Indian cricket fandom report 2024
February 28th, 2024, Deeksha Raina

Indian cricket fandom report 2024

Introducing the second edition of our cricket fandom report, now with exciting updates and fresh insights! Cricket holds a special place in the hearts of Indian households, serving as a favorite pastime and source of entertainment. Its widespread popularity has transformed it into a thriving industry, contributing significantly to the Indian economy.

Ahead of IPL 2024, YouGov has analyzed and aggregated everything you need to know about Cricket fever among Indian fans, with additional insights on IPL enthusiasts.

According to YouGov’s Indian cricket fandom report 2024, beyond cricket, the next two most followed sports are Kabaddi and Badminton. Our data also reveals that Indian women are not far behind men in their level of interest in cricket.

Download YouGov's Indian cricket fandom report 2024 to understand:

  • Cricket craze in India
  • Interest levels across different age groups and genders
  • Fan favorites: Athletes and IPL teams
  • Spotlight on IPL fans’ thoughts
  • Impact of IPL on brand awareness and usage
  • IPL fans’ in-market behavior and most considered brands