[Webinar] Survey success strategies for PR pros - How to execute headline-grabbing surveys
February 16th, 2024, YouGov

[Webinar] Survey success strategies for PR pros - How to execute headline-grabbing surveys

In the dynamic world of PR and comms, survey-driven insights can help you craft more compelling media pitches and content that truly captivates the audience. Ever wondered how rapid-response research surveys can transform your PR strategy and generate top-tier coverage?

During this masterclass you will learn how to:

  • Ideate survey topics that will capture timely insights and shape impactful narratives
  • Ask the right questions in the right way to yield unbiased and valuable findings
  • Analyze survey data to identify unique angles that will grab attention and drive engagement
  • Pitch stories for maximum media pick-up

The Speakers

Taylor Orth and Larry Shannon-Missal image

Taylor Orth, Director of Survey Data Journalism, YouGov 

Taylor Orth is the Director of Survey Data Journalism at YouGov, where she works with news organizations — including The Economist, Yahoo, and others — to design and analyze surveys on a range of topics. She regularly publishes stories covering national polling on news, politics, technology, and society on YouGov's website. Prior to joining YouGov, she received a PhD in sociology from Stanford.

Larry Shannon-Missal, Head of Research, YouGov 

Larry Shannon-Missal is YouGov America's Head of Research, advising clients on a broad array of public-facing and proprietary needs. He has been a member of the research community for over two decades, in roles ranging from sponsorship evaluation to communications strategy to serving as Managing Editor of The Harris Poll.


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