How do you measure the value of a product placement?UAE's Biggest Brand Movers: June 2023KSA's Biggest Brand Movers: June 2023GB: Superdrug appoints cost-of-living ambassador - How do shoppers plan to tackle cost increases?GB: Avon looks to secure cruelty-free approval - Do its customers care about cruelty-free products?US: Sonic Automotive shuts some used vehicle-only stores – What’s the market like for used cars now?US: Premier League unveils augmented reality experience - Are the league’s fans big on AR?México: Televisa es el Anunciante del Mes en junio de 2023Brasil: Após paralisar produção, como está a situação da VW?Brasil: Nike, a marca de moda mais forte de 2023Charting Indonesia’s mobile commerce landscape: mobile shopping apps use & top m-commerce purchasesCharting Hong Kong’s mobile commerce landscape: mobile shopping apps use & top m-commerce purchasesCharting Singapore’s mobile commerce landscape: mobile shopping apps use & top m-commerce purchasesCharting Australia’s mobile commerce landscape: mobile shopping apps use & top m-commerce purchasesUK: B&M reports increase in sales - How has the retailer fared in recent years?FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023: Gauging passion in key participating marketsThe Rise of Neobanks in IndiaHow likely is the rental issue in Singapore to impact the voting decision of people?Shopping smart in uncertain times: The top tactics used by consumers globallyUS: Which Japanese automakers are the best at converting awareness into customers?UK - Evaluating 3 budget hotel brands’ journey through the purchase funnelWorries or wonder: What do people around the world make of the metaverse?GB: Jet2 reports spur in demand for package holidays - Are customers big on package bookings?US: Grubhub announces layoffs amid long-term decline in brand healthUAE’s June Advertiser of the Month: Which brands made it to the top?Less than one in ten consumers in Singapore are willing to give card security number to chatbotsYouGov erwirbt Consumer Panel Business der GfK SEMéxico: ¿Qué actividades digitales persisten post-pandemia?YouGov to acquire Consumer Panel Business of GfK SEUS: How has the Grimace Shake TikTok challenge impacted McDonald's?Bairstow dismissal unfair say Brits, but do they feel the laws of the game need to change?US: Roku enters live sport streaming space with Formula E deal - Are current users into car-racing?US: AutoZone’s CEO to step down after 18 years - How has the brand performed in recent years?UK: Primark reports strong Q3 performance - How do Britons view the brand?US: Denny’s gamifies its rewards program - What makes its diners sign up for loyalty schemes?Sonntagsfrage Juli: Drei von zehn Deutschen besorgt über AfD-Landratswahlsieg in SonnebergNachhaltigkeit – Verbraucher sehen große Unternehmen und die Regierung in der HauptverantwortungLatam: 40,9% das pessoas usam o telefone no banheiroLatam: 40.9% de las personas usan su teléfono en el bañoKinder sollten früh an das Thema Geld herangeführt werdenMéxico: Nissan, VW, Chevrolet y Ford, los autos favoritosAdvertiser of the Month im Juli: Google PixelThe Telegraph is for sale. Who reads it and what are they in the market for?Brasil: TV é a forma mais comum de consumir notícias10 target audience rilevanti nel settore FinanceFive ways to test a hunch with self-serve researchUS: Most in-demand TV and film for June 1-15, 2023UK: Most in-demand TV and film for June 1-15, 2023Umweltbewusste GamerBrasil: O que afeta mais a Petrobras na oscilação de preços?Surveying children: 10 tips to design effective surveysFour ways market research helps in a crisisZweistaatenlösung im Israelisch-Palästinensischen Konflikt wird europaweit am ehesten befürwortetExploring Consumer Banking Trends in IndonesiaBrasil: Natura, Sundown e Microsoft lideram Dia dos NamoradosAs consumers feel interest rate pain, are bank and building society brands taking a hit? Wanderlust meets brand trust: Is sponsorship an effective way to engage with travelers?Latam: Há interesse no novo Vision Pro da Apple?Latam: ¿Hay interés por el nuevo Vision Pro de Apple?Brands in the age of AI: Examining Britons' attitudes and expectationsWhat are the most recommended destinations by American LGBTQ+ travelers?Rainbow trails: Unveiling the most recommended destinations by British LGBTQ+ travellersConsumers more likely to say they don’t have enough information to make sustainable shopping choicesConsumers around the world united – sustainable products cost moreThe Idol has America angry and thirsty for moreInter Miami reaches all-time Buzz high amid Messi newsUnderstanding LinkedIn users in the USNew releases – Final Fantasy and Diablo – among the top Gaming Buzz Movers in June 2023Consideration for Final Fantasy soars after release of XVIWhat’s it worth to sponsor Ted Lasso’s fictional AFC Richmond?Inter Miami reaches all-time Buzz high amid Lionel Messi news;Lionesses Fan Profile: An audience that is more open to brands’ social messagesThe steady rise of Google Pixel in the UKGlobal: How often are people checking their mobile phones while driving?Consumer trust on product health and safety: brands, media, or personal judgment?Biggest-Buzz-Mover im Juni ist wetter.comGlobal: 3 key insights into spending habits amid rising living costsMeasuring conversations around Apple leading up to and after WWDC23US: As belts tighten, what kind of spending gives Americans the biggest bang for their buck?Toothpaste battle royale: Analysing conversion rates of leading oral care brandsUS: Tostitos, TRESemmé and PayPal feature in Biggest Brand Movers (June 2023)México: ¿Cómo se percibe la IA en el país?México: ¿Cuánto cree la gente en el cambio climático?GB: WHSmith’s new measures for staff wellbeing - What do Britons in retail feel about mental health?UK PR & social surveys calendar – summer 2023 editionHas 'greedflation' impacted British consumer’s purchasing decisions?UK parents' attitude to AI-driven brand interaction – curiosity or concern?Assessing consumer attitude towards personal use of AI in the UKUS: Saks Off 5th makes senior-level appointments - What are shoppers buying at discount stores?GB: Revolut launched an AR activation to promote its new offering - What do users think of AR tech?Rücksenden schwergemacht – schwierige Rücksendungen schaden UnternehmenUK: Premier Inn reports increase in Q1 2023 sales - How has the hotel brand fared in the past year?How Americans foresee the impact of AI on job rolesIs 'Greedflation' impacting the purchase behavior of Americans?GB: AirHelp offers travel insurance - What kind of travel insurance do Britons purchase?Brasil: Plano de redução de preços de automóveis é eficaz?Jack Daniel’s, Jet, Kappa are among UK’s Biggest Brand Movers in the June ’23 editionPawrents in Singapore: How do cat and dog owners differ from your average consumer?México: ¿Cómo va el lanzamiento de Cuenta Nu en el país?GB: Tetley adopts cardboard cartons - Are customers big on eco-friendly packaging?Global: Quais setores têm medo da Inteligência Artificial?These are the five issues that consumers across APAC are most worried aboutGlobal: ¿Qué sectores le temen a la Inteligencia Artificial?US State of the Summer Mini-Report 2023Produkt-Material ist wichtiger als bekannte MarkennamenFood-Festivals ziehen die Besucher anInfluencer-Skandale beschädigen Vertrauen in Marken US: Wimbledon launches campaign to target younger audiences - How old are its audiences currently?US: Klarna launches new features for eco-conscious users - Will they find favor with customers?Comparing prices to using discount coupons- how do urban Indians plan to fight inflation?Brasil: Como a compra da Garoto pela Nestlé afeta as marcas?México: Caso de Coca-Cola pirata afecta imagen de la marcaBrasil: Quem é influenciado pelos filhos na hora das compras?America’s most-streamed TV, May 2023: Workin’ Moms, Queen Charlotte and Sweet ToothHow PlatanoMelón used YouGov's audience data to breakdown barriers and achieve growthQualitäts-Champion 2023 ist Andechser NaturGrocery, apparel spending likely to increase among UAE consumers in the next 12 monthsTwo in five consumers in Singapore report decrease in disposable income in the past 12 monthsTwo-thirds of Australians are concerned about the impact of inflation on their future spendingTabloid fuss as The North Face partners with a drag queen – but do the public actually care? Consumer Duty: How the UK public perceive FS firmsThe UK’s most-streamed TV, May 2023: Sitcoms rule the roostThe ABC’s on Sponsorship EvaluationUS: J.Crew launches a virtual store - Are its customers big on virtual reality?US: Mercedes-Benz to test ChatGPT in vehicles - What do customers think of artificial intelligence?APAC PR Calendar - July, August & SeptemberUS: Did Geico’s recent ad campaign featuring Will Arnett manage to grab Americans’ attention?UAE's Biggest Brand Movers: May 2023KSA's Biggest Brand Movers: May 2023APAC Biggest Brand Movers – May 2023GB: Valentino trials AR-powered virtual try-on tool - What do its customers think of AR technology?Hohe Skepsis gegenüber Nachhaltigkeitsaussagen von UnternehmenLufthansa finds early takers for Green Fares - What do flyers in the US feel about going green?Wie informieren sich deutsche Gamer über neue Videospiele?Chatbots im Kundenservice – Verbraucher bleiben skeptischBrasil: Quem quer uma semana de trabalho de quatro dias?US and UK: Indeed lays off 15% workforce - How has the company’s brand health fared in recent years?GB: M&S launches beauty packaging recycling scheme - Are its customers big on recycling?Veränderungen in den Konsumgewohnheiten als Folge gestiegener LebenshaltungskostenSieben von zehn Frauen in Deutschland finden Diversität in Werbung wichtigAppetite for Domestic Travel in Australia, Thailand and Indonesia Part 2Latam: São Paulo e Chivas lideram o Buzz em maio de 2023Latam: Chivas y São Paulo lideran Buzz en mayo de 2023L’impatto delle sponsorizzazioni dei brand tra i car buyers in ItaliaL'inflation en 2023 : quel impact sur le comportement et les achats des Français ?US: Puma launches podcast to engage younger audiences - What motivates them to listen to podcasts?GB: Absolut trials paper-based bottles - How do Britons view goods with non-recyclable packaging?México: ¿Salir a comer o pedir a domicilio?México: ¿Cómo afectó a Banamex el anuncio de venta por OPI?Indonesia’s Most Talked-About Brands (May 2023)Australia’s Advertisers of the Month (May 2023)UK: Wizz Air hires agency to grow brand presence - How aware are audiences of the airline?UK: Robinsons’ first campaign since rebranding - Did Britons take note?Are Britons willing to participate in clinical trials and observational studies and which kind?US – Under what circumstances are Americans prepared to take part in clinical trials?India's Biggest Brand Movers: May 2023UK: Most in-demand TV and film for May 16-31, 2023US: Most in-demand TV and film for May 16-31, 2023Where are American parents taking their kids for summer vacation?Discovering profiles of risk takers for investment in MalaysiaUS: Priceline launches AI-powered chatbot - What do customers feel about chatbots and AI?Die Werbelieblinge - Haribo verteidigt den ersten PlatzMercedes-Benz making an impact in 2023May 2023: Consumer confidence rises – but outlook for job security and business activity declines May 2023: Consumer confidence rises – but outlook for job security and business activity declines Uncovering insights about cultural wanderlust through traveler segmentationGlobal: Which countries can’t sleep?Canada Advertisers of the Month for May: Ford, Uber and Bud LightUS Advertisers of the Month for May: The Legend of Zelda, Dove and GoodRXHeinz’s new campaigns can’t overcome price hike effectsBrasil: Quais destinos se projetam para as férias de julho?During which activities are the public most distracted by their phones?Where are people most likely to “second screen” with mobile phones?UK Ad of the Month: Which brands made it to the top in May 2023?Behind the logo: Do brand sponsorships make an impact on car buyers?Hungry for experiences: Exploring the growing popularity of food festivals worldwideFrom screens to showrooms: What kind of ads interest prospective British car buyers?Global concerns surrounding the organized spread of false information on social mediaWhen influencers stumble: Exploring the ripple effect of controversies on brand perceptionGen Z Less Likely to Support Driving Less for Environmental ReasonsGlobal consumers embrace remote activities post-pandemicVictorious Man City complete Buzz hat-trick in May 2023How popular is fantasy betting and esports betting compared to traditional sports betting?Global perspectives on trust in automakers’ handling of personal dataExploring global consumer interest in high-end household appliancesHow do global consumers research insurance and banking products?Sonntagsfrage im Juni 2023: Über die Hälfte der Wähler sorgt sich um die deutsche WirtschaftUAE’s May Advertiser of the Month: Which brands made it to the top?Global Village and Museum of the Future score highly in visitation of UAE L&E venuesWhere are British parents going for summer holidays?México: CEOs no son a quienes más interesa el medioambienteBrasil: O que será comprado para o Dia dos Namorados 2023?Phones on the throne: Where are people most likely to use a mobile device on the toilet?Global FMCG/CPG & Retail whitepaper 2023The appetite for plant-based meat substitutes: Identifying new audiences for Beyond MeatGlobal perceptions of the importance of breakfastGB: Sainsbury’s launches six-week long donation drive - How likely are its shoppers to donate?What Australians think about ChatGPT: do more trust and welcome it – or are wary and concerned?Fun, Learning or Work? What are most Australians using or planning to use ChatGPT for?GenZ less likely than other generations to watch Adipurush in the theatreAwareness versus Usage of ChatGPT in Australia: how do they vary demographically?Global: Hábitos digitais transformam o consumo dos esportesGlobal: Hábitos digitales transforman consumo de deportesHalf of global consumers do not trust video gaming platforms with their personal dataPandemic boosts global online dating market by 7%GB: Mars trials paper packaging for its bars - How eco-friendly are Mars’ current customers?Global: Half of all consumers put off big purchases as cost-of-living crisis bitesSizzling Summers: Unveiling Leisure and Entertainment Trends in the GCCUS and UK: Shopify lays off 20% of global workforce - What impact did it have on the brand?What distinguishes France’s high-staking gamblers from the rest?What distinguishes Denmark's high-staking gamblers from the rest?What distinguishes Germany’s high-staking gamblers from the rest?What distinguishes Canada’s high-staking gamblers from the rest?What distinguishes Australia’s high-staking gamblers from the rest?What distinguishes Sweden’s high-staking gamblers from the rest?México: Takis es el Anunciante del Mes en mayo de 2023Die Macht der Vielfalt: Wie Barbie und Lego mit Diversität und Inklusion Verbraucher ansprechenUS: Did Delta Air Lines’ pledge to go carbon neutral find favor among eco-conscious consumers?US: Pfizer hires new agencies - What has consumers’ impression of the brand been in recent years?Five things to think about when doing self-service researchAdvertiser of the Month im Juni: Kleinanzeigen Appetite for Domestic Travel in Australia, Thailand and Indonesia Part 1Il consumo delle bevande alcoliche in Italia 2022Brasil: Free Fire é o Anunciante do Mês em maio de 2023The ultimate market research glossaryLeague of Legends und Grand Theft Auto sind Biggest Buzz Movers in Videogames: Mai 2023México: Precios, pandemia y streaming afectan al cineThe smart fitness equipment landscape post-pandemic - and the road aheadSpontane Sommerurlaubs-Bucher bevorzugen luxuriöse Unterkünfte und historische SehenswürdigkeitenGlobal: Le donne sono più sensibili ai prezzi dei generi alimentariLatam: ¿Cuál es el país más feliz de la región y por qué?Latam: Qual país da região é o mais feliz?México: Así defienden al medio ambiente los consumidoresBeyond the booked: Discovering new potential customers for Airbnb through strategic researchUS: Prior brand experience more important than price deals among US phone buyersUK: Brand experience a more important factor than price deals when buying a phoneStreet Fighter tops game Buzz rankings in the US for May 2023; Rainbow Six tops in BritainGlobal: cosa spinge i consumatori a visitare un parco divertimento?Data privacy and travel: Do consumers trust hotels and airlines with personal data?An insight into physical music buyers: Understanding the American market for CDs and vinylEco-friendly or eco-fake: Britons' perceptions of greenwashing by hotelsAldi UK’s marketing head exits - How has the grocer performed in recent years?Beyond the hype: American travelers' views on hotel greenwashingGB: McDonald’s launches face-painting fundraising initiative - Are customers big on charity?US: Ellevest’s CEO says women are less likely to invest than men – How do people view investing?Is online shopping the new norm for global consumers?US gas station brands: Consumer preferences and motivationsMore than half of global consumers are skeptical of sustainability claims of most brandsUS: Crocs teams up with Minecraft for AR-themed games – How many of its customers play Minecraft?Accelerating Tesla’s advertising: How the company can connect with potential EV customersGreat Britain: Insights into sunscreen purchasing habitsUS: Understanding sunscreen consumer behaviorsHalf of Americans think AI art will be used to spread fake newsPurpleBricks: When a solid brand isn't enough UK: Chase has tapped into younger and richer audiences. But where does the bank go now?How much appetite is there for a late-night Greggs? GB: The Super Mario Bros. Movie has more Britons talking about the brand – could Zelda be next? Why do gamers preorder video games? The most financially rewarding – and personally fulfilling – employers, according to BritonsJune & July PR Calendar - AU & SGUS: The Home Depot lowers 2023 outlook post Q1 sales dip - How has the brand fared in recent years?AI or human touch – public perception of future workforce roles in the UKUAE & KSA residents are likely to spend more time in their own country this summer seasonDecoding the first-time homebuyer – One in five young Americans gearing up for home ownershipCharting the global landscape of esports viewershipBrasil: Marisa fecha lojas. O setor de moda está em perigo?UK: Ryanair reports profitable quarter - Has the carrier’s brand health improved in recent years?US: Liquid I.V. to focus on reaching young adults - Are these generations big on energy drinks?Fitness habits of disabled BritonsIs app-based radio taking the place of traditional listening in the US?UK energy crisis: Eleven times more Britons now paying over £2,500 per year on energyUS: AriZona Iced Tea, Pinterest, Cinnamon Toast Crunch feature in Biggest Brand Movers (May 2023)Bud Light and Budweiser’s reputation under fire—are other AB-InBev brands weathering the storm?Brasil: Como são os torcedores dos grandes clubes de futebol?UK: Most in-demand TV & film for May 1-15, 2023US: Most in-demand TV & film for May 1-15, 2023GB: Holland & Barrett to sell Foodspring items - Which dietary supplements do shoppers tend to buy?México: Los lugares comunes más populares en el tema saludParcs d’attractions : motivations des visiteurs et activités préféréesSuccession series finale: Kendall Roy the favorite to take over, say fans India’s Gen Z, who love the ‘GRAMUS: GoDaddy signs diversity and inclusion pledge - What do business owners think of the cause?How to create an ideal customer personaThree ways YouGov uses research data to get media exposureLatam: ¿En qué país de la región se consume más cerveza?Latam: Qual é o país da região que mais consome cerveja?México: Los retailers mejor preparados para el Hot SaleBrasil: A atenção à publicidade cai, o que as marcas farão?Nearly half of urban Indians claim they have subscribed to a streaming platform for sports contentThree in ten Australian adults have subscribed to a streaming platform to watch sports contentUAE has the highest proportion of consumers across the globe who engage with sportsAlmost a third of Indonesian residents say they have subscribed to a streaming platformGB: River Island launches eBay store to sell revamped items – How eco-conscious are its customers?US: SKIMS’ new summer pop-up in NYC - Do its customers care?US: The New York Times unveils audio app for subscribers - Which podcast genres do listeners favor?US: Four months under a new CEO, how is The Honest Company doing so far?Deutsche Sportfans bevorzugen Live-ÜbertragungenAmerica’s most-streamed TV, April 2023: Beef, The Night Agent and The DiplomatThe UK’s most-streamed TV, April 2023: Friends, Big Bang Theory and YouBritons' preferred fuel brands and their reasonsOnline doctor consultations: Are they here to stay?US PR & Social Surveys Calendar – Summer 2023 EditionBrasil: Quão eficazes são os influenciadores no país?GB: boohoo’s new range for Mental Health Awareness month - What do customers think of mental health?US: Tesla will finally try advertising - How do audiences feel about ads?US and UK: Did Tag Heuer’s latest ad with Ryan Gosling draw people’s attention?GB: Lush invests in creating a circular economy - Are its customers big on sustainability in retail?México: Bancos, quienes protegen mejor los datos personalesGB: takes flight in May’s Biggest Brand MoversQuali sono gli sport più popolari tra i gamer e dove si classificano gli eSport?KSA's Biggest Brand Movers: April 2023UAE's Biggest Brand Movers: April 2023India's Biggest Brand Movers: April 2023Latam: Fluminense e Pumas lideram o Buzz em abril de 2023Latam: Pumas y Fluminense lideran Buzz en abril de 2023Six ways custom research helps grow your brandBarstool Sportsbook’s reputation plummets amid controversyKI – Chance oder Bedrohung?México: Cómo son las compras en línea, de cara al Hot SaleBrasil: Como são os gamers no país?US and GB: Estée Lauder appoints sustainability chief - Is sustainability on consumers’ minds?A positive reception for Legend of Zelda’s new releaseUS: Frito-Lay, Quaker to test sustainable packaging - How do customers feel about eco-packaging?US Dog Ownership Report 2023American hockey fans against blocking Canadian residents from attending NHL gamesIs duty-free travel shopping set to recover in APAC?APAC Biggest Brand Movers – April 2023Popping bottles around the globe: Where is demand for luxury liquor highest?Navigating choice overload: How global consumers make product decisions in a sea of similarly priced optionsCanada Advertisers of the Month for April: KFC, Voltaren and Burger KingUS Advertisers of the Month for April: Bud Light, Colgate and Ace HardwareUK Advertisers of the Month for April: Heinz Beanz, Super Mario Bros. and Pepsi MaxHow do American sports fans engage with sports on social media?Which are the most popular sports among gamers – and where does esports rank?The lasting appeal of CDs and vinyls: An analysis of Brits who buy physical music formatsConsumer confidence back in positive territoryIs VR finally breaking through? Video games and movie-watching are the most appealing activitiesVirtual events – Have they virtually disappeared now that lockdowns have ended?2022 vs. 2023: Do global consumers trust sports organizations to handle their personal data?Global- Will consumers take on debt to keep their mobile/cell connected this year?Global - Social media companies least trusted to handle personal data responsiblyA quarter of consumers in more debt than last year – exploring data across 18 marketsSelf-driving cars: Are global consumers concerned about this technological advancement?Die Sonntagsfrage im Mai 2023: Robert Habeck verliert an ZustimmungMéxico: Mobil es el Anunciante del Mes en abril de 2023Where are consumers most – and least – worried about a potential AI takeover?Quality time, rides, and escaping reality: the top global motivators for visiting theme parksAmericans' opinions on 20 different music genres, from classic rock to hip-hop and rapGlobal: What do people think of these 4 common health axioms?US: Measuring kids’ influence on parents’ purchase decisions6 charts to satisfy your curiosity about sober curious consumersThailand’s Most Talked-About Brands (Apr 2023)Hong Kong’s Advertisers of the Month (Apr 2023)Global: Word-of-mouth is an effective way to get consumers to watch new TV shows and moviesHow do global travelers research before booking a hotel?Global: Are consumers expecting costs of new or used cars to increase or decrease in the next 12 months?Etude internationale : plus de la moitié de la population se méfie de l’IADiscovering the profiles of risk takers for investment in SingaporeRetail-Eltern-Ranking: dm unter Müttern und Amazon unter Vätern beliebteste MarkenUK: Most in-demand TV & Film for April 16-30, 2023US: Most in-demand TV & Film for April 16-30, 2023Brasil: Garoto é o Anunciante do Mês em abril de 2023Brasil: Quais patrocinadores aproveitaram o BBB23?Global: Videogames começam a se tornar mais populares que TVGlobal: Videojuegos ganan mayor popularidad que la TVStreaming gratuito ganha espaço no BrasilVocê concorda com os vencedores do Game Awards na América Latina?A qual operadora de celular os brasileiros interessados em tecnologias inovadoras estão recorrendo?Ainda vale a pena investir em publicidade em rádio no BrasilOs torcedores brasileiros gostam mais dos clubes europeus do que a maioria dos times locaisMarketing de influenciadores: um pequeno nicho, mas de grande potencial no BrasilThe tech Britons “can’t live without”US: Maybelline-Pinterest's new mental health campaign - Are people keen on discussing mental health?Manchester City creates a Buzz amid rise to the top – Football Buzz movers for April 2023US: Dr. Scholl’s new media agency to engage younger shoppers – Do they consider the brand?McDonald’s tops YouGov’s 2023 QSR Rankings in Australia  McDonald’s tops YouGov’s 2023 QSR Rankings in Singapore  US: SHEIN wants to focus on sustainability - Will customers pay more for planet-friendly products?US: Marvel launches a fitness app - What do superhero movie fans think about fitness?Umweltschädigung und Korruption führt zu Marken-BoykottGB: Selfridges debuts circular shopping event - Will it align with customers’ shopping attitudes?US and GB: Jägermeister hires creative agency to grow awareness - How is its brand awareness currently?UAE’s April Advertiser of the Month: Which brands made it to the top?US Non-Alcoholic Beer Report 2023México: Fans de esports apuestan más que en otros deportesEmily in Paris: Product placement goes metaUS: Big Lots to accept Bed Bath & Beyond coupons - Will the offer click with the latter’s shoppers?Les marques qui progressent le plus au mois d'avrilUK: Pets at Home rebrands and launches new campaign - Did it manage to draw Britons’ attention?US: CoinFlip’s campaign for new crypto-focused platform - What’s crypto users’ take on advertising?GB: Marmite launches new ad campaign – Are people noticing the brand’s advertising?More than half of global public now worried about AI replacing jobsTwo-thirds of UAE consumers are likely to attend food & drink festivals in the futurePublic concerns and worries about gene editing: A global perspectiveLatam: Efeitos do plano Netflix para contas compartilhadasGB: Baby boomers seem mentally healthy compared to other generationsUS: Gen-Z more likely to seek mental health treatment than baby boomersLatam: Efectos del plan de Netflix para cuentas compartidasMéxico: El valor de la salud mental pierde relevanciaEvaluating Bud Light’s Dylan Mulvaney sponsorshipRemote fitness: Passing fad or lasting lifestyle change?As global demand for banknotes hits its lowest point for 20 years, are Britons still using cash? As bills skyrocket, have businesses curbed their energy costs over the last year? Advertiser of the Month im Mai: Die BahnCard YouGov QSR Rankings 2023 revealed!Australians have a positive opinion of King Charles III but interest in his coronation is modestBrasil: Como são utilizadas as redes sociais no país?Brasil: Seriedade relativa à saúde mental regride no paísPor que gamers brasileiros são turistas tão atraentesApenas 36% dos brasileiros afirmam consumir álcoolDiga-me qual esporte segue e eu direi qual carro apreciaFinal Fantasy dominates gaming Buzz charts in April in US and BritainRewe-Kunden setzten auf Vegetarismus, Edeka-Kunden auf regionale ProdukteArsenal’s title hopes may be fading – but it’s been a winning season for the club’s brand US: BBDO advises employees against AI use - What is ad land’s take on artificial intelligence?Comedy, music and sports: Which type of podcasts do Britons tune into and where?Politics, music and comedy: Which type of podcasts do Americans tune into and where?US: Sephora launches empties collection program – How do its customers view recycling?Urban Indians have a positive view of AI technology but expect the government to regulate it In-game adverts, micro-transactions are among gamers’ biggest gaming complaintsBritain: Key attitudes and behaviours of Gen Z with respect to finance and insuranceUS: Gen Z behaviors and attitudes towards financeWhat distinguishes Britain’s high-staking gamblers from the rest?Les pubs du mois d’avrilAI adoption in the betting industry – exploring the perception of American gamblersHomeGoods generates interest among the young and the affluentGB: Ribena’s regenerative farming project - How many of its customers favour eco-conscious brands?TADA and foodpanda tie up: a winning match or long shot?What are the websites Britons use to research buying a car? 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