Denmark's strongest brands in 2023
February 26th, 2024, YouGov

Denmark's strongest brands in 2023

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REMA 1000 is back as Denmark's strongest brand in terms of overall image, while 365discount is the brand, that has improved the most in 2023

Last year, REMA 1000 was beaten by MobilePay in YouGov's Danish ranking. This year, the grocery chain is back in first place after once again having improved its overall image. REMA 1000 achieves a score of 46.3, followed by MobilePay with 42.7. Third place goes to Matas, which has moved up three places on the list and ends up with a score of 39.9. In addition, Lurpak moved up one place to no. 4 and LEGO moved up two places to no. 5.

IKEA is back (after a year's absence from the list) and takes seventh place. Sygeforsikringen Danmark and Nike are new to this year's top 10, while a brand like Netflix has fallen behind.

Although very close, Arla and DR didn't make it to this year's top 10, but DR is still represented by DRTV in eighth place.

365discount is the brand that has improved its overall image the most in 2023. The chain's overall image is now well above the Fakta stores that 365discount has replaced, and Danes seem to have welcomed the change.

In addition, has slowly improved its Index score since it was at its lowest in spring 2021, which means that in 2023 the brand will again have a positive Index score, although there is still some way to go to the level before spring 2021.

Ryanair is also seeing improvements. However, in this case with a somewhat lower starting point, why the brand still has a negative Index score in 2023.


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