Lewis Hamilton to move to Ferrari - looking at the F1 star’s global popularity levels
February 12th, 2024, Lesley Simeon

Lewis Hamilton to move to Ferrari - looking at the F1 star’s global popularity levels

Lewis Hamilton will drive out of Mercedes after more than a decade with the team. In a statement on X, previously Twitter, the F1 star said the upcoming season would be his last with Mercedes, before his move to Ferrari.

With Hamilton inking what some have called the biggest driver signing deal in F1 history, Mercedes has reportedly moved to find their star racer’s heir. In this piece, we’re swerving into YouGov’s Global Fan Profiles data to look at Hamilton’s popularity levels across markets among respondents who say they are interested in F1 (i.e. F1 fans).

Data from Global Fan Profiles - which offers an instant view of the size, make-up, attitudes and behaviours of sport and esports fan bases in more than 50 markets – shows that 44% of British F1 fans support Lewis Hamilton. A quarter of Singaporean F1 fans (25%) are Hamilton fans, followed by nearly one in five respondents in the UAE (18%).

Over one in ten Indians (13%) and Americans (11%) who are F1 fans claim to be Hamilton fans as well.

As for Ferrari support, half of all respondents in the UAE who are F1 fans (51%) say they support Ferrari, followed by Indians (46%). Two in five F1 fans in Singapore (41%) support Ferrari, and so do nearly three in ten Americans (29%).

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Methodology: YouGov Global Fan Profiles tracks the size, make-up, attitudes and behaviours of fan bases in 50+ markets around the world. Discover everything you need to know about fan bases globally. Learn more about Global Fan Profiles.

Photo by Vincenzo Malagolon Pexels