How Citizens Advice mapped interest in home retrofit with YouGov
February 15th, 2024, YouGov

How Citizens Advice mapped interest in home retrofit with YouGov

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How Citizens Advice mapped interest in home retrofit with YouGov

The challenge

Citizens Advice sought to understand public interest and financial willingness towards energy efficiency and low carbon heating improvements.

The solution

YouGov designed a detailed survey, using statistical modeling for in-depth insights at a constituency level.

The results

The research uncovered homeowner attitudes towards retrofit measures, influencing policy discussions and strategic actions with industry stakeholders and the government.

Business Challenge

Citizens Advice aimed to research public interest in energy efficiency and low carbon alternatives in the home, including financial willingness for such improvements, with a need for detailed analysis at the constituency level regarding the impact of energy costs.

Solution & Approach

YouGov worked with Citizens Advice to design a bespoke 15-minute survey addressing rising energy costs, homeowner interest in low carbon solutions, and financial readiness for improvements. Using a sample of 12,102 adults, MRP advanced statistical modeling provided deep insights down to the constituency level. The integration of YouGov Profiles enhanced the data's depth, aiding in a series of analytical outputs.


The Demand Net Zero Report, fueled by YouGov's Living Data, highlighted homeowner attitudes towards retrofit measures and funding capabilities, influencing discussions with industry leaders and the government. Key outcomes include an industry roundtable, a joint letter to the Secretary of State, and an interactive heat pump attitude map.

Client Testimonial

“Briony and the rest of public sector team were fantastic, they took time to understand our brief, working with me on the survey design to achieve our aims. The research has been pivotal to developing our understanding in this area and has so much depth we've been able to analyse it from multiple perspectives representing great value for money too.”
Cara Holmes, Senior Policy Researcher

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