US retail rankings report 2024
March 14th, 2024, YouGov

US retail rankings report 2024

US retail rankings: Which brands do consumers prefer to buy from?Download now

Retail brands that reign supreme

Following massive pandemic-era disruptions, America’s leading retail brands are competing in a reshaped consumer shopping environment. Utilizing YouGov data, the US retail rankings report 2024 examines the preferred brands and stores for consumers when shopping for groceries, home furnishing, and apparel.

The report uncovers the top brands in each retail sub-category, who prefers them, and which brands are on the rise.

Download the report to learn:

  • Which apparel brand is most considered by millennials when looking to make a purchase?
  • What store do women prefer to visit when shopping for home decor and furnishing?
  • Do men and women prefer to shop at the same grocery stores?
  • Which retail brand or store received the highest purchase consideration level across all three retail sub-categories?