Guide to 2024 Ramadan shopping insights
February 26th, 2024, Shivanshi Shah

Guide to 2024 Ramadan shopping insights

As the sacred month of Ramadan draws near, it's a time of spiritual reflection and togetherness for communities in the UAE and KSA, filled with prayers, family gatherings, and acts of charity. Amidst these cherished traditions, the anticipation of Ramadan and Eid shopping adds a vibrant buzz to the air, as families eagerly prepare to adorn their homes and share joyous moments together.

YouGov’s latest report revealed that only 14% of residents in UAE & KSA aren't planning any big spends during Ramadan this year which leaves a vast majority who have their shopping lists ready to go.

Download the report 'Guide to 2024 Ramadan Shopping Insights' to gain a deeper understanding of consumer behavior in the UAE and KSA. Understanding the current motivations can help businesses tailor their offerings to align with the cultural and social aspects of the holy season of Ramadan and Eid, creating a more meaningful and relevant shopping experience for consumers.

Key report highlights:

  • Shopper demographics
  • Top categories in mind for Ramadan shopping
  • Attitudes towards tech, auto and retail products
  • Year-round charitable trends
  • Media behaviors and preferences
  • Most considered brands across sectors

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