Two in five Britons think mortgage applications are unfairAs Mike Ashley resigns from Sports Direct, what state has he left the brand in? US: One in three Americans think mortgage criteria are “unfair”KiK verbessert sein ImageChildren’s influence on parent’s buying behaviourRoaming charges are coming back for Brits – many may shop around to avoid themChoose relevant B2B content strategiesHow safe are the COVID-19 vaccines seen as internationally?Global: What do consumers think about homeopathy and alternative medicine?Global: COVID-19 and accommodation costs Werbelieblinge der Deutschen: Haribo wieder an der Spitze und Aldi holt auf Ad of the Month (USA) - Oreo Monzo need to make noise to get a hearingLes marques qui progressent le plus au mois de juillet 2021The media, fashion companies and the pressure of having a perfect bodyPhysical appearance and sexual attractivenessPersonal preferences about body hairBritons and body confidencePhysical appearance in today’s societyAd of the month (UK): Santander UK US Finance Advertiser of the Month: Capital OneOhne Alkohol durch die EM: Erdinger Alkoholfrei punktet bei der Euro 2020UK Automotive advert of the Month July: DaciaAd of the Month (Hong Kong) – Alipay HK US Automotive Advert of the Month July: ToyotaAd of the Month (UAE) – ADNOC Klimawandel: Den Grünen wird größte Lösungskompetenz zugeschrieben 5G: Besorgnis auf der ganzen Welt spürbarWhat do UK football gamers think of the PES rebrand to eFootball? We chatted with them to find out.Rapport international sur le marché des jeux d’argent et des parieurs en 2021Summer Olympics likely to get same attention even if it was held every two years Delhi Crime Season 2 is the most awaited web series of 2021, YouGov surveyGlobal: What car maintenance do drivers personally perform?Perceptions of banking in four major hubsHow often do consumers in major markets change their tyres? Welche Sponsoren in Tokio das Rennen machenAutomobile : qui sont les Français qui prennent en charge leur entretien ?Sponsors are already winning medals among Japan’s Olympic fansGreat Britain: Top 10 banking and building societies buzz movers in JuneUS: What do electric car buyers want from their next vehicle?How much do Brits plan to spend on their next car? Global: Will 5G find its way into consumer’s pockets?ASOS sewing up customer satisfaction Sonntagsfrage: Verluste sowohl bei Union und Grünen, aber wachsender Abstand zwischen beiden Barriers to betting among Brits Würden Deutsche ausländische Touristen ohne Impfung und Selbstisolation ins Land einreisen lassen?YouGov Framework: Loyalty programme members also more likely to recommend brandsUnderstanding the American gamblerMore than half of UAE & KSA residents trust review and rating sites and find them to be usefulAs Told By Teens: Showcasing YouGov's Latest DataMehrheit der Deutschen ist für Erhalt von Metzgereien, kauft aber Fleisch im SupermarktThe best email marketing metrics to useHomebuyers want websites and apps more than agents and realtorsMore than half of the pent-up demand for 2 wheelers likely to be recovered during festive season Routineimpfungen in Zeiten von COVID-19 – Verpasst, verschoben oder durchgeführt?EURO UEFA 2020 – Quel bilan pour les marques sponsors ?Travel rules are unclear — what brands can do to win over travellers YouGov Teen Profiles – a better way to understand and engage Gen ZHow safe are the COVID-19 vaccines seen as internationally?Kylie Jenner deal helps Boots keep up with the kustomers What do gamers think of the Steam Deck, Valve’s new portable PC gaming device? Three in ten Americans who aren’t interested in sports will tune into the OlympicsHow big of a stadium crowd are consumers comfortable with? Wie klar sind die Reiserichtlinien und Einschränkungen im Zusammenhang mit COVID-19?How a major TV broadcaster measured brand impact associated with events via YouGov SurveysHow a top social media brand developed an ad effectiveness framework using YouGov SurveysSafety and cost-effectiveness Americans’ top concerns over summer trips Global: How clear are travel guidelines and limitations related to COVID-19? Global: Up to half of Americans and Britons are now trying to buy ethicallyHow YouGov measured a 73% boost in brand awareness for Molson Coors following Netflix feature5G: Gauging concern around the worldResponsible tourism: Which types of advertising work?Xfinity’s latest esports activation already paying offDer Biggest Mover im Juli 2021: Textil-Discounter KiKUrban Indians likely to invest in cryptocurrency,but demand is lesser among those who never owned itGreggs on a roll as Current Customer scores improveUS: Top 10 Recommend Rankings 2021Welche Werbung funktioniert am besten für verantwortungsbewusste Reisende?The world has spoken: YouGov’s Global Recommend Rankings 2021UK: Top 10 Recommend Rankings 2021YouGov Recommend Rankings 2021 CanadaYouGov Recommend Rankings 2021 BrazilYouGov Recommend Rankings 2021 MexicoYouGov Recommend Rankings 2021 United StatesUnter Schmerzmitteln ist Markenbeziehung zu Voltaren am stärksten gewachsen Amazon Pantry tops YouGov's Recommend Rankings 2021 in IndiaGlobal: Did the public miss their vaccines because of COVID-19? YouGov Recommend Rankings 2021 IrelandYouGov Recommend Rankings 2021 UKRecommend Ranking 2021-Engelbert Strauss in Deutschland am häufigsten weiterempfohlen, Toyota globalGlobal: Consumers plan to increase their use of online grocery shopping post-pandemic YouGov Recommend Rankings 2021 MalaysiaYouGov Recommend Rankings 2021 ThailandYouGov Recommend Rankings 2021 ChinaYouGov Recommend Rankings 2021 AustraliaYouGov Recommend Rankings 2021 JapanYouGov Recommend Rankings 2021 PhilippinesYouGov Recommend Rankings 2021 South KoreaYouGov Recommend Rankings 2021 Hong KongYouGov Recommend Rankings 2021 SingaporeYouGov Recommend Rankings 2021 IndonesiaAd of the month (KSA): Coca-Cola UK – Biggest Brand Movers – July 2021Auslastung von Stadien zu Sportereignissen? Deutsche sind im europaweiten Vergleich am strengstenAd of the month (Vietnam): LG Ad of the month (Philippines): Bank of the Philippine Islands Ad of the month (Singapore): Shopee International travel sentiment is the strongest among UAE residents than other global consumersValgmåling juli 2020What drives millennials to switch mobile carriers? Fantasy sports: men and women participated equally in fantasy games in the past monthHow will Britons watch the Tokyo Olympics?Who are GB News’ audience?Did Heineken bottle it at Euro 2020? How a top sports league drove viewership numbers with YouGovAd of the Month (US): Applebee’s Ad of the month UK – Fever-Tree US: Job security and new job characteristicsFinance ad of the month (US): Navy Federal Credit Union Will users switch to the Nintendo Switch OLED? Americans and Brits remain wary of flyingL'évolution de la marque Dacia en termes de Rapport Qualité/PrixHow do Britons gamble?Global: A peek into gambling attitudesEmirates tops YouGov’s Recommend Rankings 2021 in the UAEAdidas tops YouGov’s Recommend Rankings 2021 in Saudi ArabiaiPhone tops YouGov’s Recommend Rankings 2021 in EgyptBlick auf die USA als Freund & Verbündeter heute besser als zu Regierungszeiten von Donald TrumpYouGov Recommend Rankings 2021 PolandYouGov Recommend Rankings 2021 RussiaMitä brändejä sinä suosittelisit ystävillesi?YouGov Recommend Rankings 2021 SwedenYouGov Recommend Rankings 2021 NorwayYouGov Recommend Rankings 2021 FinlandHer er mærkerne, vi anbefaler til vores venner og bekendteYouGov Recommend Rankings 2021 Denmark Vilka varumärken skulle du rekommendera till andra?Her er merkevarene vi vil anbefaleHow a global music company uses YouGov solutions to monitor artist resonanceAd of the month (Egypt) – Sting YouGov Recommend Rankings 2021 MENAEuropeans think it’s safe to have crowds at sports events, but not at full capacityYouGov Recommend Rankings 2021A look at the sponsors that have made the biggest impact during Euro 2020How Brits will bet on the OlympicsWie Corona die Reiselust der Deutschen verändert hatKopparberg's GB News row hits customer perceptionsUrban Indians have an appetite for travel but health & safety risks play the biggest barrierLes Français et le sponsoring d’événements sportifsJeder fünfte Deutsche will nach der Krise mobil bezahlen Sonntagsfrage: Union baut Vorsprung vor den Grünen ausPost-lockdown, are people comfortable attending in-person concerts? Weltweites Vertrauen in Nachrichten steigt wiederMillennials sind weltweit reisefreudigste Altersgruppe Kansainvälinen tutkimus: Millaisia ovat maailmanlaajuiset matkustusnäkymät tänä vuonna? Cars as a Service: Are Britons willing to subscribe to vehicles? Internasjonal undersøkelse: Hvordan ser det globale reiselandskapet ut i år? Internationell undersökning: Hur ser den globala situationen ut för resebranschen i år?International undersøgelse: Hvordan ser det globale rejselandskab ud i år? 80% des Français disent être sensibles à la cause animaleDo consumers support commercial efforts to get people vaccinated?A year of COVID-19: Confidence in government and healthcare institutions Want to market to male youth? Look to video games, not social mediaWhat do global consumers prefer as their future vehicle purchase method?How Miral improved brand health and targeted key audiences successfully with YouGovUS Automotive Advert of the month: FordUK Automotive advert of the month: FordUAE & KSA residents consider Pfizer-Biotech the safest Covid-19 vaccineGlobal: How the public feel about telehealthGlobal: Who does – and doesn’t – want to own a home? Qui sont les Français qui ont l’habitude de partir en croisière ?L’industrie du voyage en 2021 Windows 11 is coming. How long will users wait to upgrade?Are QR codes leaving older Americans behind?Frauen-Profisport bleibt hinter seinen Potenzialen zurückHow Vauxhall/Opel successfully tested their new TV ad campaign using YouGov SurveysQuel moyen de paiement sera privilégié par les consommateurs après la pandémie ?Werbekampagnen von Saturn und Media Markt – Fokus auf EM-Feeling und Post-Corona-Shopping Urban Indians think Covid situation in India is improving but worry about their personal financesUS: Mobile banking in the post-pandemic eraDo football fans want to abolish the “away goals” rule?Unterhaltsam aber wenig integrativ: Wie die weltweite Öffentlichkeit Videospiele in 2021 wahrnimmtWhat makes Australian drivers choose an electric car?European football’s biggest Buzz movers for June 2021Volvo's Consumer Insights Webinar On-DemandEin Viertel der Deutschen würde mehr Frauensport im TV schauen, wenn dort präsenterAll costs being equal, consumers still prefer hybrid cars over electricComment les jeux vidéo sont-ils perçus en 2021 ?Three in five urban Indians would watch more of women’s sport if it was more accessible on TV YouGovFIFA Women’s World Cup’s popularity peaks among UAE residents with nearly half showing interestEric Cantona ad on target for Sports DirectWhat’s stopping consumers from watching women’s sports? Lack of coverage, not caliber of playWorldwide trust in news up – but turning confidence into profit remains challenging¿Que frena a los consumidores de mirar deporte de mujeres?Deutsche sind Schlusslicht bei der Nutzung von Video-Bank-Beratungen, aber Potenzial vorhandenCash, card or smartphone: A global look at how consumers will pay after the pandemicFun, but not inclusive: How the public perceives video games in 2021 Warum der Smart-Home-Hype bisher ausbleibtFlaschenpost ist Biggest Mover im Juni 2021New Research: What Travelers Expect in 2021 and BeyondHow GOOD positioned themselves as thought leaders in purpose-based marketing with YouGov SurveysGlobal: How secure do people feel in their jobs?Etude européenne : qui remportera l’EURO 2020 ?Große Mehrheit nutzt WhatsApp nach Datenschutz-Streit weiterInternational Travel & Tourism Report - 2021: The road back to normalityEuropean survey: Who football fans think will win the EURO 2020Sparfüchse weltweit: Welche Rabatte Verbraucher beim Einkauf bevorzugenHow are Americans getting their information about 5G?Has football really lost its way with younger fans?KFC revives finger-licking good tagline as restrictions easeDo Thais like selling on Social Commerce?Quel type de promotions les consommateurs préfèrent-ils ? Eight in ten Malaysians believe the Covid-19 situation is worseningUK – Biggest Brand Movers – June 2021An inside look: India's early technology adoptersThe Telkomsel Story: The Importance of tracking customer perceptions of a brandWhat are the most popular holiday types in the Nordics?How do Hongkongers shop in the pandemic?The ‘Pandemic Effect’ on the American Shopper [Report] Sponsoring im Sport zeigt Wirkung – wenn es richtig gemacht istLa seconde vie du prêt-à-porterAd of the month Singapore – IKEA The most anticipated game announcements of E3 2021UK regulator looks into Google's practicesEin Viertel der Deutschen besitzt smarte Haushaltsgeräte, 10 Prozent davon eine smarte WaschmaschineMore than a third of urban Indians would self-medicate if they showed Covid symptomsValgmåling juni 2020Valgmåling maj 2021Most UAE residents think live events only for vaccinated people will help curb Covid in the EmiratesWhy American consumers are concerned about smart appliancesBT hit the back of the net with Hope United campaignCut-price consumers: how global customers prefer their discounts What's driving consumer desire for meatless products?I Top Improvers di Maggio del settore Profumerie & DrugstoreHow YouGov Surveys: Self-serve helped MFUSE run rapid ad testing for a Virgin Money campaignHow Back Market achieved 20pt brand awareness increase with YouGov brand trackingHow do consumers feel about banning ads promoting foods high in fat, salt and sugar?How Transport for Wales improved their new ad messaging within 24 hours with YouGov SurveysSchnellere Kauf-Abwicklung motiviert Deutsche weltweit am seltensten zum Offline-EinkaufWhat are Americans looking for on dating apps? Americans support dating apps providing background checks of usersEuropeans across five countries tend to think it is unlikely that the Tokyo Olympics will go aheadFast die Hälfte der Deutschen hört Podcasts – am liebsten ZuhauseLes marques qui progressent le plus au mois de maiConsumer confidence reaches five-year highRésultats du Baromètre YouGov France / Le HuffPost de juin 2021One in two Brits have multiple paid video streaming services; trend likely to continue post pandemicAchats en magasin : motivations et freins des consommateurs How consumers feel about push notifications in 2021Spiders, wasps or cockroaches – what is Britain’s most disliked creepy-crawly?EA Sports' Kiyan Prince tribute makes an impression on the publicVoting Intention: Con 46%, Lab 30% (2-3 June)Pub du mois de mai – Magnum « le plaisir a plus d’une dimension »One-quarter of Americans would eat a cicada-based foodCasinos: Almost four in ten of the public want to see mask compliance globally Les destinations qui séduisent les FrançaisTurismo y COVID-19. Las claves de las vacaciones de verano de 2021 Why consumers do – and don’t – shop through brick-and-mortar channels  Mehrheit der Deutschen würde gleiche Anzahl an Feiertagen in allen Bundesländern befürwortenUmweltschutz für sieben von zehn Deutschen ein Herzensanliegen Baromètre de la santé #6 - YouGov x 20 Minutes x DoctissimoExploring the most popular categories of mobile gamesGlobal: Online price checks are now driving decisions on whether to buy online or in-storeWhat do US drivers consider while buying the perfect set of tires?Laut Befragten in DACH: Pflegekräfte tragen am meisten zum Allgemeinwohl bei, Politiker am wenigstenQuel est le profil des clients de la marque Go Sport ?Staff vaccination & safe dining experience are top priorities to dine-in or order from a restaurantInfographic: UAE and Saudi Arabia's travel aspirations in 2021Schwenken Verbraucher zurück zum Offline-Einkauf?Ad of the month UAE: Vimto US Automobile advertiser of the month: BMWUK Automobile advertiser of the month: RenaultWhat is making flexitarians in the US and UK shift towards a meatless diet? Zum Weltelterntag: Großteil der Deutschen hat gutes Verhältnis zu den eigenen ElternAd of the month EGY – Talaat Moustafa Group Ad of the month UK – Premier Inn COVID-19: A year in reviewAd of the month the US – Google Search Audience insight: Esports fans and out-of-home advertisingWhat do Americans like on their burgers? Is the place people buy mobile phones changing? Profilo di persone senisbili alle promozioniAn Inside Look: Unpacking Meal Kit and Meal Kit Delivery SubscribersPotenzialgruppe für Video-Bank-Beratungen in Deutschland: App-affin und digital vernetztInternationell undersökning: Köpvanor under coronakrisenInternational undersøgelse: Indkøbsvaner under coronakrisenUS: Top post-vaccine travel and vacation trends marketers should knowEffort vs. luck: What do Americans think dictates success? Over one-third of coupled women are financially dependent on their partnerDominic Cummings: What do Britons make of his accusations against the government? Half of Americans expect to get richerWhere is demand for new cars the strongest and how are motorists budgeting?Which insurance policies are Britons most likely to switch?Sub-postmaster saga batters Post Office recruitment chancesAmericans are sticking with their new video streaming platforms Almost two-thirds of Americans worried that COVID-19 will affect their cost of living Sonntagsfrage: Union wieder vor den Grünen Il percorso d’acquisto dei clienti di polizze RC Auto online e tradizionaliAttending live events: Are esports fans comfortable? How Americans feel about their romantic partner’s looks Most Americans believe the media promotes an unattainable body image for womenHow Americans feel about their bodies YouGov Body Image Study 2021: How Americans are feeling about their body image When it comes to personal grooming, what looks do Americans prefer? A closer look at the pre-paying mobile consumerEl Gobierno de España suspende en su actuación en la crisis de MarruecosNearly 2 in 5 American gamers made a purchase because of an in-game adInternational Physical and Online Sales ReportWhich of UK’s football clubs are generating most Buzz?International Physical and Online Sales Report 20212021 summer travel: As likely among vaccine rejectors as among the vaccinatedQuali sono le piccole cose che rendono più felici gli italiani? Global study: Should overseas travelers carry a vaccine passport?YouGov Framework: Attitudes to investingA closer look at gambling intentions around the EurosGlobal data: How often do consumers use third-party apps to make voice calls?How popular are NHL teams in key European markets?A year of COVID-19: Global attitudes to vaccination It’s a gas: How American drivers prefer to refuel their vehicles  Pride Month: i cambiamenti di percezione e alcuni temi caldiJeder Vierte kann sich vorstellen, ein autonom fahrendes Auto zu kaufenEinkaufen im Geschäft trotz Pandemie beliebter als Online-ShoppingLes fans de Ligue 1Two thirds of Britons plan to keep wearing masks this summer after COVID-19 restrictions end UAE residents willing to adopt augmented reality for retail shoppingUrban Indians likely to adopt augmented reality technology for retail shoppingVoting Intention: Con 46%, Lab 28% (19-20 May)Convenience vs. security: What do consumers prioritize when choosing mobile apps?Global data: Look at the most-followed Olympic sportsUK: Which travel destinations are people buzzing about?Just over a third of Britons think cryptocurrency has a negative impact on the environmentAhead of the reunion special, who is America’s favorite ‘Friends’ character? 44% of Americans have gotten back together with an ex after breaking upBritons think electric cars beat petrol in several areas - except convenienceGlobal webinar: COVID-19: a year in review and what’s next Global webinar: COVID-19: a year in review and what's nextUmgang der Regierung mit der Corona-Krise wieder positiver bewertetYoung Britons are turning their backs on the monarchyConcerns about personal health soar as India battles the second wave of CovidWhat impact will the Chauvin verdict have on police accountability and race relations?La vuelta a los estadios en EspañaL'impatto del Covid-19 sulla routine di bellezzaQuel programme pour les Français cet été ?COVID-19 rules: what is the government telling us to do? Britons aren’t sureCOVID-19 Global Behaviours and Attitudes: How preventive behaviours changed during the pandemicUrlaub mit Corona-Impfung? Die Mehrheit der Deutschen mit konkreten Sommer-Reiseplänen wäre dabeiYouGov BrandIndex data reveal the Top Ten Year-on-Year Movers of Ramadan in UAE BA staff ad gives brand a reputation takeoffMost consumers trust review sites. Here’s what they use them for mostUS: Biggest Brand Movers – May 2021Consumer confidence approaches five-year highHalf of Brits say they would support a large increase of housebuilding in Britain31% des Français ont déjà oublié la fête des mèresZwei von fünf Deutschen haben seit Corona zugenommen, in Mexiko haben 56 Prozent an Gewicht zugelegtUK – Biggest Brand Movers – May 2021Indonesians’ shopping habits on consumer goodsCovid-19 Consumer MonitorBritish gamblers more likely than public to use cryptocurrencies, but scepticism remainsDeutsche sehen sich nicht als innovativFür Mehrheit der Deutschen ist das Thema „Autonomes Fahren“ noch nicht sehr präsentUS Travel Advertiser of the Month – April: VrboAppetite for travel recovers in the Middle East as a majority of residents plan a vacation in 2021Hur har ett år med pandemin påverkat våra matvanor?Kuinka koronavuosi on vaikuttanut ruokailutottumuksiimme?Hvordan har et år med korona påvirket matvanene våre?Hvordan har et år med corona påvirket vores madvaner?Currys rebrand a savvy move from Dixons Carphone COVID-19 Global Behaviours and Attitudes: The Year in Review#MentalHealthAwarenessWeek: What are the biggest barriers to seeking treatment?Voting Intention: Con 45%, Lab 30% (11-12 May)Wrigley's offers some much-needed optimismPremier League: Which fans are watching Sky Sports, BT Sport and Amazon Prime?Half of Londoners feel uncomfortable travelling on the Tube over COVID fearsRumble in the jungle: what animals would win in a fight?¿Qué piensan los españoles sobre el fin del Estado de Alarma?Heavy podcast listeners aren't just tuning in to content—they're receptive to ads, tooNearly half of British adults view the cost of COVID-19 testing as a barrier to travel2021 APAC Consumer Trends in Financial Services IndustryAttitudes to brand sustainability and authenticity in Britain¿Quién está viendo deportes a través de aplicaciones móviles?Alcool et crise sanitaire : Moët & Chandon en tête du classement !A quarter of Londoners, and one in six Britons, say they’ll never afford a homeKeir Starmer’s ratings plummet after poor local election resultsMost urban Indians wanting to buy a car have delayed their plans by four months or moreYouGov per ONE: La condivisione dei vaccini anti-COVID 19 in eccessoLes marques qui progressent le plus au mois d’avrilUK's Travel Advertiser of the Month: Premier InnGlobal data: La popolarità di Zoom rispetto ad altri programmi per videochiamate Most parents feel it’s safe to send kids to summer camp this yearE-Sports bei Olympia – zumindest ein bisschenWhat would make the UK safer for women, according to women? Global data: La popularidad de Zoom frente a otros servicios de videollamada Advertiser Of The Month MENA: Vimto Eid al-Fitr holiday with travel restriction. What are Indonesians’ plans?Having a partner with similar religious beliefs is important to six in ten Americans9 Maggio, Giornata dell’Europa: l’Unione europea nel percepito degli ItalianiGli effetti mediatici del campionato di tennis in ItaliaJeder dritte Deutsche fühlt sich 2021 gestresster als vor Corona, Menschen mit Kindern am häufigstenRésultats du Baromètre YouGov France / Le HuffPost de mai 2021Estudio COVID-19: One Year Overview Report COVID-19: One Year Overview Report In Deutschland Akzeptanz von AstraZeneca nach wie vor eher gering, in Dänemark jedoch stark sinkendInnovativste Marke in Deutschland ist Too Good To GoMost Britons support changing rules to allow vaccinated people to mix indoorsConfidence in AstraZeneca vaccine remains low in France and GermanyPub du mois d’avril – Tourtel Twist Has "Cash for Curtains" affected John Lewis?L'Italia continua ad essere uno dei paesi in cui AstraZeneca è considerato più sicuroEspaña continúa siendo uno de los países que más confía en AstraZeneca Les Français et les Allemands restent méfiants à l’égard du vaccin AstraZenecaIn the mindset of US heavy media streamersLegalisierung aktiver Sterbehilfe? Zustimmung unter Deutschen wächstWhat gifts do Moms want for Mother's Day 2021?How Allison + Partners used audience insights to inform TikTok’s campaign launchOne in three women in relationships are financially dependent on their partner Jeder zweite Radfahrer trägt beim Fahrradfahren zumindest hin und wieder einen Schutzhelm Religious people give more often – but they also prioritise different causesWhat’s the size of the NBA’s following outside its home market?Senedd Voting Intention: Lab 36%, Con 29%, Plaid 20% (2-4 May)Hvilke ejendomsmæglerkæder får mest opmærksomhed?Is Mother's Day a real holiday? Americans say yesNordic food & health reportI Top Improvers di Marzo del settore Car AccessoriesPodcast Listeners In US Not Keen In Spending Money To Access Content Eurooppalaiset kuluttajat ovat muuttaneet ostotottumuksiaan pandemian puhkeamisen jälkeen Europeiska konsumenter har förändrat sina köpvanor till följd av pandemiutbrottetEuropeiske forbrukere har endret innkjøpsvanene sine siden pandemien brøt utEuropæiske forbrugere har ændret indkøbsvaner siden pandemiens udbrud How loyalty programs are helping to solve privacy concerns in a cookieless worldBosch gewinnt deutsches Technologie-RankingBuzz Scores of 'Big 6' clubs nosedive after Super League newsSustainability mattersUK Advertiser of the Month: Tyrrells Primo Maggio 2021: tra il ricordo del passato e un occhio al futuro del LavoroMost Londoners have never heard of 14 of the 20 candidates for MayorProfilo delle Mamme ItalianeLine of Duty: who do viewers think “H” really is? Sonntagsfrage: Grüne stärkste Kraft vor CDU/CSUA closer look at Super Streamers and their attitudes towards advertsApril 2021 Advertiser of the Month – US: HuggiesOpinion of government handling the Covid crisis has worsened since April 2020The surge in mobile gaming will likely stick around beyond COVID-19YouGov Framework: How to reach a Super StreamerVoting Intention: Con 44%, Lab 33% (27-28 Apr)Día de los Trabajadores: la opinión en España sobre las medidas anti-COVID en el entorno laboralFootball reigns supreme in hearts of young adults, even without the Super LeagueTesla’s Autopilot woes cause bad buzz Global: Consumer willingness to pay for environmentally friendly products More than half the world’s population wants to lose weight: Many consumers pile on pandemic poundsWhich automakers do US drivers consider leaders in sustainability?AstraZeneca: Negative headlines dent brand perceptions during US vaccine trialAdvertiser of the Month MENA: Corona US: Biggest Brand Movers – April 2021 The most innovative auto brands – according to British driversDo drivers prefer to buy cars made in-country? A global look at how much consumers trust online retailers with their personal data Three in ten Americans cut back on non-essential purchases during the pandemic Venmo’s brand scores rise during pandemic Do global consumers trust the finance sector with their data?A global look at consumer trust in hospitals and pharmaceutical companies with personal dataLong way to go in battle to convince Americans about safety of self-driving cars Are Brits comfortable with self-driving cars?Primark at the heart of the reopening fun12% of Brits bought an item using ‘buy now, pay later’ in the last year Come immaginano di trascorrere le vacanze di quest’anno gli italiani?What home gardeners are planting this springPerceptions of England’s traffic light system and the places Brits might travel to firstHow the National Lottery turned its brand aroundCorona verstärkt Shoppingroutinen weltweit, in Deutschland ist der Unterschied zu 2019 am größtenYoung and old; Republicans and Democrats sharply divided on brands commenting on Chauvin verdictGedanke an Nachhaltigkeit beeinflusst die Ess- und Einkaufsgewohnheiten der Mehrheit der DeutschenKeeping up with brand evolution: research effectively across the consumer journeyWhich institutions would Britons rely on in a personal financial crisis?Parcs à thème et musées : profil des visiteurs d’attractions touristiquesWomen have something to teach men about leadershipYouGov Global Technology Rankings 2021YouGov Technology Rankings 2021 UKWhatsApp, Apple and Google top YouGov’s Technology Rankings 2021 in MENAGoogle tops YouGov’s 2021 Technology Rankings in IndiaEuro 2020 and COVID-19: how should Britain handle the delayed tournament?Public opinion of most senior royals improves Are mobile payments on the rise in the US?YouGov Technology Rankings 2021 Hong KongYouGov Technology Rankings 2021 ChinaYouGov Technology Rankings 2021 JapanYouGov Technology Rankings 2021 SingaporeYouGov Technology Rankings 2021 PhilippinesYouGov Technology Rankings 2021 MalaysiaYouGov Technology Rankings 2021 ThailandYouGov Technology Rankings 2021 IndonesiaBosch ist Ranking-Sieger des deutschen Technology Rankings 2021YouGov Technology Rankings 2021 AustraliaYouGov Technology Rankings 2021 IndiaYouGov Technology Rankings 2021 MENAHer er danskerne favoritter inden for teknologiHer er teknologimerkene vi har best inntrykk avSuomen suosituimmat teknologiabrändit 2021Här är de högst rankade teknikvarumärkenaYouGov Technology Rankings 2021 USA third of businesses expect to lay off workers this year