Discover Indonesians’ attitude towards Ramadan
March 27th, 2023, Carmen Yew

Discover Indonesians’ attitude towards Ramadan

Ramadan is a highly anticipated and revered month in Indonesia, where the majority of the population is Muslim. Muslims observe this holy month with great devotion and enthusiasm, marking it as a time for self-reflection and spiritual growth.

This is also a time of increased consumer spending in Indonesia as 41% of Indonesian consumers are planning to spend more on Food & Drink. Many businesses prepare for this month by launching special Ramadan sales and marketing campaigns. Indonesians tend to spend more during Ramadan, particularly on food, clothing, and gifts for friends and family. Many retailers also offer discounts and promotions to attract customers during this period. In addition, Indonesians place great importance on family and community during Ramadan, and it is a time when people come together to break their fast and share meals.

From our latest research, 37% of Indonesian consumers are also expecting to spend more on donation as they engage in charitable activities, such as donating food and money to the less fortunate.

Uncover topics in Indonesians' attitude towards Ramadan:

  • Spending during the fasting period
  • Purchasing behaviour during Ramadan
  • Confidence in getting their THR and purchase plans
  • Indonesians' plans to Mudik

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