Recommend Rankings 2022 - Hong KongYouGov Recommend Rankings 2022 UAEYouGov Recommend Rankings 2022 EgyptYouGov Recommend Rankings 2022 IndiaUS: How do perceptions around costs of goods this summer compare to the beginning of 2022?Manchester United’s brand health has halved in the last yearWarum die Paulaner Weißbier-Kampagne mit Augenzwinkern überzeugtUS Open – Interest and attitude of US and Britons towards ads and sponsorsWhat types of music do gym membership holders prefer?Understanding UAE’s Gen Z travellersEngaging Gen Z Travellers in APACUS/GB: The top hair care and styling products used by curly and wavy-haired women UK Advertisers of the Month: Head & Shoulders, Specsavers, McDonald’s (August 2022) UK Travel Advertiser of the Month: TrivagoUS Travel Advertiser of the Month: HiltonUS Auto Advertiser of the month: TeslaUS August Advertisers of the Month: Energizer, Liberty Mutual, and Verizon WirelessUK Auto Advertiser of the Month: ŠkodaThe impact of celebrities and influencers among American and British gamersGB/US: Do consumers no longer want to commit to owning a car?Which activities do Americans and Britons regularly use their cell phones for?US/GB: What medical conditions will make consumers consider travel for treatment?Mit Humor in die Herzen der Verbraucher GB/US: Around a quarter of the public now spend more than 11 hours a week on social mediaS’pore adults intend to always mask up on private transport and at airportsUS/GB: Do gamers want to see film/TV adaptations of their favourite franchises?Public perceptions of Centrica crash following profit announcementsThe UK is £3.5 billion overdrawnMost British and American sports fans don’t know what NFTs are YouGov Recommend Rankings 2022 GB: Asda rolls out its first loyalty programme – What benefits do Asda regulars seek? GB: Summer troubles dented Heathrow’s customer perception more than the pandemic  US: Allbirds trims its financial projection following quarterly results: How is the brand doing?Les marques qui progressent le plus au mois de juilletOppo-Verkaufsstopp: Wird der Smartphone-Markt in Deutschland neu aufgemischt?Majority of Singaporeans feel positively about PM Lee’s National Day Rally speechSå väljer vi fastighetsmäklareNäin valitsemme kiinteistönvälittäjänSådan vælger vi ejendomsmæglerUK – Biggest Brand Movers – August 2022 US: Ford’s F-150 Lightning EV trucks to cost more – Will consumers dig deeper into their pockets? US: Beyond Meat slashes 2022 revenue forecast: Are Americans keen on plant-based food and drink? APAC Biggest Brand Movers – July 2022Biggest Brand Movers in the US — August 2022Younger Brits more likely to watch The HundredIn Europa sehen insbesondere Portugiesen, Italiener und Deutsche den Klimawandel als BedrohungAs tourists start trickling back in, how many people have Thailand on their vacation radar? Aufsteiger des Jahres in puncto Kundenempfehlung ist Swiss, Banken dominieren das RankingUS: Pepsico announces deal with Celsius Holdings – Who exactly consumes energy drinks regularly? VALORANT makes a splash among esports fans in JapanGB: M&S scraps ‘best before’ dates from fresh food labels – Which foods do Britons buy the most? YouGov’s Diwali Spending Index shows the highest ever spending propensity since the pandemicHow a Nordic financial group uses YouGov’s tools to identify growth opportunities and moreGamescom 2022 – Digitalisierung und die Zukunft der Video Game ConventionsExploring Gen Z Travellers in Singapore & IndonesiaConsumer confidence rises after seven straight months of fallsCustomers increasingly unhappy with British Gas as Centrica profits riseWhat do football fans think of fan tokens?Sonntagsfrage + Energieversorgung erneut wichtigstes Thema in DeutschlandGeldgeschenke - besonders beliebt bei britischen, amerikanischen und deutschen VerbrauchernUS and UK: Buzz movers among video game franchises in JulyGB: Tesco is reviewing its media agency: How has it performed since Tesco last changed agency? Grab cuts grace waiting time for commuters: Has consumer perception towards the brand changed?Ad-supported video content – how many takers?Commonwealth Games 2022 – which countries are paying most attention?Global: Perception of electric cars among new and certified pre-owned car buyersHow important is in-car GPS to global consumers?Global: Attitudes towards 5G UK Advertisers of the Month: Google Chromebook, Zoopla, Amazon Prime (July 2022)US Advertisers of the Month: Amazon Prime, Red Lobster, Cottonelle (July 2022)Global: How many Gen Z travelers prefer budget friendly accommodations?US/GB: What types of vacations are most preferred by Gen Z travelers? Global: How consumers feel they would weather a financial stormUS: NFL puts on the best show, according to AmericansGlobal: Are consumers open to substituting meat/dairy products with plant-based alternatives?Global: Are consumers shopping around for the best gas prices?Are Britons willing to pay extra for next day delivery?Online or offline: How do parents prefer to shop for toys and games?US and Britain – What kind of games do consumers prefer playing?Factors for infrequent cinema visits in the US and BritainGlobal – Are consumers willing to spend more, less or the same as last year on electronics?Will rising costs hurt the insurance industry in APAC?Commonwealth Games 2022 – which countries are paying most attention?UK: Waitrose’s customer director, Martin George, is set to depart after five years in the role Nachhaltigkeit – mehr als nur Bio und Fair TradeGlobal: How popular are the Golden State WarriorsAdvertiser of the Month im August: EurojackpotUK: Justmylook enters the offline space – But do Britons prefer buying beauty products in stores? Samsung, un acteur de l’électronique devenu incontournable dans l’électroménagerUAE & KSA residents are receptive to global brand campaigns but feel local content is more impactfulGlobal: Has social media become an important source for news?Global: Are perceptions of quality sustaining the market for branded drugs?How are Americans likely to travel this year to reach their holiday destination?Global: Does a brand’s social and environmental stance influence consumers’ shopping choices?US: TikTok to launch a new music app – Do its users already pay for online music?GB/US: In focus – the US and GB market for contact lensesAustralia: Does Tesla’s optimism about EV uptake match consumer attitudes towards electric cars? Which news source do consumers refer to before making a big purchase?Singapore’s Most Talked-About Brands: July 2022Indonesia Advertiser of the Month: HondaThailand Advertiser of the Month: Oral-B32 Prozent der Deutschen sind Fußball-Bundesliga-FansGlobal – Usage of biometric security boomingJuly Saudi Arabia Advertisers of the Month: Al-Rajhi Bank, stc pay and GalaxyJuly Canada Advertisers of the Month – Amazon, Winners, and Coca-ColaHong Kong Advertiser of the Month: WeChat PayScan to Pay in ThailandHong Kong’s 2022 Consumption Vouchers: Switches in payment platforms & areas of spendingPremier League gamblers resigned to losing money – but a plurality gamble as part of their SaturdayNBL Christmas Day Fixture Study 2022Profile Peeks: Understanding E-Groceries Customers in IndonesiaGli europei si pentono di aver avuto figli?Les pubs du mois de juilletUS: Adidas launches hoodies made from regenerative fibers – How eco-conscious are its customers? Will rising cost hurt the insurance industry in India?India's Biggest Brand Movers (August edition)What do Singaporeans intend to do this National Day? Watch the parade online and stay home App statt Prospekt – das Ende der Printwerbung?Global: Do consumers care about counting calories?The most popular TV shows this year (so far)Another scandal hits Uber – but will it affect public perceptions in the long run?UK and US – Here is what online sports bettors look for when choosing a betting companyUS and Britain: Potential mobile-buyers say branded emails directly led them to a purchaseUS and Britain – Most Brits and Americans now worry about their privacy onlineQui sont les Français qui considèrent Boursorama Banque ?GB/US: Does owning wearables make consumers more health conscious?Qui sont les Français qui considèrent BforBank ?GB/US: Are consumers looking for more vegan/vegetarian options at restaurants?Many British flyers have experienced delays—and they're expecting more to comeHave cryptocurrencies made a mark among sports fans in Britain? It’s complicatedEtude internationale : les services bancaires en ligne font-ils l’unanimité ?Achats en ligne et réalité augmentéeDiscovering Sports Fans in AustraliaPlay it again: How British and American gamers feel about remakesGlobal: Measuring expenditure during key seasonal shopping eventsUK: Buy, sell or both? Car intent in the next 12 monthsJuly Automotive Advertiser of the Month (US): HyundaiJuly Automotive Advertiser of the Month (UK): Mercedes-BenzGrocery shopping in Hong Kong: which stores are most popular & how many consumers are buying online?Global: To what extent do people use social media to catch up on the news?Fashionably early: Measuring interest for retail fashion in the metaverseWhat’s next for travel: Measuring Gen Z interest for travel in the metaverseHow brands can use search data to plan for key seasonal occasionsSmart Speaker nicht weit verbreitet unter deutschen VerbrauchernUS: Macy's tie-up with Toys R Us - The brand that lived on in consumers’ hearts S’pore adults aged 18-24 have greatest intention to increase spending on live entertainment US and GB: The product labels that most influence grocery and food shoppersGlobal: Will the rising cost of living drive consumers to cut back on technology purchases?Will PlayStation’s new loyalty programme win over customers?Nando’s gets the temperature just right amid nationwide heatwave After its recent crash, few Americans see cryptocurrency as a good investment Global: Is learning the language a barrier to tourist travel?A quarter of British sports gamblers have bet on the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022Ein Viertel der Deutschen findet Nachhaltigkeit im Einzelhandel sehr wichtigUS: Navigating the car subscription service marketWomit die Deutschen ihren Sommerdurst löschen