In the paint: Inside the NBA’s vibrant following
February 15th, 2024, YouGov

In the paint: Inside the NBA’s vibrant following

The NBA’s American fanbase has leapt to new heights over the past five years. What’s driving NBA fandom, and who makes up this growing audience?Download report

This report examines the NBA’s youthful and influential fanbase, uncovering NBA fan demographics, social and political attitudes, as well as their favorite players and teams. We also explore the impact of the inaugural NBA In-Season Tournament, attitudes about gambling and gaming, and NBA fan fashion trends.

Download the report to learn:

  • Which teams and players do NBA fans like most? What about younger NBA fans?
  • How did the inaugural NBA In-Season Tournament impact early season fan engagement?
  • Which sportsbooks are NBA fans using most, and how much are they betting?
  • How much are NBA fans spending on apparel, and which fashion brands do NBA fans like most?


Leveraging YouGov’s research panel of 6+ million Americans, this report combines syndicated data from YouGov BrandIndex, YouGov Profiles, and custom YouGov Surveys research to understand the NBA’s growing, youthful, and influential fanbase.