UK’s most-streamed TV, February 2023: Clarkson’s Farm, Friends, and The Office
March 20th, 2023, Clifton Mark

UK’s most-streamed TV, February 2023: Clarkson’s Farm, Friends, and The Office

Clarkson’s Farm, Friends, and The Office are the three most-streamed shows in the UK for February 2023. The data comes from YouGov Stream, which is an opt-in online behaviour tracker which collects global viewership data from a panel of more than 160,000 activated accounts. The chart below shows how many views and viewers each title had on the platform where it was most popular.

The top title for last month with 54.9m streams on Amazon Prime Video is Clarkson’s Farm, the reality show about Jeremy Clarkson’s efforts at running a large farm in the Cotswolds. Amazon released the entire second season on February 10.

Nostalgia rules the second and third place positions as audiences continue to binge classic sitcoms Friends and The Office on Netflix. Of the two, Friends garnered more total views, with 49m from 1.9m viewers. This amounts to an average of about 26 episodes per viewer. The Office, however was more bingeable still. According to Stream, 1.2m viewers watched 45m episodes, for an average of 37.5 episodes each.

Physical: 100 is the only title on the list that did not originate in the US or UK. The South Korean reality competition show pits 100 physically fit competitors, including national athletes and fitness influencers, in a series of ‘quests’ of strength, endurance, skill and willpower. The show, which had over 11m views in February, has often been compared to 2021 hit Squid Game.

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Methodology: YouGov Stream is an audience streaming tracker, monitoring reported streaming attitudes and behaviours with verified SVOD & AVOD viewership data across multiple streaming services. It is backed by 160,000 activated accounts and the ability to connect to YouGov’s panel of 22 million+ registered members.

Photo by Oscar Nord on Unsplash