US: Most in-demand TV and film for August 1-15, 2023
August 31st, 2023, Clifton Mark

US: Most in-demand TV and film for August 1-15, 2023

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Yellowstone and Heart of Stone are the most in-demand titles in the US for the first half of August, 2023. The chart below comes from YouGov Signal, a social listening tool that tracks the performance of TV programs, movies and brands. Appetite Score is a value from 0-100 that measures the demand for given titles by combining web searches and Wikipedia lookups. Here are the ones with the highest peak Appetite Scores among US audiences in the past two weeks:

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 was released in theatres on May 5, and yet it’s only at the beginning of August that the MCU blockbuster reached the top of the in-demand charts. The explanation may lie in the July 7 home release on the Disney+ streaming network. The movie has a score of 99.07 in the first two weeks of August, making it the most in-demand title in the US.

Paramount Network’s Western drama Yellowstone is the second most in-demand title for August 1-15. The first half of the fifth season was originally released at the end of 2022, and no new episodes have been released since. Yet an announcement by Paramount that the series will conclude this year has audiences abuzz. The second half of the fifth season, slated for release in November, will be the final episodes of the series. Yellowstone itself will not return for another season but, according to rumour, the story will continue in a spinoff series starring Matthew McConaughey.

Netflix spy drama Heart of Stone is also in high demand in August, with an appetite score of 99.05. Starring Gal Gadot, the film follows an international spy on her mission to protect an AI system called “The Heart.” While online interest in the title is high, it’s possible that not all this attention is positive. The movie has had a mixed response from audiences.

Demand for Transformers: Rise of the Beasts has been high since its original theatrical release on May 27. The film recently began streaming on the Paramount+ network, which may prolong public interest in the blockbuster sequel.

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