Global Affiliate Partnerships

YouGov’s licensed reseller partners across the world.




Synergy Market Research + Strategic Consultancy


Synergy is a management consulting company that provides evidence-based strategies for companies through research and analytics and through its immersion with consumers in the past 20 years.

Decision Lab


Decision Lab is a boutique market research company leading in measuring and optimising digital marketing campaigns.

KLA Market Research

South Africa

KLA is an intelligence and professional insights agency that helps our clients solve key strategic business questions.

Focus Bari


Focus Bari is a leading full service market research agency in Greece, boasting a 32-year operation & successful presence in Media, Advertising, Technology, Telecoms & Customer Experience.

ThinkONE Research & Consulting


ThinkONE Research & Consulting is an innovative agency specialized in market intelligence, customer insight (qualitative & quantitative studies) and data analytics.

Inquiry sp. z o.o.


Inquiry’s research services cover Eastern European countries including Poland, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, the Baltic states and other countries of the region.