GB: What do people eat pre/post work out and is it defined by the type of activity they do?
March 10th, 2023, Janice Fernandes

GB: What do people eat pre/post work out and is it defined by the type of activity they do?

Experts say it’s important to eat both before and after working out, but what you eat is just as important. In this piece we explore what Britons eat pre/post work out and if the type of activity influences what they eat.

Latest data from YouGov Profiles shows that nearly half of Britons who work out don’t have a particular pre/post work out meal (49%).

Of all the food items, fruit is the most popular at 20%, followed by protein shakes (18%).

British adults who work out are as likely to have supplements/vitamins (14%) pre/post exercise as they are to have milk (14%).

Nearly one in ten Britons (9%) say they have trail mix or granola bars pre/post their work out. But only one in 20 consumers (6%) say they eat salad. This is lower than the proportion of Britons who pick pizza, ice cream and peanut/almond butter as their meal of choice pre/post workout (7% each).

Preferences for these pre/post workout meals can vary significantly based on the type of exercise consumers do. Looking only at consumers who work out on their own, nearly a third of those who engage in bodyweight training with equipment say they consume protein shakes (29%). A similar share of people who work out on their own by weightlifting also pick protein shakes (28%), followed by fruit (24%) and eggs (24%).

Trail mix or granola bars are not a popular choice among Britons who work out registering just around one in ten consumers in most categories – bodyweight training without equipment (12%), cycling (9%), running (8%) and weights (8%). Only people who dance as a way of working out register a higher percentage who eat trail mix/granola bar (24%), followed by those who do Pilates (22%).

Britons who work out on their own by way of dancing and Pilates are more likely to eat pizza pre/post work out (17% and 15% respectively). The proportion of those who engage in Pilates and eat ice cream (14%) and candy (16%) pre/post work out is higher than the share of those who consume salad (10%).

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