Shopping Aisle Rivals: Moms vs. Dads
September 14th, 2023, YouGov

Shopping Aisle Rivals: Moms vs. Dads

In the past six years, more American Dads have taken on duties as their family's sole supermarket shopper. So, how do shopping cart Dads differ from grocery-getting Moms?

YouGov’s new US Grocery Trends Report analyzes the differing attitudes, habits and preferences of American parents, uncovering opportunities for supermarkets and in-aisle brands to cater to shoppers. We also spotlight the various food and drink brands increasingly considered at the country’s most popular supermarket.

Download the new report to learn:

  • How has the role of Moms and Dads in grocery shopping evolved since the pandemic?
  • Who’s visiting the grocery store more, what are they buying, and how much are they spending?
  • Which grocery stores are winning Moms and Dads in different regions of the US?
  • What food and drink brands are trending up at the country’s most popular supermarket?