US hotel rankings 2022
March 1st, 2023, Clifton Mark

US hotel rankings 2022

According to a recent YouGov survey, 55% of Americans plan to take a trip in 2023. Accordingly, hotel stays have also rebounded in 2022 with significant upticks in the proportion of Americans who stayed 8+ nights during the year (17% in 2022 vs 12% in 2021). Americans reporting no hotel stays decreased from 63% in 2021 to 50% in 2022, as guests continued to return post-COVID.

As increasing numbers of Americans contemplate hotel stays, which brands are forefront in their minds? YouGov’s US Hotel Rankings 2023 gives an overall view of brand consideration as well as granular insight into how different hotel brands are doing with target consumer segments.

The chart below shows the top ten hotel brands in America by Consideration score, meaning the proportion of customers who are aware of the brand that would consider that brand when next in the market to make a purchase.


Topping the list is Marriott’s business travel-focused Courtyard brand with a consideration score of 41.6%. This score is more-or-less unchanged since 2021. Courtyard is followed by Marriott’s flagship chain with 40.8% consideration. The most improved brand on the list is Double Tree by Hilton which climbed 3.7 points to reach 8th place on the leaderboard with 34.3%. Double Tree was the second most improved hotel brand overall for 2022.

Frequent guests - those who stayed 15+ nights at a hotel in 2022 - are a sought-after consumer segment. YouGov research shows they’re generally high-earners and like to spend money on vacation. While many of the same brands are on the most-considered list of frequent guests, they do not necessarily appear in the same order.


Again, Marriott brands dominate the top spots among frequent travellers, with the flagship Marriott brand taking number one with 53% followed by Courtyard (49.5%) and JW Marriott (49.2%). The latter brand does not appear in the top ten for the general population. These are followed by Hilton brands Hampton Inn, Hilton and Hilton Garden Inn with consideration scores of 46.3%, 45.7% and 45.7% respectively.

View the full report to find out how other segments such as business travelers and high-income travellers rank hotel brands, as well as the factors that go into customer purchase decisions.

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Methodology: This report sheds light on the hotels considered by Americans who are likely to be in-market for travel in 2023. To do this, YouGov analyzed hotel survey data from more than 20,000 respondents between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31, 2022, comparing against 2021 to gauge trends. Additional filters from YouGov Profiles identified consumers who traveled for business or leisure in 2022, as well as their income levels, age and frequency of staying in hotels.

Photo by Francesca Saraco on Unsplash