How affluents are shaping the future of travel
April 17th, 2023, Carmen Yew

How affluents are shaping the future of travel

With the rise of affluents in APAC, the future of travel in this region is being influenced by the demands and preferences of this group of consumers. These discerning travelers are no longer content with the usual travel experiences; they seek more personalised and exclusive experiences that cater to their tastes and preferences. The travel industry is responding to this shift by focusing on luxury accommodations, immersive cultural experiences, and unique activities.

The region is witnessing a transformation in the travel industry as companies strive to cater to the needs of this highly lucrative demographic. We conducted a study to discover ways in which affluents are shaping the future of travel in the APAC and identifies emerging travel trends that cater to this demographic.

The report focuses on the 5 major markets in APAC, Australia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand.

Topics uncovered in APAC:

  • What luxury travel looks like post-pandemic
  • What luxury travel experiences consumers and affluent consumers are seeking
  • What they are prepared to pay for
  • What they aspire to, and ultimately, what their future luxury travel experience will look like

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