Half of global respondents have positive views towards workers in the travel industry
April 12th, 2024, Clifton Mark

Half of global respondents have positive views towards workers in the travel industry

What do people think of workers in different industries? That depends not only on the industry of the worker, but who is being asked. This is certainly true when it comes to travel industry workers, who see starkly different levels of approval in different markets. A recent YouGov study conducted among more than 19,000 global consumers across 17 markets, offers a snapshot of public sentiment towards workers across various industries – from travel to retail to hospitality.

Industry comparisons

Travel industry workers fall in the middle, with a 56% approval rating. They’re about as popular as those who work in sport (54%) or retail (57%).

Regional variation

Opinions of travel workers also vary between regions. Among Indonesians, 77% of respondents have a positive view. India and the UAE follow closely, registering 74% affirmative sentiments towards travel industry personnel.

Britain and Denmark have below-average regard for travel workers, standing at 48% and 44% positive-regard, respectively. Americans are even slightly less enthusiastic, at 42%.

Age dynamics

Younger demographics, ages d between 18 to 34, are more favorable towards travel workers, with 61% expressing positive sentiments compared to the overall average of 56%. Those aged 55 or older are least approving, with just half (51%) saying they have a good view of travel workers.

In general, travel workers command a moderate level of favorability, though regional disparities and age dynamics show some nuance underlying public sentiment.

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