Are VAR errors a good reason to replay a football match? Fans say no
March 8th, 2024, Christien Pheby

Are VAR errors a good reason to replay a football match? Fans say no

In January of this year, a Belgian Pro League match was fully replayed due to a VAR error constituting “misapplication of the laws of the game.” It was the first decision of its kind, but British football fans don’t think it should set a precedent.

Just a quarter (27%) think VAR errors related to penalty decisions (like the one that forced the Genk vs. Anderlecht replay) are a good enough reason for a do-over, but three in five (61%) do not. Fans are similarly disposed towards faulty red card decisions: 23% think they are grounds for a replay; 65% do not.

Fans are a little more likely to say that a VAR error related to a goal decision is a good reason to re-stage the match but most are still against it (34% vs. 55%).

The time of the VAR error doesn’t have a particularly large impact on these attitudes. Fans are opposed to replays in the early stages of the first half of a football match (27% saying the match should be replayed if the error has taken place at this stage; 62% saying it should not) and the latter (23% vs. 63%); same goes for the early (27% vs. 61%) and latter stages of the second half (28% vs. 57%).

Goal margin is a more significant variable. Just 13% of fans think a match with a 5-1, 4-0, or comparable gap between the two sides should be replayed in the event of a VAR error; 76% say it should not. This rises to 34% when it comes to matches with a tighter scoreline, while opposition falls to 53%.

Nevertheless, the overall picture is clear: most football fans don’t want to see matches replayed in the event of a VAR error – whatever and whenever the error may be, and regardless of how it has impacted the game.

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