Suits, Virgin River and Dear Child: The most-streamed TV in America, September 2023
October 31st, 2023, Clifton Mark

Suits, Virgin River and Dear Child: The most-streamed TV in America, September 2023

Suits, Virgin River and Dear Child are the most-streamed titles in America for September 2023.

Downloads of old Suits episodes are slowing down from a high of 492.8m in July and 358.1m in August. Yet with 210.9 views from 9m viewers, the legal drama remains the most-streamed title in the US for the third month running. This is the first time a show has retained the crown for a full quarter since YouGov began publishing streaming figures earlir this year.

Other than Suits, the rest of the most-streamed list is made up of newcomers. Second is Virgin River, a romantic drama based on the novels of Robyn Carr. Ten episodes of Season Five were released on September 7, with two more scheduled for November 20. Viewers streamed a total of 203.8m episodes in September.

Dear Child, the third most-streamed title in America is a German-language six-episode series. The captivity-sex-abuse thriller begins with a harrowing escape from a windowless house by a woman with two children. As police question her and the precocious young girl she was found with, intertwined mysteries about the group’s identities are revealed.

The CW makes a rare appearance on the streaming charts with the finale of Riverdale, which ended its seven-season run on August 23. A noir-tinged spinoff of nostalgic Archie comics, the series evolved into a time-travel camp sci-fi after the first season. In September, 4.9m viewers streamed an average of 17 episodes each, making it the second most-binged title for the month after Suits.

Most-streamed titles August, 2023

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