US: Which ad channels are best for reaching EV considerers in 2023?
March 29th, 2023, Hoang Nguyen

US: Which ad channels are best for reaching EV considerers in 2023?

Electric vehicles are redefining transportation but there are still several perceptions that keep people from considering these types of vehicles. A recent study conducted by YouGov among American consumers finds that some of the top perceived barriers against EV adoption include in the high initial cost (13%), charging times (10%), and the lack of charging stations in public places (10%).

Car experts are quick to debunk these concerns as common misconceptions about EVs. According to J.D. Power, for example, it’s rare that EV owners would have to charge their vehicle from empty every day and more likely that they would need to “top off” their battery after a typical day’s use.

We polled consumers in the US who are considering an electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid about the types of marketing they tend to notice and the data reveals that certain advertising channels grab these consumers’ attention more than others. What’s more, these channels stand out from those that the typical consumer tends to notice, indicating a need for marketing differentiation when it comes to EV and plug-hybrid considerers.

Podcasts are one of these stand-out channels among EV/plug-hybrid considerers in the US. This group is significantly more likely to notice and say ads in podcasts grab their attention than the average US consumer (22% vs. 15%). Ads found in movie theaters, print magazines, billboards also tend to be more appealing to this group.

For more information and data into the E-volution and barriers facing the EV market, download YouGov’s recent Automotive Report: “The road to future car buying”.

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