Millennials set sail as interest in cruising surges
February 27th, 2024, Eva Stewart, Hoang Nguyen

Millennials set sail as interest in cruising surges

The travel industry has been subject to significant shifts in travel behaviors and preferences since the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly among different age demographics.

Data from YouGov reveals a fascinating shift in millennials’ affinity for cruising. The proportion of millennials who think of cruising as one of their favorite vacation types has steadily over the last three years, catching up to that of the established Baby Boomer generation.

And while Gen X interest in cruising does not seem to have increased since the pandemic, it has at least remained stable and sits third highest among all age demographics.

Expert insight

According to YouGov’s travel sector head, this shift in travel preferences holds crucial implications for cruise operators, travel agents and destinations alike. ”With Baby Boomers continuing to dominate in numbers and spending power,” Eva Stewart notes, ”tailoring experiences amenities and marketing strategies to align with this generation’s desires is paramount for sustained success in the cruise industry.”

Simultaneously, she emphasizes the dual focus of engaging both Gen X and Millennials by offering packages and experiences that resonate with their unique values and aspirations. ”For Gen X and Millennials, cruises with an experiential edge, meaning offering sharable, Instagram-worthy or family-centric experiences, have a prime opportunity to capture these burgeoning market segments”.

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