Five factors motivating Brits to travel in 2023
March 29th, 2023, Hoang Nguyen

Five factors motivating Brits to travel in 2023

Everyone has their reasons for travelling and understanding these travel motivations is essential to help travellers plan their trips and create an unforgettable experience.

Data from YouGov’s new luxury travel report reveals there’s a strong sense of urgency for travel in Great Britain, especially among young adults. More than a quarter of Brits (26%) say that travel has become more important to them since the pandemic, rising to 38% among consumers aged 18-24 and 42% among those aged 25-34.

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In addition, a third of Brits (31%) are seeking out more meaningful travel experiences as we emerge from the pandemic and again this sentiment is held most strongly by 18-34's (46%).

With travellers keen to make the most of their holidays in 2023, let’s look at the types of experiences they want most out of their travel.

Relaxation and wellness

Wellness travel is the most popular motivator this year, with nearly two in five British adults (38%) saying they want space for relaxation and well-being this year.

Travellers appear driven by the need to prioritize personal wellness and these trips offer a range of activities and experiences that promote relaxation, physical and mental health and rest.

Chasing dream destinations

The second most popular reason for travel is the desire to fulfill a lifelong dream. Three in 10 Brits (31%) say they want to visit a destination they’ve always dreamed of visiting.

Younger Brits seem particularly motivated this reason and over index in their propensity to say they’re looking visit somewhere on their bucket list in their next travel destination (36%).

Travelling for people—not just places

The desire to reconnect with loved ones is another powerful factor in people’s choice of travel destination. A quarter of British consumers (24%) want to visit family or friends on their next trip.

This type of group travel can prove to be a boon for destinations that cater travellers, as people hosting friends and family may also take part in travel and tourism activities such as joining them on visits to attractions or eating out together at restaurants.

Expanding perspectives

Another factor that will play a role in fuelling travel is the desire to open oneself to new places, people and cultures. Data from YouGov’s research shows that 23% of British consumers want to their next travel destination to help broaden their horizons.

From studying abroad to learning a new language to experiencing the different ways people live around the world, travelling to gain a global perspective plays an important role in people’s travel motivations.

Adventure and excitement

Many people seek the adrenaline rush that comes with exploring new places and taking on new challenges. Adventure travel is something that 18% of British consumers are looking for in their next holiday.

Brits aged 18-34 are especially likely to be adventure seekers, with 31% of this age group saying they want this from their next travel destination.

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