US Advertisers of the Month: Which brands made it to the top in March 2023?
April 11th, 2023, Bhavika Bansal

US Advertisers of the Month: Which brands made it to the top in March 2023?

According to data from YouGov BrandIndex - which monitors consumer perceptions toward brands daily – Golden Corral, Hillshire Farm, and Lowe’s made the biggest gains in Ad Awareness in the US for the month of March 2023. Ad Awareness asks consumers if they have seen an advertisement for the brand in the past two weeks, and the difference between a brand's low and high scores for the month determines our Advertisers of the Month.

YouGov's monthly analysis indicates that Golden Corral secured the top spot with a rise of 5.5 points in its Ad Awareness score this month. It jumped from 8.6% on February 27 to 13.1% on March 23. The American casual dining restaurant chain kickstarted the year with a sweepstakes giveaway celebrating its 50th anniversary. The brand also recently announced its all you can eat steak and butterfly shrimp buffet with the new 'Now She's Talking' ad spot.

In second place, American meat products brand, Hillshire Farm saw its Ad Awareness score improve by 4.3 percentage points. Its score rose from a minimum of 10.2% on February 26 to a maximum of 14.6% on March 26. 'Oh, Hill Yeah', the retailer's latest multi-channel creative campaign in association with Leo Burnett is its first major creative overhaul since 2016. Communicating the brand's quality and product offerings in a fresh and attention-grabbing way, the campaign seeks to capture audiences across print, TV, radio, OLV, social media and banners.

Rounding up the top three Advertisers of the Month for March 2023 is Lowe’s. The American home improvement retailer saw its Ad Awareness score move up 4.2 points, from 29.9% on February 26 to 34.1% on March 25. In a bid to encourage shoppers amidst an overall slowing in retail, Lowe's is turning red. With its 'Lowe's Knows' creative platform, the retailer seeks to highlight it's red-vested staff as the experts who know what the customers need. As part of the campaign, the color red will star in all of the brand's marketing going forward, including digital assets and signage. Lowe's also recently announced the second outing of its annual 'Into the Blue' product pitch event. An opportunity for entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes, nationally and internationally, to pitch their ready-for-market products, the inaugural event in 2022 saw 270 suppliers pitch their innovations, at the end of which the retailer onboarded 170 new vendors across its various merchandising business areas.

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Methodology: YouGov BrandIndex collects data on thousands of brands every day. A brand’s Ad Awareness score is based on the question: “Which of the following consumer brands have you seen an advertisement for in the past two weeks?” Data from surveys of adults aged 18 years and above residing in the US from January 26 to February 25, 2023. Ad Awareness scores are based on a four-week moving average. The change in scores for each brand is calculated by taking the difference between the highest and lowest scoring days within the period. Learn more about BrandIndex.