Soccer bigger than football in US?! Most in-demand TV and film for September 16-30, 2023
October 10th, 2023, Clifton Mark

Soccer bigger than football in US?! Most in-demand TV and film for September 16-30, 2023

UEFA Champions League, One Piece and Ahsoka are the most in-demand titles in the US for the last half of September, 2023. The chart below comes from YouGov Signal, a social listening tool that tracks the performance of TV programs, movies and brands. Appetite Score is a value from 0-100 that measures the demand for given titles by combining web searches and Wikipedia lookups. Here are the ones with the highest peak Appetite Scores among US audiences in the past two weeks:

Champions League group stage matches have begun, and fan interest has made the tournament the most in-demand title in America for the last half of September, a win for Paramount+. It’s no news that soccer is growing in popularity in America, but this is the second two-week period during which the UEFA topped the NFL in online interest. At this rate, it may be only a matter of time before Americans start calling soccer “football.”

Live-action adaptation of manga series One Piece has the second highest appetite score for September 16-30. Premiering on August 31 on Netflix, the adventure series follows the Straw Hat Pirates in their search for the mythical treasure of the “One Piece.” The adaptation has been well-received by critics and fans and has already been renewed for a second season.

Interest in Star Wars spin-off Ahsoka remains high. The program remains the second most in-demand title after premiering at the top spot in early September. Rosario Dawson plays Ahsoka Tano, former apprentice to Anakin Skywalker.

Sci-fi horror film No One Will Save You is the most in-demand feature film on the list this period.

Released by Hulu, the movie only has five words of dialogue in its entire runtime. Will the buzz over this film suggest a strategy to producers for dealing with the Hollywood writers’ strike?

Most in-demand titles, September 1-15

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