How many Americans is physical therapy helping?
May 1st, 2024, Clifton Mark

How many Americans is physical therapy helping?

Physical therapy is a popular way of treating injuries and chronic pain. As a treatment, it often includes exercises and involves helping patients manage pain and motor function. A recent YouGov survey asks how many Americans use physical therapy and whether they found it useful.

Who’s had physical therapy?

According to a March 2024 poll of over 1,000 Americans, half (51%) have, at some point in their lives, received care from a physical therapist.

A large proportion (39%) of young people aged 18-34 have received physical therapy, but not as many as older cohorts. Half (50%) of 35-50-year-olds have done so, as well as 60% of those aged 55 or more.

Is physical therapy helpful?

Of those who have had physical therapy, 86% say they found it helpful. While men and women are equally likely to have had this treatment, men are slightly more likely to find it helpful, with 91% of men compared to 83% of women saying it helped.

Age also apparently has an effect. Of those aged 18-34 who have received physical therapy, 91% say it helped compared to 83% of those 55 and over.

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