Demand for sparkling soft drinks during Eid
April 4th, 2024, Carmen Yew

Demand for sparkling soft drinks during Eid

While almost half of consumers in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore are planning to purchase sparkling soft drinks, its popularity dwindled when asked what their top beverages for Iftar are, with soft drinks placing 6th in Malaysia and Singapore, and 9th in Indonesia. Our latest infographic delves into the demand for sparkling soft drinks during festive season. Discover the likelihood to purchase, purchase channels, advertising that they are more likely to notice and more.

Find out in our latest infographic:

  • Demand for SSDs during Eid
  • How close to the festive season do consumers make their purchase?
  • Where do consumers purchase SSDs from?
  • Occasions to purchase during Eid
  • Most important factors in selecting a brand to purchase
  • Preferred promotions and likelihood of purchase with exposure to marketing campaigns